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  1. My first race will be a 15K on Oct 27th. Looking forward to it- I just may see about doing a 1/2 marathon since I'm so close!
  2. Congratulations. Impressive progress pictures- they inspire me! Great job!
  3. Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm 33 yrs old. I was always 'big' my entire life. In 2006, at 5ft 6 inches, I weighed nearly 220lbs with a 42 inch waist. I learned about Body For Life and then began learning about nutrition and bodybuilding through books and websites. I worked with 2 online trainers- ate 5-6 small, frequent meals a day with protein and veggies. Ended up dropping down to 145. (I keep playing with the idea of entering at least one bodybuilding comp too). I have never been much into eating beef, I usually stuck to lean ground turkey, chicken and fish with veggies, fruits, and lots of water. After eating MRE's (military Meals Ready to Eat) and not feeling so great (hormonal issues) along with my previous eating of so much protein, I ended up going vegan last September. My health did improve, but my weight ended up going back up (I flux around 160 now). After getting Robert Cheeke's book, I know that it is doable to be vegan and be a bodybuilder/athlete, but I would like help to get on the right path of initially learning 'the ropes' to eat a balanced, sensible vegan nutrition program for bodybuilding/athletic performance. I would love to 'recondition and retrain' my mind and body for a healthy, vibrant vegan lifestyle. I am encouraged and hopeful to learn a lot and glean from the many resources and wisdom here on this forum. I have emailed 2 online websites for vegan bodybuilding online training and have gotten no replies so far. All suggestions are welcomed please!
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