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  1. I do not buy GF oatmeal. I am not gluten intolerant, but I would say I have a high sensitivity to it if I eat fake meat, bread, that kinds of food. I get bloated for at least a day or two and have really bad gas from it. I think it also makes what little attention span I have worse. It makes me feel tired, probably because my body is spending so much time trying to digest it. I buy all of my food at Trader Joe's since I work there, except my dried beans, lentils, and chia seeds. I buy those in bulk at Whole Foods. I'm glad that sharing my fitness journey helps you! I've been working hard and my abs are coming in this week! I am going for a more cut look for this competition, so I'm right on target.
  2. Follow me on twitter for Trader Joe's vegan meals, treats, and tips! I've worked for TJ's for over 7 years. I know all the behind the scenes info and can answer all your "IS IT VEGAN?" questions! Plus I'm a nutrition coach and trainer! https://twitter.com/#!/EPOWERFITNESS THANKS! Erika
  3. Thanks! Its taken me a while to get into the groove of my meal plan. This week has been my best week so far mainly because I am finally super organized with making all my meals a week out. I'm not sticking to the same exact meal plan for the entire 8 weeks but my macros for carbs/ fats/ proteins are on average just about the same. These are some exchanges I use to mix things up: Meal #2 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup berries, 1tbsp almond or Peanut butter ( AB/PB) 1 brown rice tortilla, 1tbsp AB, 1/2 banana 2 brown rice cakes, 1 tbsp AB/PB, thinly sliced apple on top Meal #3 exchange options are - 1/2 cup sweet potatoes, 1 cup chopped green veggies, 1/2c cup split peas ( make this into a soup. saute potato, leeks, veggies in olive oil, then cooking peas by adding in water and spices, no salt!) - 1/2 cup brown rice, 1 cup green beans, 1/2 block tempeh ( yes soy, but fermented so dose not bother me so much like tofu), 1tbsp sesame oil 1/2 cup brown rice pasta, 1 cup raw chopped veggies, quinoa/lentil protein mix, TJs balsamic vinegar, EVOO, TJs 21 gun seasoning ( no salt) General rules I follow: 108 grams of protein a day. 130lbs÷2.2 ×1.8 - all proteins are average 17-25 grams - Keep protein high in my first meal (34grams) which is always my protein shake (very low carb, no fat, which keeps my body in its carb/fat burning zone but I feel full) - carbs & fat starting at meal #2 and #3 to power me through the day - eat fruit ( 1 large apple or pear) as a snack on an empty stomach with a handful of almonds. - no complex carbs past snack, keep end of day meal high protein ( 20 grams) , fiberous carbs with only 1 fat serving at dinner I flip flop my last two meals depending on when I workout. I will always opt for a protein shake directly after my workout for muscle repair and growth. If I hit the gym late I will eat dinner before I workout. Then protein shake when I get home and thats it!
  4. weight this AM before cardio: 130 I've decided that going to pump up my cardio for the next 4 weeks to 5xs a morning before breakfast. Previous to this I had been slacking on it and was just sneaking it in as a warm up/cool down from lifting sessions. Since I work at 6am somedays, I will be doing this cardio at home by jumping rope while listening to the Rocky theme and pretending I am a badass MMA fighter. Why did I switch up my cardio approach? In my second competition I didn't do that much cardio and relied on building up muscle mass which leaned me out. However, in my first comp, for the first 4 weeks, I focused on cardio to lean out while I lifted and THEN backed off my cardio the last 3 weeks ( to just as needed, like when I cheat on my meal plan, haha) and just focused on muscle building/ sculpting. I think I liked the first approach better. Physically and mentally I felt more prepared. - 1 hour of cardio before breakfast today! - Food prep for the rest of the busy week all day so I can grab and go. - Sticking to my meal plan pretty well. Im going to try a new curried split pea soup recipe. I has a stressful morning and I replaced emotional eating with retail therapy and bought 4 new pairs of heals for spring/ summer. I feel better now. I dropped my KRE-AKALYN to just 1 scoop right before I workout. No "G" side effects for the past few days. thank god. I still feel like its helping me to lift heavier. Even if its not, I like the placebo effect too. Tonight I head back to the gym for a heavy legs session. My booty has just recovered from my intense leg session on saturday where I went up on weight on every exercise!
  5. Height : 5'8" Current Weigh: 132 Competition Weight: 127 1. 1 scoop Garden of Life Raw Meal 2. 1/2 steel cut oats, 1 tbsp raw almond butter, kiwi 3. 1 cup raw veggies, 1/2 cup sweet potato, 1 cup soaked or sprouted lentils 4. apple, almonds in chia seed pudding ( about 1/4 cup chias, 1/2 cup almondmilk) 5. 2-3 cups kale or dark greens, mixed veggies. Quinoa, lentil, pea mix. Sometimes I will use edamame. The edamame source of soy does not upset my system like tofu/ tempeh does. 6. 1 scoop Garden Of Life, Raw Meal Supplements: BCAA & Glutamine at night I used kre-alkalyn for two weeks, but my system hates it. farts and bloating just like creatine. However I have increased my strength in the last two weeks. I was using 2g in the morning as the directions said, but I will stop it for a few days and then go down to just 1g right before my workout. Workouts: Abs every other day Cardio at least 3xs a week before breakfast for 45 minutes, for the first month. Then as needed before stage. M: Back/ Bicep T: Legs ( focused on total with emphasis on quads, calves W: Chest/ Tri/ Shoulder TH: off F: PLYOS! S: Legs ( focused on glutes/ hamstrings) SUN: off
  6. 1I'm 15 days out from my next NPC bikini comp. I have been training for 10 weeks. I am 5'8", my body fat is 14% at 128lbs. I am taking 3gs of creatine every morning in my protein shake. I take BCAA before my workout and Glutamine and BCAA before bed. I can tell I have leaned out and yet also gaint mass and def have six pack going when I wake up first thing in the morning. But my problem is then when I start my eating I feel bloated and loose that look and get nervous I won't look great on stage. My question is, at what point should I cut the creatine out? generally I hear 2 weeks before to stop. I am on a veagn diet...this is what it looks like... Shake/ apple 1/2 cup Steel cuts/ 1 tbps PB 1Cup veg, 1/2 block TJs tempeh, 6oz sweet pot Protein shake, banana, almonds 1/2 cup lentils, 1/3 cup edamame, 2 cups veg, 1/2 avacado Protein shake, berries
  7. Hello! My name is Erika, founder of EPower Fitness. I am a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, martial artist (shotokan black belt karate and jujitsu, and a current NPC Bikini Competitor. I am 32 years old and went vegeterian when I was 15. Out of those years I have spent about 6 years ( not all at once, two stints) of that vegan. I am again returning to a vegan diet as I attempt to compete for my NPC bikini division pro card this year.
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