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  1. Hi! I usually do kettlebells, bench-press, pull ups and pushups
  2. Day 30 Breakfast: Muesli with soy milk Lunch: veggie ham snadwick, parsnip soup 1 hour gym, strength training and cardio Dinner: 3 mini veggie burgers and oven fries (was taken out to a restaurant)
  3. Day 29 1 hour cardio Breakfast: Full english, veganised Lunch: 2 falafel sandwiches Dinner: noodles and soy sauce Lots of tea, snacks: Blueberries, cashews, satsumas
  4. Day 26 (still backdating!) Breakfast: Muesli with soy milk Gym 45 mins focusing on strength training Lunch: rice, protein bar, fruit Dinner...I skipped (very bad) because my boyfriend flew in from Thailand and I was running around getting everything done! Snacks: Lots of Chai tea and oatmeal cookies!
  5. Day 25 (kinda back dating here) Breakfast: Muesli with soy milk, banana Boxing class 1 hour Lunch: Potato wedges and peas Dinner: wraps with hummus and vegetables
  6. Day 24 Breakfast: Oatmeal Snack: banana and cashew bar Gym: 1 hour personal training Lunch (at 4pm!) paprika and rice Dinner...I skipped dinner because my lunch was so late, but had a protein shake and some fruit
  7. Day 23 Breakfast: ginger biscuits, oatmeal and fruit biscuit, chai tea with soy milk Lunch: Brown Rice with soy sauce Dinner: fried tofu, brown toast, avocado slices 30 mins exercise focusing on abs (planks, crunches)
  8. Day 20 Breakfast: Protein Shake Lunch: Brown Rice and Avocado Gym: 45 mins workout Dinner: Brown pasta with vegan 'cheese' sauce.
  9. Breakfast: protein shake Lunch: Avocado's and ginger cookies (again, on the run..its a busy work week) Krav Maga Class 1 hour Dinner: 3 wraps with hummus and tomato Second Dinner: brown rice with soy sauce
  10. Day 18 Breakfast: Protein shake, 2 sandwiches, banana. Boxing class Lunch: chai tea, raw apple pie bar, cashews, 2 ginger cookies, pack of crisps. (It was on the run...) Dinner: Pasta with peas, vanilla soy pudding. Lots of water and tea.
  11. Day 17 LATE START!!! Ugh this kinda messed up my day, but here we go.. Breakfast: Brownie protein bar Workout: 1 hour with my new personal trainer, focus on legs and abs...very intense!! Lunch: Potato wedges (I did mention I woke up late and had to make due with the work canteen offerings) and 3 large tomatoes. Dinner: 2 veggie sausages with mashed potatoes and kale. After dinner workout: 30 mins crunches/stretching Protein shake
  12. Day 16 Breakfast: Raw cashew bar Lunch: Rice and rocket salad Dinner: 2 whole wheat pancakes with soy cheese and tomatoes Workout: 30 mins alternating crunches/planks/stretching Protein shake after workout.
  13. Day 15 Not so good with the eating, a lot of carbs... Lunch was spinach and soy cheese gnocchi, french fries with soy cheese for dinner, and oatmeal for a snack. Workout (aside from some serious cleaning!) was 30 mins alternating between crunches, pushups, and stretching.
  14. Day 13 Breakfast: Toast, baked beans, hash browns, orange juice, tea Gym for 1 hour Lunch: veggie sausages, mashed potatoes and kale Dinner: wraps with veggie mince and kale
  15. Day 12 This is a rest day for me, there is a nasty office cold going around and I went a little crazy in boxing yesterday (missing some skin around my knuckles). Sooo.... Breakfast: Mint Tea, Cashew Raw bar, satsuma Lunch: 4 hummus and grilled paprika wraps, tea, banana Snack: Chai tea Work event drinks: 1 glass white wine, and 1 glass orange juice Dinner: mashed potatoes and kale, veggie sausage Protein shake
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