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  1. I find dumbbells rows incredibly awkward. I'm pretty strong on them. It's the position on my legs/feet that never feel truly right, no matter what I've tried. Stood up bent over resting on the db rack was good for a while but if I use a bench, no matter where I position my leg/foot it feels awkward. I miss underhand barbell rowing, last time I hit them was about the 100kg mark. I'd dread to think what you'd be rowing if it wasn't for your back....we sound like old men complaining of bad backs hahaha my other half pointed out 1 grey hair in my newly grown beard, I haven't recovered yet!
  2. Ah yes we have one of those also, in all fairness I think 95% of machines in the gym are hammer strength. I'd rather barbell row but as my backs complaining I need to work round it. Have to agree, HS stuff just feels so much better. I tried a fitness gym & though I dodge the machines as much as possible the ones they have we're pretty bad, nowhere near the quality of HS. We have a plate loadable press, HS. Has two options as to where the load goes. Been a while since I have used it.... My belts been shipped btw
  3. http://www.gymcompany.co.uk/images/ac_product_images/product_image_data/resizetomax:400/9707 That's the Hammer strength machine I have been using for the extra back work, I really like it. what's the one you have been using like? Impressive again dude:)
  4. Mon-30th-April cycle 4 Week 4 (deload 3x5) So as its deload week I again did/shall be pairing up two upper/lower lifts with deloaded sets/reps/weight/assistance. Warm up for upper/lower was the usual run through of mobility/lighter sets/stretching. OHP: 20kg 27.5kg 32.5kg Assistance: OHP: borig but big at 50% 3x10 27.5kg Pull ups: wide grips 3x10 Hammer strength row machine: 3x10 (extra back work light) Sumo deadlift: 50kg 65kg 77.5kg Assistance: Sumo deadlift: boring but big at 50% 3x10 65kg Hypers: 2x10 Ab circuit:side bends, cable crunch, standard crunch Summary: Nothing to worry over on the upper body lifts, nice & easy. Just made sure form was tight & got a little bump on. Defiantly going to keep the hammer strength row machine as the focus for my extra back work, I'd like to do some barbell rows but as my lower backs complaining I'm working around it. More important was having a play with sumo deadlifts today. Had a little play with width of my foot position, the bar didn't hit the shins at all which was good & it felt tight enough. However I still felt my back with these but I need to run with them for a full cycle to see if anything feels better/worse ect. No deads till next week so some time to rest my back. I'm defiantly not using boring but big again on deads, it's to much so I'm going to program front squats for cycle 5. Enjoy doing them anyway so will stick with them for a few cycles, made good gains for two months with them before.... Meeting with my strongman friend Thursday & he's going to watch my deadlifts (yes I know I said a week till I train them) but its an opportunity to have an experienced lifter watch my form, incase theres something I'm missing. Will go light with these though for sure & no more than a couple of sets.
  5. Try out hammer grips, I focused on these & within a month I was banging out 5x10 & I had begun adding in a 5kg plate (12ish lb?) but I do more wide grips now. A good tip is to do pull/chin ups (or various grips) between your pressing (bench/military or what ever pressing you do) little sets of 5 would be great for you. You can never do too many pull/chin ups, also your arms/shoulders are getting worked to. Once you blow out do lat pulls downs or something similar. I never go past shoulder width grip on pull ups. my left nerve in the neck area is kind tight from a car accident
  6. Thank you for the Matt, though I ve some way to go my back is defiantly something I'm pleased with this far. Nothin fancy, plenty of pull ups, db rows & deadlifting. Putting in a little extra mid back work atm but I'll take what I can get , so thank you (not bad for a years worth of progress)
  7. Really looking forward to taking it for a spin VE! The Zulu glove one I tried off my strongman friend was great & this is similar (though his had a quick release function) I usually belt up on my last set on deads/squats (depending how the sessions gone) but will just wear this on deads from now on, on all my working sets. Cheers VE
  8. Just ordered myself this little bad boy https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/powerlifting/powerlifting-belts/strengthshop-10mm-double-prong-buckle-belt.html
  9. Cheers mini, Not far from where I was before I had a bad bout of sciatica in sept last yr. No squatting/deads for like 10 weeks, then I got onto a basic rapid strength plan where you add 2.5kg each week to getting onto 5/3/1, going with a reduced weight for a steady climb has been key for sure. Sucks balls I blew out again on my back with deads. I went with a real low 1rp for deads/squats for 5/3/1 as well. Still foam rolls & the sciatica stuff has helped somewhat. Going to try sumo tomorrow as it's deload so nothing that'll kill me
  10. Can't agree more mate, 4 days being plenty for us usual folk lol I swear by upper/lower/off/upper/lower/off/off now or a 3 day on/off approach. You should still train the main lifts, just keep that to a minimum but push the assistance if you're doing more bodybuilding
  11. This is about the best article I have read on muscle building/bulkinf http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_truth_about_bulking;jsessionid=F3E68444BCA60EF72A917B70EF409CEE-mcd02.hydra
  12. This.....what a load of bollocks. You need to learn a thing or two about food/training. Explain to me then how I ve added 62lb to my frame In roughly a year & hardly any has added to my waist line.
  13. Would like to share these recipes with everyone after sending them to a fellow poster....Good vegetable based smoothies 3carrots 2 apples chunk of ginger (grated into the jug) 2 apples 1 pear 2 broccoli florets 2 kiwis Cut apples/pear into wedges, put through a juicer then into a blender. The juice the broccoli adding the to blender & finish with the kiwis into the blender, whiz it up. 4 baby beets 2 apples 1 hot chilli Beets juiced first, then the apples, then chilli 2 carrots 1 raw beetroot 1 celery stick 1 apple put through a juicer (apple in last) 2 apples 1 large serving spinach nutmeg (large sprinkling) Apples first, then spinach finished with the nutmeg 2 apples 1 stick celery fresh mint juice the apple (add juice to blender) then celery, adding to the apple juice then whiz it in a blender with the mint
  14. This...Justin showing here a clear understanding of how to train & the benefits of body weight/gym training. When I use body weight in my sessions it's because I want to feel athletic, so I'll go for more reps vs when I add say weight to pull ups I know reps will decrease. Calisthenics looks amazing, I wouldn't be able to do it but I respect people applying it. I'm happy being a "moving the barbell" kinda guy.
  15. Howdy, I study Keysi but have done a few other things over the years. More into my lifting down thought. all the best
  16. A bit of light toning won't do you any arm...It's what I did when dropping weight...I'm 5ft 10" & use to weight about 95kg, dropped down to 64kg now I'm back up to about 92kg (different weight this time )
  17. Though I agree that some people do not need to go to a gym, I myself have no option. You can't tell me that body weight squats are going to build proper dense, powerful legs (as an example). I'm not a bodybuilder, I lift for power/mass & for that I need a heavy weight. How can I deadlift, over head press tiny/body weight? I'm working towards strongman events, I need access to barbells, squat racks, benches. Training has to be in line with the goal, if you're just after a healthy life style, staying in shape & fit I agree. But you cannot disregard gym as "a waste of money"...that's your opinion which I respect, but also you should do the same for people who enjoy/require gym access.
  18. Anyone who tells me squatting isn't worth it...well I stop listening after that point. Everythings bad for you, everything has a negative side to it. Even a push up.
  19. Fri-27th-April Cycle 4 Week 3 (5/3/1) Worked today so ate a decent amount of food before squats...Had the yawns all day. Warmed up with some sciatica relief movements,body weight lunges/squats/mobility & other things before some lighter warm up sets. Squats: 97.5kg x5 110kg x3 122.5 x1 +5 Assistance: Squats: Boring but big at 50% 5x10 65kg Hypers: 3x10 leg curls: random weights 5x10 Ab circuit of leg raises/leg ups/ball crunches Summary: Killed it tonight, Couldn't of been a better session after the issue with my back this week. Felt pretty revved up during this session, like a lot of tension in my body. Again 5 solid reps on the last set of 1, so pleasing! The sciatic movements are getting slightly easier each time I do them, which is the point. No back issue during squats & even the lower back work was comfy, Maybe just the pump of working out though. Another gaining cycle done, deload next week:)
  20. Cheer up man life can't be that bad that you're unable to see the funny side? So you work 18hr days & still find time to average all that self loving, damn respect!
  21. Cheers man I try nabbing some the wkend:) I'll inbox you a few recipes geared towards veg...the beetroots are real good, ones with orange I think & other things. You need a juicer which I'm guessing you have
  22. I need to try dates but they look horrible:/ I love dried fruits but mango dried I Can't do. Got any recipes Justin? I have a few if you want them? Some with root veg to like beetroot if you eat that kinda stuff
  23. If you masturbate that much be a pro arm wrestler...I think that's sound advice myself.
  24. Haha you know me, it's kept simple at the best of time:) Have a good wkend amigo! Some jack & coke may numb the pain
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