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  1. What it comes down to at the end of the day is how someone's body responds. I have seen dirty bulks, clean bulks, some with the same ratio, some with 20%crap foods 80%good foods ect you can analise it all you want but it's what works for the individual. Rule of thumb should always be do it as healthy as you can. A kid I have gotten to know who works mon-thurs & has a 3 day wkend every week eats very clean while on work days & like crap over his wkend, yet has one of the best physics I ve seen locally. Again this works for him...
  2. Man that's pretty rough. Hope it all goes to plan, me thinking my sciatica was bad.
  3. Yep, I am 42 years old and the core of my workout right now is back squat, Romanian deadlift, chin ups, pull downs and rows, overhead dumbbell press, barbell and dumbbell bench press and weighted dips. I will throw in some other lifts from time to time but I find I need to reach a certain size or bodyfat %, before I start in on the isolation moves. I am 6'3", 216 lbs right now so I have a little way to go before I start hitting the iso movements. I never understand when I see these young guys (not all) in the gym who say they want to get huge, but they spend half their workouts on curls, tricep exercises, flys, lateral raises and smith machine work. That drives me nuts as well. I see people doing squats on the smith machines thinking it is much easier on the lower back and knees and essentially better overall than barbell squats. I always find it funny when someone comes up next to me on the smith machine when I am doing barbell squats and they are so impressed with themselves doing more weight than me, not realizing the leverage the smith machine provides, of course you can do more weight. Regardless of how big/experienced someone is, if they squat using a smiths machine I just assume they have low IQ. Same applies for people subbing barbell benching with dumbbells
  4. Great advice from Mr Essentials there!!! I do love proper lifters!!! As a start point as stated, Military, bench pressing & sqauts (squat x2 a week I would recommend) with dead lifts should be the base of all you do. People get obsessed with thinking they need to do something for everything where in reality a compound with 2-3 assistance moves will get the job done. Also regards assistance, make sure they have a point, ie are you trying to improve your military press. If so dips, chins, hypers along with your bench would all Work towards this
  5. Easy things to follow: Eat whole foods avoiding protein powders unless absolutely necessary. It's good to get 1g protein per pound body weight, if you are over 15% body fat use lean body mass for this. Finally approximate your portion sizes, not what someone else Advises. I've just eaten an hr ago & I'm hungry already so I'm eating, some people would think as its not time to eat I shouldn't.
  6. Cheers man. In all honesty I'm scared to death of going! There's a few who train there & all are big strong guys but I don't mind working hard. I obviously won't be lifting nothing compared to these guys but you have to start somewhere! Would be happy with him watching my main lifts for some pointers! Totally agree about training along side more experienced people. It applied for me when gettin into keysi. Put with guys who'd been doing it for years, it makes you have to raise what ever level game you have (I then found it hard to train with people even a few levels above where I was) In prep I have literally ditched straps for everything & have been doing Kroc rows to get my grip stronger. How's training going for you?
  7. Also this is from speaking from experience. 3 stone heavier & I'm still in 30" waist jeans though my quads need more room
  8. You're training to get fat? Bad advice IMO. When you cut off that excess fat you will lose hard earned muscle so bulk as lean as possible. You don't have to be fat to be strong! I don't recall stating anyone's aiming to get fat? If you think, while on a bulk every ounce of weight you gain will be lean mass then have have been lied to. Getting a gut doesn't mean it's a beer belly, far from it. Unlike most people I don't buy into what flex or whatever Hollywood routines stating will get you jacked in 12 weeks. Fact is if you want to get big, a bit of fat is always going to be there. I get bored of reading people obsessing over this carb, this macro, don't eat carbs before bed. Its all bs. Bottom line is do you like what you see in the mirror? Get your shit in order & man the fuck up
  9. After having a few emails alerts to my bulking topic I have decided to return to the fold... So many lovely comments I felt I should come back. As to where I am with training, I'm week two in cycle one of the Jim Wendler's 5 3 1 & really enjoying it. No bs, straight forward raw lifting. I have immersed myself lately with the Rippetoes & Wendler's of the strength scene. I have also started to get on the treadmill at the gym, very short distance but it's time to get a wee bit of conditioning back. Lastly I have been fortunate enough to of been invited to train with Laurence Shahlaei at a private gym. He came 4th in this years strong man final. Looking forward to catching up with you all
  10. You need to be basing each work out round military, dead lift, bench & squats. Don't get lost in to much assistance moves. There has to be a point for the assistance, don't just do it for the sake of filling an hour. Keep it heavy on the main lifts & volume for assistance (weighted where possible) Your also doing way to much for a bulking period.
  11. After receiving email alerts to so many lovely comments I just want to thankyou all for commenting. Truly feel honoured with some of the kind words, plz check main page for a new topic I'll about to post....
  12. Hey all, Prob my last post. After a bit of deliberation I have come to the conclusion I shall never be vegan. This is just a personal choice & thus feel to continue posting on here is hypocritical. The fulltime vegan just doesn't suit me. I will always endever to buy local organic as I have been for years. Hope you all continue your training
  13. Cool I eat all the usual fats anyway was wondering if I had missed out on anything
  14. urughhh all this carb & fats stuffs starting to do my head in lol Are we talking fats like avocados ect here? Can you give me a list of fats to get into my system? I do eat a lot of quorn stuff at the mo. I find I'm needing it doing this strength lifting phase...cheers
  15. I tried reading more indepthly the other night but I was to tired taking the info in. I know how it works it was more how best to apply it. I don't want to become obsessed with food again because when I dieted down from 91kg I became obsessed with calorie counting. Now it's eat or be eaten lol so far today I only added half cup of oats to my mega shake & 1 & a half peanut butter sandwiches in stead of two. Kept my pasta to 100g dried weight though & tonight I won't have any carbs with my chilli (it has baked beans & kidney beans in anyway with a soya mince)
  16. Haha ok that just about balances it out!!! Have you ever tried making pizzas with tortilla bases? They work great & you can control the carb in take easier. I have a tofu recipe where you add herbs & this becomes the topping along with any veggies (I remember you saying your unable to get replacement cheese)
  17. Smooth peanut butter, get out! Just get out now hahahahahha!!!
  18. Hahaha! Sweet progress man, you are definately one of the people on this forum who are inspiring me. Keep up the great progress! Nicholas thanks for the kind words, great motivation knowing that:) Im really going to have to look into the macros of my diet. I weighed 64 kg roughly 5-6 months ago & today I weighed in at work round the 82/83kg mark. For now I'm just going to skim some carbs during the day. I break up from work for two weeks next week & it's just simply the wrong time of year to attempt any type of cut. I'm not looking for a ripped look, I'm training purely for power/mass so for now I'll calorie cycle. Maint calories none lifting days & up them on lifting days.
  19. 16/12/11 Barbell bench: 5x55k 5x65k 5x75k 5x85k 3x97.5k 10x70k Barbell rows: 10x55k 10x65k 8x85k 8x87.5k 5x95k 10x70k Z bar curls (bar weight not counted) 15x20k 10x25k 6x30k 10x20k Did curls directly after Rows this week instead of towards the end. Squats: 5x67.5k 5x77.5k 5x87.5k 5x2x105k 10x80k Still not fully happy with depth of squats. My workout pal said I was getting past my knees but I wasn't convinced so I stayed at 105k for two sets. Need to record this coming week, not got great flexibility as it is. Leg curls: 10x77plate 10x91plate 10x98plate Cables crunches: 15x80plate 15x85plate 10x95plate (whole stack)
  20. couple of quick back shots. Will post more overall ones next week. Easier to do clothed pics due to tattoo coverage http://i40.tinypic.com/saulgk.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/1zlsq4y.jpg
  21. ps It's actually better clothed doing progress pics as my tattoo coverage...well covers me haha
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