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  1. Phewww, Night shift. Pretty beat & tired, what you get working shifts. Dragged my ass through this " title="Applause" />


    Main lift:


    Deadlift (not programmed & light all 5 reps): 60kg 70kg 80kg 100kg x2


    Assistance again from Matt Kroc's program:


    Barbell rows: 60kg x8 70kg 2x8 Easy enough so will increase weight after deload


    Lat pull downs: light for warm up 2x10 then 3x12 with the 63 plate. Used these to stretch my lat which has been sore the last few weeks...might do these & pull ups on a rotating idea.


    T-bar rows: 40kg x8 50kgx8 60kg x8


    Dumbbell rows: 36kg x10 34kg x10 32kg x10


    Ab work: side bends with 20kg plate 35 reps, cable crunch with the whole stack 20 reps

  2. A new health food shop has opened in my city. Same people who had one which closed down about a year ago. They stock a good range of hemp/pea/soy protein.


    Also a lot of things like vegan cheeses (it's basically plastic I swear down), smoked tofu ect. It's just so expensive...may try a s bag of pea protein, not holding much hope for taste mind. Most important they stock zest & their vegan pesto's...literally this is pure sex in a jar, boom.

  3. Pre bed meals I just take a home made protein bar or a shake, I can eat well so I don't do a pre bed anymore.


    When I did I'd just have something like a oat topped wholemeal bagel with PB. I'd get two down me with loads of PB & drink a pint of milk (usually rice milk).


    My advice is to try eating a bigger meal post workout, if you can. Failing that you have the option of using higher calorie foods if you struggle to eat.


    A fav of mine is pesto, wham that over 120gram of pasta. If you have a protein shake as a snack during the day, pre make it & add 2 bananas...whizz it up. That's an extra 200ish calories with little effort.

    It's things like adding hummus to a fake cheese/meat salad sandwich. 50 calories here, 30 there soon stocks up.


    My gym pal isnt a big eater (he eats meat) so he cooks in cocoanut oil, butter ect obviously this isn't our path but the idea is sound. He is doing very well with this method.


    How often are your cardio/gym sessions? Put up a typical week of cardio/weights & a typical days worth of food:)



    Read up on carb back loading as you eat last rather early. You have almost 12 hrs without food.

  4. An hour isn't really enough time, I allowed almost 2.5 the other days & when I hit some weighted side bends I was mini sicking:/


    On a serious note; if I train on a day off usually I eat round 8:00, set off at 10:30 & finish by say 12:00.

    15 mine before I'll down 10g of bcaa & about 5 right after, simply because I haven't eaten much. If its where I'm in on an evening/after a night shift & I've eaten plenty of food I just use 5g in the morning & post workout. Also things like this are awesome!




    A good pre workout meal I kinda stumbled on is this: Wholewheat bagel, banana & agave syrup with PB

  5. Thurs-12th-July Cycle 1 week 2 (3x3)


    Main lift:


    Bench press: (warm up sets all 5 reps 37.5kg 45kg 55kg) 65 x3 72.5 x3 82.5 x3+6




    Close grip bench (programmed): 42.5kg x8 50kg x8 57.5kg x6


    Incline bench (programmed): 42.5kg x8 50kg x8 57.5kg x6


    Push downs: 45 plate x10 55 plate x10 65 plate x10


    dumbbell press: 24kg's 3x8


    Dumbbell incline flyes: 18kg's 3x15


    Tricep work various things like kick backs, head knockers until I got 60 reps...no rest.



    Fri-13th-July (3x3)


    Main lift:


    Squats: (warm up sets all 5 reps 50kg 65kg 75kg) 87.5kg x5 100kg x3 122.5kg x3




    Hypers: 4x10


    Leg press: 150kg 2x15 200kg 1x15


    stiff legged deads dumbbell version: 24kg's 2x20


    Leg curls: various weights 3x15


    Ab work both day.

  6. If you're starting to feel a bit worn down and not liking the lifting too much at the moment, what do you think of Wendler's suggestion of doing a 2-day/week split? It would definitely give you a bit more recovery time, and with the stress from work that might be a good short-term solution.



    Thanks for the post. Lifting two days a week would not be very productive for me though

  7. Though people train the way Justin has shown, you don't have to do it this way.


    When people have chest/tricep day the movements shall be pushing, back is the reverse...you'll pull.


    I have trained  for a while now where I push & pull, this keeps the workout actually balanced. So when I bench or over head I'll do 5x10 pull ups between the sets, dumbbell rows on bench day.


    I Made great gains on size & strength by training full body Mon-Wed-Fri. 

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