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  1. A friend of mine swears when he would take his creatine of an evening if made him to hot & couldn't sleep. I respond to it well, it's. Been proven to work but obviously everyone's not going to respond to it. Sounds like you're trying everything under the sun anyway, 7 hrs is still a decent amount to be getting. I get 5-6 during the day (broken) & then work during the night.
  2. Do not do crossfit, Not unless you wish to become average at a lot of things & master of none. Also crossfit people are usually dicks. Your on the right path hitting 5/3/1, boring but big for the win!
  3. Do not do crossfit, Not unless you wish to become average at a lot of things & master of none. Also crossfit people are usually dicks. Your on the right path hitting 5/3/1, boring but big for the win!
  4. Had a bit of a man date with my strongman buddy tonight.... http://s7.postimage.org/3rjl5wonv/522332_385174691528127_100001067996544_1072287_3.jpghttp://s12.postimage.org/e39g6lk65/318103_385177871527809_100001067996544_1072293_2.jpg At least his starter was vegan haha He's on the lean gains diet atm & he destroyed his food. He finished his deadlift day off with 23 reps @ 395lb
  5. What are the supp's you take, if any? Maybe a trigger in there or, as Robert states a certain food. When I have to be up early for work I always sleep terribly. It's like I know I need to sleep & if it's gone eleven I then get annoyed I'm still awake, so I stress, then I can't sleep. It's just a circle I get myself into. Try the obvious things like no tv, texting ect an hr before bed & read something. I usually nod off listening to some death metal...
  6. Fantastic back development!!! Well done! What's a typical back routine for you?
  7. A slow digesting protein is also good before bed with amino acid to. Don't just go for fast digesting protein sources
  8. That pics from a few months ago..unfortunately
  9. http://s12.postimage.org/f42ugggnx/IMG_1399.jpg upload pictures
  10. http://s12.postimage.org/f42ugggnx/IMG_1399.jpg upload pictures |Was about to post this on my blog..kinda fitting
  11. oh ye x2 2.5mile walks & a quick blast on the treadmill the last few days haha
  12. Tues-8th-April Cycle 5 Week 1 (3x5) Usual warm up of mobility/stretching/lighter sets. Main lift: Deadlift: (warm up sets 52.5kg x5 65kg x5 80kg x3 ) 85kg x5 100kg x5 112.5kg x5 Assistance: Front squats (programmed assistance):47.5kg 57.5kg 67.5kg 3x10 Standing hamstring curl: 3x12 Ab circuit: leg raises/leg ups Summary: Up & at it today. Alarm going off at 5:00, oats eaten with a scoop of banana protein, then left home at 6:30. Deadlifts....hmmmmm well shit session. Backs just not happy. Sumo did nothing to help, also they felt wrong. Soooooooo my plan now, required reps only from now on, even on the 5/3/1 week, failing that I'll lower the increments per cycle from 5kg to 2.5kg. I'am grateful I can squat, squat heavy with great form & depth. So it could be worse. I just need to accept I need to lower the workload I throw at my lower back. It's annoying as my upper backs strong as fuck. So stuff like ghr,good mornings,stiff legged deads & barbell rowing are out of the question for the foreseeable. I will work on hamstrings, lower back with only hypers once a week from now on. MEH
  13. Theirs nothing wrong in having a food blowout man.... Don't feel "disgusted", that's a pretty strong word to use. I rarely drink now but couple of wkends ago I had a few various spirits with mixers (jim beam & coke/ bourbon & cherry coke) I enjoyed the drinks a lot. I actually swear by eating a pizza, once a week I work days/nights & it allows me to hit a load calories/carb/fat in one go. I eat pretty damn clean throughout the whole week, one pizzas not going to ruin that. It's better to have a little cheat/bad, whatever you want to call it food than to really go off the rails in a big way.
  14. Ah man that's pretty sick!!!! anything booked? I have at least 4 large pieces (back piece ect) to finish? Do you still play? I play bass a little but I did vocals in a couple of technical death metal bands
  15. I ve tried most things, energy drinks in general for instance while working nights do zip for me. I ve had all the pre workout stuff, even special mixes the gym will put together & I felt no different
  16. Tell you what does nothing for me...energy drinks/pre work out drinks, absolutely no effect on me at all
  17. Mon-7th-April Cycle 5 Week 1 (3x5) Shoulder mobility/lighter sets/stretches to warm up Main lift: OHP: (warm up sets 22.5kg x5 27.5 x5 32.5 x3) 35kg x5 42.5kg x5 47.5kg x5 Assistance: OHP: boring but big 37.5kg 1x 10 (70%) 32.5kg 2x10 (60%) 27.5 2x10 (50%) Pull ups: wide grips 4x10 hammer grips 1x10 MTS Hammer strength row machine (extra back work) 1x12 30 plates 2x12 35 plates Summary: felt a little flat today, also it's a bank holiday so gym was rammed. Had people I hadn't seen for ages keep interrupting me. I know they want to say hi & we're saying how big ive gotten, what have I been doing ect but I find it takes me out of the zone to much now. Also, as it was deload last week & my appetite tends to taper off. I was seriously gassed on the bbb sets, come the last 2-3. Did like the challenge of not just the volume but the increase in weight. Real burn in the shoulders (obviously) & felt like a demon on my pull ups. SOLID SESSION
  18. Creatine has been proven to work...but again not everyone responds that well to it. Just because he didn't doesn't mean it doesn't work full stop. Mark Rippetoe did a study on it, point him in that direction
  19. Just to add, I buy all my supps in their rawest form so I have complete control over what I take. A usual shake for me is X2 25g scoops protein 5g creatine 5g bcaa 5g glutamine Ill have this mix x2 a day, regardless if its an on/off day (times I take it just alter) if I'm training early I'll take an extra 5g of glutamine/bcaa before hand.
  20. Creatine won't help in terms of bulk, other than water retention (which I have only experienced a small amount if any) Creatines geared more towards helping you get more power/energy=more reps/more weight. I notice a difference in recovery more than anything. Use it, if you notice any improvement carry on. If not take it out, just drink plenty of water. I don't bother cycling it either. Not everyone likes/responds to it. As for bcaa, just take it man...awesome stuff
  21. Fucking awesome man!!! Well done! What's the cheat piece? I got so much unfinished work on me as well lol
  22. Thought you'd wanna give this a once over as you're changing things up
  23. Diets & their gimmicks are my biggest pet peeve :/
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