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  1. Hello all. My friends call me Hope but I accept Faith, Love, Joy or any amalgamation of those, because it seems Hope is pretty tough to remember. *Sarcasm* Anywho, I am 21 years of age and I have been a vegan for a little over a year. Why did I do it you ask? Really, it was because I was so eager for the throngs of questions, such as, "So...you only eat tofu? or, " Man, I tried to be vegan once but I'm allergic to self-richeousness." Not really. But in all seriousness it was not only for the fuzzballs of the planet, but for my body as well. I'm also a total conspiracy-theorist, so you know, that goes hand-in-hand. RIGHT? Let's see. So, some background about myself. I starting playing competitive soccer around the age of 4. Played until I was 16 and then unfortunately had to quit because I also competitively show horses. (WAIT,YOU CAN'T RIDE HORSES, VEGANS DON'T DO THAT!) My horse is now a retired veteran of the show ring and just wanders around all day eating grass and harassing the birds that like to perch on his back. I only casually play soccer now, and I am a full-time student. My work requires I sit in front of a computer for HOURS, which leaves the rest of my free time devoted to studying and homework. However, I still manage to play twice a week and I usually hit the gym at least 3. Sometimes that does not happen, sometimes I go everyday. It really depends on my schedule. My whole life I have been extremely toned and fit. I am only 5'2" so naturally I'm a total troll. When I turned 15 I developed an eating disorder and lost all my amazing muscle AND womanly shape. I had as they call, " A ghetto booty" which I intend to get back if it's the last thing I do. My main fitness goal is to increase my cardio and develop proper eating habits that aid my body in doing what it does best. I have lots of issues to work through, but that's why I joined! Support. And not like a bra...because I totally have the measurements of an altar boy. Goals: Figure out what the heck a proper diet for someone my age, size, and lifestyle should be IBS is a bi&%^, but I'm sure SOMEONE on here has to know how to work around that Figure out a training schedule that works best with my school schedule. Finally win a round on Call of Duty So. Yeah. I'm sure you're all charmed.
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