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  1. I use to do this. Always comparing & after a while I came to the conclusion that if I was noticing other peoples weights then I wasn't focused enough. Just over a year ago I could hardly bench 110lb for a set of ten. Jan this year I programmed my strength program off a 1 rep max of 242lb, I actually went lighter with 220lb in the hope of keepin progression going. Point being I stopped worry what other people were doing & got my head down to train. Though it's been a while since I did a Max I'm willing to bet the people who were lifting heavier than me haven't made as much progress... Keep at it
  2. Never fail to be impressed by VE, congrats Mate must be a huge confidence boost also coming back from injury! Raw as well, damn )))) Makes my 270lb x5 feel pretty tame (313lb 1rm off that) now haha keeps me motivated reading your blogs.
  3. OHP has fast become my favourite lift since getting on 5/3/1...mainly because I hadn't trained a proper strict barbell press before it. I used dumbbell for pressing. So my ohp is pretty wank really but I have made gains.I programmed it off a low 1rm of 50kg in the hope to build a proper base for it, along with boring but big. On my 5/3/1 week last cycle 50kg was my 1 rep set & I smashed out 7 with little trouble, keeping a fair few back as I'd come off a 12hr night shift & headed right to the gym with bbb as the assistance so was pleased. Glad to see your back hitting it man.....keep after it
  4. Cheers for the input mini, always appreciate you dropping by. I'm not looking to hit that much cardio wise. Wanna do hill sprints but as I don't drive it would be a pain/real time consuming. A run of 1-2 miles twice is a week is all I'm aiming for really. Though I did walk to work today haha 2.5miles bagged
  5. So this is my current plan of attack for cycle 5, wanted to get it logged so I can keep a track of it vs the actual workout. Plan is to push the boring but big sets this month. I used only 50% throughout in cycle 4 to get back into the swing of more volume, fairly easy in the end so time to push the envelope. Gone, however are boring but big sets for deadlifts, it over loads my back way to much so I ve programmed front squats again (2nd edition 5/3/1 programmable assistance). Set ranges on bbb shall be 70% 1x10 60% 2x10 50% 2x10 Monday: OHP 5/3/1 Assistance: OHP: bbb sets Pull ups (between OHP sets) Mts Hammer Strength Machine/face pulls/cable rows (extra back work) Now I'm not a huge fan of altering program's (providing they were created by people who know their shit) but my mid back needs strengthening a little, it's highlighted when my bench becomes heavy. It's not a huge problem but I just feel a little improvement for stability is in order. Also I'm no longer counting pull ups as a movement, I should be just doing them regardless between pressing movements (OHP/bench days) but the focus shall be wide grips. Tuesday: Sumo Deadlifts 5/3/1 Assistance: Front squats (programmed) GHR Switching to sumo deads for the time being to see if this help with my lower back issue. Not ran sumo style before so shall be interesting to see how these go & if it helps with my lower back. Thursday: Bench press 5/3/1 Assistance: Bench press: bbb Pull ups (between bench sets) Dumbbell rows Dips Nothing to add here really. Friday: Squats 5/3/1 Assistance: Squats: bbb Standing hamstring curl Reverse hypers Again not much to add here. Other than only hitting reverse hypers once a week now as to again not overload my lower back. I am weirdly strong as hell on hypers..go figure Conditioning: Ah this is such a love/hate affair right now. I love the idea but hate doing it. Gone are my days of smashing out x3 6 mile runs a week just for the hell of it. During my weight gain period I did no cardio & I have now pigeon holed myself. I will hit a bit here & there but it's really not good enough. I have to address it. My main thing with dodging conditioning also is that fact I'm a firm believer that, as we are vegetarians/vegans here our sessions need to be kept to the point & not drag out. I'd think this even if I did eat meat but....I just feel training needs to be kept to under an hour. That's why I focus on multi jointed movements more ( well they're the best anyway). I'm keep my fingers crossed that the gym owner, who's currently expanding the gym with an awesome looking setup eg farmers walks, atlas stones ect but also crossfit -_-...More importantly (for me) is that he's having a couple of prowlers made which is music to my ears. Conditioning/strength/power in one is amazing. My lower body days will onsist of squat/deadlift then push prowler. Looking forward to this cycle, shit looks hard on the main lifts & now on my bbb stuff. Get bigger & stronger or die trying
  6. Need to chip in with this...side raises over a proper military press. Sorry dude but no
  7. I like the second reason as it shows a plan of action for your goals:) so you want to compete? I'm not a bodybuilder so I can't get on board with the first reason, but I respect you for taking action...I dont train for aesthetics. Get a training log going (if you haven't already)
  8. Here's my old shoulder work out... Dumbbell pressing 3x10 Front plate raise 3x10 Front rows 3x10 Side raise 3x10 Cable side raise 3x10 Pathetic....now all I do is a proper strict military press 5/3/1 then boring but big military pressing. People wonder why their bench pressing lacks progression. I see endless people destroy their shoulders, also anything behind the neck makes me cringe.I have seen such huge increases just by reducing shoulder workouts, hitting more pull/chin ups,dips & deads. It boils down to people not educating them selves on what muscles get worked with other lifts eg front delt on bench pressing
  9. This is pretty great. Why do you feel you need 6% body fat though? Am interested as that is pretty low to constantly keep.
  10. If your pressing correctly then your triceps should be working with the shoulders....be that over head pressing or the hand stand push.
  11. That's your genetic make up, so nothing you can do. Stop worrying over how you look & concentrate on performance. This way your body will fall into line. As an aside I hold weight on my stomach/legs...as do all my family. But also I get a broad back,big chest & shoulders. So I squat the hell out my legs & now my quads look pretty impressive
  12. Thurs-3rd-May Cycle 4 Week 4 (deload) Same as Monday, paired up two main lifts as the works deloaded. Usual upper/lower warm ups. Bench press: 40kg 4x5 50kg 57.5kg Assistance: Bench press: boring but big at 50% 3x10 50kg Dumbbell rows: per arm in 3x10 22kg 24kg 26kg Pull ups: 25 wide grips 5 hammer grips total 30 reps Squats: 52.5kg 4x5 65kg 77.5kg Assistance: Squats: boring but big at 50% 65kg 3x10 Leg curls: 3x10 light running rack Reverse hypers: 2x10 Easy peasy, nice deload coming off nights. So nothing of note. Trained with my strongman pal today, had him look at my deadlift form/set up & he couldn't see any issue. Spotted him on some floor pressing, was good to do this as I'm yet to train it & how I could at my gym. As for the next cycle (5) I'm going to push the boring but big set percentages. I allowed myself a slightly easier cycle last with the bbb sets as to get use the more volume again, so now it's time to push the envelope. I have programmed 70% first set, 60% x2 sets & 50% the last two. See how I fair vs this as for deads, I ve gone with programming front squats.
  13. There's plenty of shoulder/tricep work (I puts it in dips/tricep work), biceps meh....if You want do curls. I'd rather do pull/chin ups & dumbbell/barbell rows. Shoulders with the military pressing, pull/chins & dips. Also the option for raises. More than enough arm Work if you train OHP/bench right shoulders/tricep & upper back (traps) take a beating.
  14. Just think "what's gonna give me more bang for my buck" When I see people using endless cables for say triceps, it drive me mad. Give me dips/close grip benching everyday of the week, i can get more work done in 1 set than their 5 sets of 15 pissy isolation. Don't replace any barbell work with dumbbells, if people advise this just assume they know nothing (unless an injury means dumbbells suit)
  15. Don't like upper/lower in one session. If you were only training two days a week then fine, but as its 4 days keep it to that area. Monday: option1: squats/good mornings/reverse hypers. Option2: squats/leg press/Hamstrig curls/hypers Tuesday: Option1: OHP/pull ups/dips. option2: OHP/dumbell press or rear & side raises/tricep work Thursday : option1: Deadlift/front squats or lighter squats/hanging leg raises. Option2: Deadlift/ good mornings/hanging of raises Friday: option1: barbell flat bench/dumbell incline/dumbell rows. Option2: barbell flat bench/push ups/barbell rows. Focus on the main lift then, if that floats your boat super set the assistance, or just make your way through the workout. 5x5 on the compounds will suit, you hit the 5x5, next session increase the weight but only small increments. As for the assistance, 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps. It really doesn't matter, just build some muscle. Keep the intensity up if you want. Ab work add in upper/lower ab work on the respective days, your core will take a beating anyway with all the compounds. On bench press day I'd still say add in some pull/chin ups. Various grips are great. So one the main pull up day wit OHP go wide/hammer grips, on bench day do chin (bicep work also in there. Hope this helps
  16. Thanks for posting that. I recall having read it ages ago, but it's a good one to review every now and again. I start bulking once I hit 6%, which I expect to happen by the end of July... I can't wait. As mentioned in the article, I don't plan on ever bulking past 10% (ideally not even that high); just takes to much work to get lean again and dieting is no fun. NO worries dude, though I'm nt part of the bodybuilding crew I agree dieting can blow! & judging by your avatar you know what you're doing... Anything over at t-nation is usually bang on & to the point.
  17. Good mornings or stiff legged deadlifts (starting point just below the knees)
  18. Squatting 2/3 times a weeks fine, just program it correctly....deadlifting x2 a week? Do not do that!
  19. If you're training 4 days give each day a main lift...eg Mon:squat Tues:ohp Thurs:deadlift Fri:bench press Though usually you would be working rather heavily on these you can still opt for a lighter weight & bang out reps. Then add in your assistance, also I agree that push/pulling keeps a balance, as opposite to just pushing (chest) & pulling (back). Example, paring deads with front squats, dumbell rows with bench press, pull ups with ohp & squats with good mornings.
  20. My log is currently filled with me complaining of sciatica, I am however free to do squats, front squats ect & last week I hit 270lb for 5. But it's the position of deadlifting that is my issue, so I'm switching up to sumo deads to see if I get any benefit, have been talking to VeganEssentials about the back issue. Pulling the 308lb is still impressive, even more so if your back is not 100% but it shouldn't hinder squats that much, my backs pretty awful atm & I can still make gains. Here's a run down of Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 system, I think it would be great for you if you're focusing on OHP, bench,squats & deads (all the compounds) you can obviously start at even less than the 90%of your 1rm & also, if you felt it would benefit you more decrease the increments each month. The guy had the higher rate percentages listed for the weeks, the ones he's listed is higher. Week one is actually 65%-75%-85% & so on. I'm currently using the boring but big template http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/hardcore-look-at-jim-wendlers-5-3-1-powerlifting-system.html Here's an extra template Wendler put up using 5/3/1 with bodybuilding http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-and-bodybuilding/ If you wanted the ebook I'd be happy to mail it over. All the best Ps also I can a send the excel spreadsheet which will program the lifts for you
  21. Plenty of volume there, so you're still getting the work in on squats... There's always 5/3/1 if you fancied building up more strength
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