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  1. Thanks for the comments Form... as in getting my hips lower and recruiting more leg drive? If so, that's something I have been working on for while now. I've still got a way to go before my technique is perfect, but I feel like I'm slowly getting there. Personally I think that performing deficit DL's on a regular basis have helped me immensely; I alternate between standing on plates and pulling (see pic) and using the smaller 35's on the bar to get it lower to the ground. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/310526_192629757481104_161273440616736_442132_1977041737_n.jpg The biggest tip I was given by a long time power lifter was that your set up should take longer than the set. Not to be critical but you grab the bar then start to position your feet. You should be getting your feet placement first, then bending from the hips (not dropping them) get the grip (then bring the shins to the bar). The arch in the back should be a result of you pushing your chest out, Not dropping your hips (some people do need to slightly to get a better angel) & fill the diaphragm with air. As you commented the initial move should be from the quads, then hips pushing though ect....To me it almost looks like you are jerking the bar to get it moving, Let your quads do the work on the initial move. It's not me being critical, Just trying to help you avoid an injury as I suffer from sciatica & I really had to spend a lot of time nailing proper form with deads. http://youtu.be/Syt7A23YnpA
  2. You can do all the ab work in the world...If you're diets not right you wont get results. Visible ab's are built in the kitchen. What I will say is don't be short sighted with goals.
  3. You can do all the ab work in the world...If you're diets not right you wont get results. Visible ab's are built in the kitchen. What I will say is don't be short sighted with goals.
  4. http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_boring_but_big_3month_challenge Obviously the protein source would need altering
  5. Mine are in tabs, 6 half hr before then 6 streight after. Like most supp's it's rooting out what's marketing gimmicks & what actually work. Personally I saw benefits from using them. More to the point is how people in prison manger to get jacked without all these suppliments. Worth thinking about
  6. Awesome strength mate...really cool seeing someone in this weight range working towards big numbers. I would however (please don't think I'm being a usual forum troll)would work on your form when your setting & getting the bar initially moving. All the best & good luck
  7. One thing you can trying is skimming off carbs on none lifting days ie a quarter cup less of oats/rice but up the protein a little. You don't need to eat 6-8 meals aday. Find what works for you & only you. I bulked eating 4 meals aday, no I'm powerlifting I do need more food but that's due to weight I'm moving a round. More often than not people who complain about gaining fat while trying to get big sit on isolation machines or cables. These people have no clue, leave them to their side raises & lat pull downs. To The military press & do chin ups. My work out usually consists of this, enter gym-walk past machines-shake my head at who evers using a smith machine-enter 9ft Powerrack & stay there for an hr- then I repeat the first two steps (replace enter with leaves)
  8. Stop reading what ever fad diet so & so is doing...keep it simple. 30-50ish grams of protein per meal, as many carbs as you can stomach & what ever fats you need. Hit compounds, plenty of food & rest. Stop obsessing & enjoy getting strong/big. After dropping a fuck load of weight I use to obsess over food. When I started my bulk I was over analysing every food I looked at. Comes a time where you need to just man up & eat mate. Ignore the "12 weeks to" whatever crap & do the basics...but do them well. Remember the bigger picture, ur bulking! Worry over the "cut" when you need to. All this macro this, % of that bores me to tears.
  9. I personally avoid soy, I don't want to start developing a vagina
  10. Protein & cars are gonna be what aids the size/strength gain my good man! & ur correct in that doing 3-5 sets with 10-20 reps won't build proper mass. Don't skimp on carbs if you wish to get big! I says this time & time again.....based the workout around military pressing, flat barbell bench, squats & dead lifts. These are the lifts which will aid in strength/mass gain. Don't piss about with side raises & cable flys, get the barbell moving. Depending on your training time a 4,3,2 & even 1 day template can be used. Hit a big compound, 2 maybe 3 assistance moves with 3 sets 10-15 reps & your done. Far to many people think they have to do something for everything. These people usually sit on isolation machines. All the best amigo
  11. Nursing a cold sucks when you train it zapps energy...Get yourself some L-Glutamine. It's not expensive & will aid your immune system (if you don't take it already) All the best
  12. How were the legs after the strength shop training haha? Deads were great man inspirational
  13. You have already answered your own question. You do a lot of cardio, cut down. If you can't eat eat eat eat eat
  14. The trouble with most people is that they think they need to do something for everything...These people are not good to listen to. The fact is a compound lift coupled with 2-3 assistances will get the job done. I don't understand why you feel the need to do three benching angles in one session. If this workout is what you do three days a week, then why are you benching so much, In fact why are you doing the same thing 3 times a week? Besides legs which can handle more volume your not giving anything a chance to recover. I'm not seeing a pressing movement at all? Shoulders should not be an after thought & put in with a dumbbell circuit, Military press man! No one will care you can do side raises or front raises with a 25lb dumbbell, overhead pressing 180lb however is impressive. Also do not replace flat bench barbell with dumbbells. It's about getting more out of each workout eg squats are always gonna be better than a leg press...You also do not need hammer the biceps. I hardly touch mine & have gotten more growth by working on my back more. Check out builtfit.com they have plenty of strength/muscle building routines for a 3 day split. All the best mate
  15. I like the idea of them but I have certain areas I want to work on, and I'm under the mindset the more you work on a certain exercise the better you'll get at it (in moderation). Times I do pullups, front squats, grip, dips (etc) more consistently, I get better at them. There's always something missing from the templates that I want to get better at. I've took a lot of elements from the full body template. I have a good feeling about the way I've laid out the assistance this time and plan to stick to it for a bit, hope it works. Sound man, what you up for and where you gonna be? I may have asked this before but where abouts you from? I'm up for my birthday. Doing the usual Edinburgh visit most do haha but I have never been ( was meant to last year but ended up moving) I live Not that far from Birmingham, 40 mins on a train, Half hr in a car so It'll be two trains to get there. Mayabe 4 halfish hours from b'ham so nothing major I tried the Dave Tate assistance this week but I went progressively heavier with each set on each assistance & It really took it out of me. Prob should't of done it that way so today I went with Wendlers upper body template which seemed to work better for me. Sounds like you have it all set out. Sounds great & Hope you make the gains you want...I'm using that excel spreadsheet along side it. Such a time saver
  16. If you check any of my posts on diets, I don't really believe in calorie counting, macro's & all that jazz. I use to be heavily into cardio & I would run a large hill range where I lived 3 times a week for 6-8 miles per session. I also would do martial arts & some light weight work at home. Like you I wanted to get bigger as I was extremely lean. SO I gradually cut down the cardio to nothing (I'm now adding in some cardio as I'm working towards strong man stuff) & started eating more. My rule was to have 1 scoop of protein & a food source of protein per meal. Also things like 100g pasta, cup & a half of rice ect I'd go as far to say stomach as many carbs per setting as you can. Regardless for what type of cv work the kettle bell session provides it's still cv work. It is raising your heart rate, your lungs are working hard ect It's a decent routine & you will gain some decent muscle off it. But nothing is ever gonna come close to compound lifts if you are wanting to add a good amount of muscle mass. If you are aiming for a bit of muscle then have at it with the kettle bells & I respect the healthy life style don't think I'm trying to take that away from you. I actually think kettle bells have their place for explosive movement & I will my self use them. I have however been there with cardio work & wanting to get bigger...I was treading water for weeks. If you are stuck for time I can help you put together a 2 day program even one if times even tighter viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26623 this needs updating as I have gotten bigger but you get the idea
  17. Obviously gonna get my ass handed to me but...you have to start somewhere. You should have a holiday down here & come along I'm in Scotland in March. What do you think of the templates in 531 for assistance work? Makes so much sense when you read the thiking behind the templates he's written
  18. yup, he only lives about 30 mins from me & guy who ive gotten to know trains with him twice a week & said I'm welcome to train in Big L's private gym He did a charity truck pull at my gym a few months ago to
  19. Randomly I ve started 5 3 1. Found the first Edition online but bought 2nd. Tried the Tate assistance this week. I have dropped straps on every lift now as I been invited to train with lawrence sharlei so that's gonna be a huge eye opener. Your looking great btw buddy, front squats were ass to the floor haha I'll have to catch up on your blog. Have been engrossed in Rippetoes books since Christmas
  20. Ps I know your gaining weight the weight gain shake is if your gonna have a day where you know you may struggle to eat enough
  21. I don't get why you need a workout which is great for the cardio considering the amount you are already doing? You need to first log meals & then compare this to what you are burning off...Then you need to see where you can increase calorie in takes. With the amount of cardio I would recommend getting a weight gain shake (are vegan ones actually out there) the high volumes of cardio you do is serious, I know this isn't the best/ healthiest option but seriously you need calories anyway never mind to gain. The amount of food you will need to eat will be large so also you need to consider transporting meals with you. Don't go ramming calories up right off the bat, you need a steady increase to the numbers you will eventually know after logging As for kettle bell workouts, these are great but they won't be as beneficial as compounds
  22. Loved scrolling down after reading the first post to see veganessential stood there. Thread should of been locked after that reply
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