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  1. I have read that microwaves reduce protein bc they slightly change the shape of proteins. I have never read nor heard this about pressure cookers. I think you good.
  2. This is the best intro to strength exercise! It is printed out and heavily highlighted. Thanks for all the great info, everyone! I am seeing a personal trainer this week. I am researching and experimenting to have my workout determined, and just have the trainer help me with form.
  3. Hi, everyone! My name's Belle. I'm 29 and live in Atlanta, GA. I've been vegetarian since I was about 11 and vegan since about 2006. I was never very health-conscious, just went to town on veg ice cream, beer, burgers, fries and soda. I do like some veggies, and eat them too! I would work out about 1-2 times a week bc I had a gym membership and felt obligated. Now I'm going full force into whole foods eating and serious exercise. I became veg for ethical reasons, and loved that I could eat whatever I pleased without gaining weight. Now, I'd like to be IN SHAPE and HEALTHY! I'm giving away my fake meats, my ice cream, my deep fryer, etc! I've started eating a small meal every 3 hours that includes a protein and a whole food. I'm working out hard at the gym and drinking a ton of water. I have lots of goals! Yay! So, glad I found this forum! I look forward to learning from everyone and sharing!
  4. I have been using the VEGA Complete powders in my smoothies for about a year now. I haven't tried the bars, the Performance Optimizer, the Recovery Accelerator, the oil, etc. What do you guys recommend? And, what flavors? xoxo
  5. Fitsalma, thanks for the Life's Basics recommendation. I have been using VEGA for about a year. I would like to drink it once a day or more, , but the cost is prohibitive. This powder has pea protein, hemp protein powder, concentrated rice protein and Chia seed powder. I ordered some and am looking forward to trying it. Anyone else tried Life's Basics? Couldn't find any negative reviews on anything but the taste. It was compared to VEGA a lot, and is about $20 for 20 ounces. http://www.amazon.com/Lifetime-Basics-Protein-Greens-20-5-Ounces/dp/B001EOKYHK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318773003&sr=8-2
  6. I'm going to try creatine. I purchased micronized from Optimum Nutrition. http://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Creatine-Powder-powder/dp/B0001FSWCM How do you take your creatine? I read that some take it pre-workout, or the last 10 minutes of workout, or post-workout. What if you don't work out that day? Then, when do you take it? I read that taking it mixed with fruit juice will help iwith absorption. Is this how you guys take it? thanks!
  7. I clicked on this post because I am also hesitant to try creatine and was curious about others' experiences. I don't have my answer to that yet. But, I want to toss in my 2 cents on the medication issue. I completely understand the desire to not give one penny to a company that has has conducted animal testing. I mourn for the nightmarish sufferingthese animals have been forced to endure. I go out of my way to never exploit any person or animal or condone/ reward that exploitation. Also: The animal rights movement needs strong, effective, awesome people. We are so small-- we need every person who cares about these babies. To take yourself out of this movement, to make yourself ineffective, is hurting animals by allowing their exploitation and their suffering to flourish. You are obviously very committed and compassionate. To lose you is a tragedy. You are willing to suffer for the animals-- then suffer through handing out veg starter kits and risking ridicule, or through attending protests regardless of weather or distance, or through going undercover in labs/ slaughterhouses/ etc to catch video that may make the next person go vegan and prosecute the abusers. You are capable of so much. Don't suffer for your ideals without making a positive impact! Hugs!!
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