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  1. I met Robert this weekend at the SF Veg Fest. Wife Terri and I had a great, inspirational conversation with him. Robert was also inspirational during the Q&A session after we viewed Forks Over Knives with him. At the end of the evening Terri and I enjoyed the talk by Dr. Campbell. It was in very inspirational day. This morning I woke up with a deep concern looming in my thoughts. I believe that Dr. Campbell, Robert and a host of others on the forefront of the movement towards a whole-foods, plant-based diet as a remedy for much of what ails this world are at the right place at the right time with the right message. I believe the health of the world is about to see a paradigm shift and it will be due greatly in part to the study, passion and hard work of these pioneers. Here is my concern. Corporate greed without concern for polluting the core principals of the nutrition behind a whole-foods, plant-based diet. As we see a tidal surge of interest and demand for information and products to support a whole-foods, plant based-diet the corporations will swoop in full-force to capitalize on this demand. I'm afraid that they'll do just as they do now and fill the shelves with products heavily laden with sugar, oil and salt. They'll take advantage of our current weakness and reliance on prepared foods, and in a race for market share and hight profits put on the shelves a host of foods that are only marginally better than the previous generation of prepared foods. They'll be a bit more whole than they used to be, but they'll be laden with sugar, oil and salt because they'll know that the taste buds of the average man or woman on the street won't initially find the average whole-food, plant-based meal as satiating as the burger and fries they are used to. My hope is that the vegan bodybuilding community can rally behind Robert, Dr. Campbell and anyone else involved in this movement. I feel that we need to get ahead of the curve on this, otherwise the corporations and their blind greed will get a foothold that will be yet another battle that we face in our mission to create a healthier mankind and planet. A bright light must be shown upon sugar, oil and salt and the detrimental, undercutting effects over-consumption of these products would have on those attempting to undertake a whole-foods, plant-based diet. I hope in particular that Dr. Campbell is able to make this point crystal clear in his upcoming meetings with congress. Lets get this message out early and strong. If it can be part of the foundational understanding of the new paradigm perhaps we can even get the corporations on our side. They can make all the money they want, just so long as they are helping to create a healthier planet. Thank you so much for your time, Best wishes for extraordinary health, Scott
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