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  1. It's just an old problem from my teens that's gotten worse
  2. Hey mini, Randomly I had thought to hunt down that chart so if you could mail it over that be great. I do a lot of reverse hypers, ghr ect & obviously 5/3/1 is all about the main lifts. I do abs now each training session (upper body days I do upper abs & vice versa lower), I do everything to strength those areas ( chain/core) but its just the position of deads that get me. It's why I'm a lot better not coming to a complete a stop (I know this kinda defeats the name of the lift) & I favour touch & to. It's the initial pull that gets me more than anything. Squatting, front squats, hypers ect give me no issue, it's just that position on deads. Funny that a static bike has Caused this latest load of issues:/ hoping sumo's take some of the pressure off & along with some rehabbing ect I'll get it sorted. Cheers for takin time to give advice dude appreciate it
  3. Thurs-26th-April Cycle 4 Week 3 (5/3/1) Finished work early today, had a couple meals/shakes before training so felt pretty decent going in. Usual warm up of shoulder mobility/stretching/lighter sets. Bench press: 72.5kg x5 82.5kg x3 92.5kg x1 +5 Assistance: Bench press: boring but big at 50% 5x10 50kg Dumbbell rows: all per arm in sets of 10. 30kg 28kg 26kg 24kg 22kg Pull ups: 2x10 wide grip 2x10 hammer grips. Tricep cable push downs/bicep cable curls: did these for shits & giggles. Ab circuit of crunches, side bends & cable crunches Summary: Nice & strong on bench, no problems. 5 reps on the 1 set so no complaints here. Dumbbell rows also strong so will increase weight to the next dumbbells up, though they jump in 2kg increments. Kept ret on the bbb sets to no more than a minuet, nice burn out to finish up. Good session. To the matter of my back, I ve come to the conclusion I just need to switch from conventional to sumo deadlifts. After speaking with VeganEssentials it's now apparent I have a compression issue & looking at the symptoms it pretty much has to be. I have started some basic sciatic movements & it's brought to light just how stiff I actually am. All my lifts have grown this last year, even more so since starting 5/3/1 but deadlifts I make progres for Few months then have a bad bout of pain & need to start over. So the immediate thing is to at least try sumo's so see if it helps. If not I'll just have to not deadlift anymore or stay at a low weight until I get it resolved. Thanks to VE for taking to message me:)
  4. I'd love to read this magical study that says you have to eat 6-8 meals aday to gain...point being there isn't such a article. It's obviously a good theory, a small steady flow of food but it's not going to work for everyone. Personally the 6 meals a thing did absolutely nothing for me & who wants to spend all day eating/making/thinking about food??? I eat four meals a day, decent size & this had worked wonders for me. This is key, what works for you. So figure this out & live your life As for training, I lost a hell of a lot of weight then went on a weight gain. It's near impossible to lose fat & still gain muscle but there are exceptions. 1) seriously obese people. 2) seriously undertrained people. 3) people on the gear. You can't eat to burn fat then still expect to build quality muscle, toning is fine & is what I did. X3 6 mile runs, 3 weight sessions (light toning) & martial arts. Now it's the reverse, I eat big, lift big & do little cardio. Just figure out what you need now & plan accordingly
  5. I'd of thought what would of ejaculated would resemble sand. Surprised you got time to goto the gym
  6. How many days is your split? I found going to 3 days a week a huge help in gaining mass. If you're doing supersets & the like I'd say to drop them. Shoulders I'd say a barbell OHP with db pressing for 4x12 reps or side & rear raises are enough. Especially if you're benching & hitting plenty of pull ups & dip. Actually give your shoulders chance to recover.
  7. Sorry to hear about the problems. I hate pads for squats, I think they're awful & all it does is teach people bad form. Two young lads asked me only yesterday to help them with squats & first thing I did was to take the damn pad off. But if you have to use it then there's your answer. Nothing replaces barbell squats, fronts are good though & db squats...well I'd personally rather leg press/hack squat.
  8. Tues-23rd-April Cycle 4 Week 3 (5/3/1) Slept in to much yesterday but still managed a good nights sleep, really good. Warmed up with some foam rolls, mobility & lighter sets: Deadlift: 95kg x5 107.5kg x3 120kg x1+4 Assistance: this is where shit went wrong.... Deadlift: Boring but big, fail...... Front squats: 50kg x 10 55kg x 10 60kg x 5 70kg x 5 80kg x 5 90kg x 5 Standing hamstring curls: 2x10 Hypers: 3x10 Ab circuit, leg ups, planks. Conditioning: 1 mile on treadmill. Summary: Awful, fucking lower back is terrible again. Completely fell a part on the last set. No point even attempting the boring but big template. Currently lay on the sofa feeling dejected. My lower backs seriously holding me back. I just did whatever once my back gave out,I guess I should of just stopped>
  9. ps do not limit pull/chin ups. Do these between every pressing movement (between sets), so Military & bench
  10. training two days a week Day 1:Main lifts- Flat barbell bench press & squats. Assistance: pull/chin ups, reverse hypers, dumbbell press, rear delt raises day 2: main lifts-military press - deadlift Assistance: Dumbbell rows, dips, good mornings, curls
  11. Going to be destroying a pizza shortly as I slept in to much today & need to catch up on food
  12. Mon-23rd-April Cycle 4 Week 3 (5/3/1) Had to work a night shift then headed right to the gym, to say I went carb heavy is an understatement. Warmed up with shoulder mobility, lighter sets & stretching. OHP: 40kg x5 45kg x3 50kg x1 +7 Assistance: OHP: Boring but big at 50% 4x10 27.5kg, 40% 1x10 20kg Pull ups: wide grips 4x10 hammer grips 1x10 MTS hammer strength row: 1x10 20's 1x10 25's 1x10 30's Summary: Absolutely beat at work during the night so wasn't holding much hope of getting many reps past the one on the last set. Warming up I felt great & the 50kg flew up. I based my 1rm off of 50kg so to get seven & to get them as well as I did (also working a night) was hugely pleasing! My OHP sucks as I hadn't trained a proper strict military before 5/3/1 so I have some work to do. I added in the rows today as I want to work on strengthening my middle back. Went with the mts row simply because of how bad my lower back can be & as I squat, deadlift & db row my backs already taking a beating & in all fairness I really like the machine, one of a few I see a point in!
  13. Thought I'd do a little update on my current program, Wendler's 5/3/1. I don't need to go into the program's core, google it & have a read! Awesome stuff! What I'am doing is giving my thoughts on the two templates I ve ran & what I liked & disliked...again the core is the 5/3/1 programming & method so these are assistance templates. Programable assistance: This was the first template I ran with after a week of testing maxes on main lifts & also the programable (loadable) assistance work eg deadlifts paired with front squat & OHP with close grip benching... The con(s): Quite a bit of work to get though, past the secondary lift it's really what you feel like doing but as this is a template to get you big & strong you want to hit everything recommend. As an example (also this has been logged) on OHP day I'd hit the programmed assistance lift (close grip bench) followed by biceps, triceps, lats & mid back. This then again would be repeated the same week but replacing the two barbell lifts with bench & incline, hitting the upper body again. I focued on the mid back/lat work & didn't kill myself on the tricep/bicep work. Again I don't ever try killing myself on assistance, that's saved for the main lift. So the biggest thing for me was how time consuming it could be. Never mind warming up ect The pros(s): With programming a secondary lift I again had a plan, something to aim at. I loved programming the lifts & seeing what I had to do was great, I loved this & would recommend anyone to do it. What's better than programming two barbell movements? Nothing biggest pro being the feeling of constant progression! Boring but big: The con(s): The only one is that there's very little variety & I couldn't see myself running the template of a lengthy period of time. No more than 3 months. You repeat the main lift, eg deadlift after the working sets with a reduced percentage for 5x10 sets. You can play with the percentages for these. The pro(s): You can get a fuck load of work in, big work with little fuss. No moving a round, you say get in the squat rack & squat your ass off! Hit some leg curls to finish & your done. Obviously things like hypers & some ab work are a given. I also found myself to be a lot more focused with this template & I feel, because you get to set up shop on the rack it means you can allow for a min or two more between each set (on the working sets)... Also it has shown me just how much the sub muscles of a lift get battered. On OHP day I have never had such a pump in my triceps. I do really enjoy this template so here's hoping the pros out ways the main con here! I'd have to say, I can't really pick one over the other. Both have pros & cons
  14. My form on bench is maybe one of my best but having the bar chalked just seemed to of helped...maybe it was just a mental thing but I have some liquid stuff on my wish list for my order this wk:) I also never fail to be impressed when VE logs a workout. Most definitely, for me the most inspirational person on here & someone I look up to. Strong as an ox & a gentlemen to boot. Also I'm jealous of VE OHP! One day big man
  15. Anything you're training towards besides a healthier/fitter stronger you? The program looks fairly decent, squatting 3 times a week is awesome, just be careful because your hips may complain so plenty of mobility work! I'd throw in a shoulder press somewhere (sorry if I've missed it). As long as its not that heavy deadlifting twice a week with x3 squats should be fine, just listen to your body if anything complains...all the best
  16. Welcome to the board! Plenty of friendly people on here happy to help out:) Nice art work, much else tattooed? I'm upto about 400hrs worth now
  17. Fair enough, maybe try the lifting 3 days a week but then go in & do some ab work/cardio. If not I'd say go with mon: bench tue: squats wed: abs/cardio thu: military press/pull ups (or lat pull downs) fri: abs/cardio sat: squats sun: cardio Also if you're looking to gain muscle to much cardio is going to hinder this...
  18. You don't need to hit the gym 5 days a week. That will lead to over training & as you're just beginning keep it to 3 days a week. An example mon/wed/fri, tues/thurs/sat ect so be realistic with how you plan & make it part of your routine, don't just fit it in as & when. You are only making progress while you rest, the body needs down time. So a day in/off approach will serve you well. In the meantime google mark rippetoe starting strength beginners program. Also goto YouTube & search Rippetoe squats, bench press ect to see how he shows how to perform the main lifts. Please for the love of god don't use the smiths machine!!!! I'm totally on board about how you wish to work on posture. I dropped a lot of weight & had a similar toros, I carried weight on m stomach while I was heavy to. Here's my log (the last few pages are obviously up to date) & progress pics. All I have done is kept in basic the last few months & it had worked wonders for every aspect! Just so you can see the type of stuff I do but for now just need to learn the basic lifts. You could just use machines & dumbbells, that's your choice but barbell work is key. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26582 viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26623
  19. Awesome what equipment do they have? So what's the actual goal?
  20. On joining a gym all I'd say is that as long as they have a squat rack(s) & olympic bars for the main lifts it's worth it if you can afford it.
  21. In a nut shell yes but there's more to it than that...
  22. Read starting strength by Mark Rippetoe...you can find it to download from torrent sites if you know where to look
  23. It sounds like you're going to be restricted some what, so all you can do is what you can. Basically bench pressing, squatting, Military pressing & deadlifts are the big 4 lifts. These are what trigger the best growth because they are compound movements, multi jointed. They work many muscles where isolation is somewhat limited. Myself, I concentrate my workouts around these, then add in stuff like dumbbells ect if it's not on a barbell it's assistance... Example. YesterdayI began with warming up & lighter sets before getting going on bench pressing. I'm running a specific program right now which then has me bench pressing again for 5x10 after my heavier sets but at a reduced rate. Between sets I did wide grip pull ups & finished with dumbbell rows...The point of this program is that it focuses on the bigh movement because it's the best for benching. Stuff like dumbbell & flys, which do a have place in certain routines are finishing movements. They help to shape the muscle/finishes you off. Personally I'm not a bodybuilder so I don't bother with jazz like that. Barbell work is king simply because it let's you lift more....
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