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  1. Couple of quick back shots. Will get more on soon http://i40.tinypic.com/saulgk.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/1zlsq4y.jpg
  2. Fantastic food pics I'm gonna try some of these out!!! How many days is your split over? I'm asking because these so much your doing. Personally I'd even say your doing to much. It looks like an all over workout but even so I counted 8 movements...so much. Biggest advice I can give is as your bulking is eat big, rest big but lift big. My splits over 3 days & I prefer training this way. Here is the Prog I'm currently following, only difference I do to this is on a Friday on the big lifts I do an extra 6th set immediately after the new 3 rep max for a little burn out. I'll be popping up pics in my training log today at some point http://www.builtfit.com/workouts/strength-and-powerlifting/builtfit-5x5-workout
  3. lmao come on man what are you playing at!!! My day off usually go, Gym at 7:00 home by about 8:30 then skyrim until I hear the front door go. Then I whip out the Hoover hahaha
  4. Ye I lifted well coming off a night shift so now I'm buzzin for Friday. I need to get some progress pics up, we can compare ink hahaha
  5. Impressive deads buddy!!! I'm gonna have to record soon so you can see if my forms any cop
  6. Thanks man! Yeah I haven't used a belt for anything since I've been back it the gym. I don't want to neglect any muscle. I feel like it's done a lot for my lower back. This is fucking mint! Inspirational after having one of those days when your thinking "is it worth it" absolutely beasted that mate! Shit like this I'd love to show the "you can't be big on meat free diets" folk Hear you about the belt. I'm belting up on my heavy 5th sets on deads & barbell rows but I'm aiming to be raw one day. See far too many ppl wearing belts on everything they do.
  7. Needed a good lifting session today after having one of those days where I was thinking "is it all worth it" Getting sick of the sight of food & preparing it. Feeling bloated & an achy back. A solid workout put all this a side.this is what you get working nights as well haha Pleased with my dead lifting today. Though making gains this is a weak area at present due to lower back injuries in the past. This is week four of a twelve week plan & I'm now back to my current max on the big lifts. When I dead lifted 110k on my test week I struggled with 5 reps, 105k was easy but 110k felt a killer. 110k today & I nailed it. 10 solid reps & I could of carried on but hitting a round 10 felt great. I need to remember though I been training for years I have only been lifting seriously for size for 5-6 months. 14/12/11 Dead lifts: 5x70k 5x80k 5x100k 10x110k Hammer chins: 10 10 10 7 Dumbbell shoulder press: 10x44k 10x48k 8x52k 10x56k 6x60k Side raises: 2x10x24k 1x10x28k Shrugs s'set with side raises: 3x10x80k
  8. I use it everyday. Boosting the immune system when putting it under regular stress will help recovery but also bugs & colds. I actually rarely ache for very long after workout using this with creatine
  9. Bingo. Abs aren't like other muscles that can grow infinitely. If you focus on heavy compound lifts that engage your core, i.e. deadlifts and squats, and your diet is in check with your goals, your abs will start to pop. That is, you will lose the fat that's covering them up. It takes time but Rome wasn't build in a day, you know? Bingo, this is why I try explaining to people that you don't need to dedicate a whole workout just for abs. All I do are really heavy cable crunches once a week. A long with x2 squats, deads is ample. I may sack off the crunches soon as I'm lifting the whole stack now, weighted ab roll outs Im thinking:)
  10. http://www.cutandjacked.com/CutAndJacked-Top-Tips-Nick-Paniagua
  11. Abs are built in the kitchen. Doing endless ab workouts won't necerally give you a great looking stomach. Also abs are like any other muscle, Over work them & it'll have a negative effect.
  12. 12/12/11 Barbell bench: 5x52.5k 5x62.5k 5x75k 5x85k 5x95k Dips: 15 body weight 15 +10k 10 +15k 10+15k Barbell rows: 10x52.5k 10x62.5k 8x80k 8x87.5k 8x95k Tricep pull downs: 12x3x32.9 plate (whole stack) Squats: 5x65k 5x75k 5x85k 5x100k 5x110k 5x100k 110kg set on squat were good but felt form slipped slight toward the 4th rep, think I positioned my feet a bit off so hit another set.
  13. I swear by that soya & linseed bread. Was that with the peanut butter on my advice great bulk tool!!! For a second breakfast try x2 torlliia wraps with some scrambled tofu, bit of replacement cheese with some tobasco. You could hit up some spinach leafs to get some minerals in also
  14. Full week of training below. I couldn't get my butt below my knees for whatever reason Monday. I'm not the most flexible of guys but was frustrating. 5/12/11 Barbell Bench: 5x50k 5x60k 5x72.5k 5x85k 5x92.5k Dips: 18 reps body weight 15 + 5k 15 +10k 14 +12.5k Squats: 5x62.5k 5x77.5k 5x95k 5x110k 5x125k Barbell rows: 10x50k 8x60k 8x75 8x85 5x95 Tricep Pull Downs: 15x32.9plate 2x12x32.9plate 7/12/11 Dead Lifts: 5x67.5 5x77.5k 5x97.5k 8x105k Hammer Chins: 10 10 10 7 Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 10x44k 10x48k 10x52k 10x56k 8x60k Side Raises: 3x10x24k Shrugs s'set with side raises: 10x3x80k 9/12/11 Barbell Bench Press: 5x52.5k 5x62.5k 5x75k 5x85k 3x95k 10x70k Squats: 5x65k 5x75k 5x85k 5x100k 5x105k 10x80k Barbell Rows: 5x52.5k 5x62.5 8x80k 5x87.5k 5x95k 10x70k Leg Curls: 10x77plate 10x91plate 8x98plate Z Curls: 15x20k 10x22.5k 10x25k 8x30k Cable Crunches: 15x85plate 15x90plate 10x95plate
  15. Going great cheers mate. Really enjoying the 3 day split I'm doing. Fairly straight forward with some assistance on the 3 work outs. Adding 2.5kg each week atm & hitting it all.
  16. Awesome. I too would like to compete. I work with a power lifter & he's squatting rediculious weights. He's seen me squat & says I have it in me so maybe in a yr or two it's something to look at. My deads will be my slow gain, lower back injuries in my early 20's. Still it's the one thing I really need to work on so can't complain.
  17. Awesome I'll have a look after your journal. I would usually design my own plans but I found a pretty sweet 5x5 3 day split over at builtfit. Getting some great results using that along with a lifting calculator. I'm de loading atm but the plan round 7 th week has me worried (in a good way) I'll get that Morrocan recipe to you over next couple of days
  18. I also had to get over that when bulking being overweight in the past. But the gains are worth it. Don't be worried over getting a gut because it's all about getting weight on. You can always take it off when your ready to. Personally I'm strength/power lifting so I'm not all that fussed about a ripped look. I'm in it purely for the mass (when I was running I was pretty ripped) I train 3 times a week but mc wise all I use are cable tricep pulls, cable crunches (managed to crunch the whole stack this wk for for 8 reps) & maybe leg curls. Everything else is free weight/weighted body or compound. If your eat well on training days that's a good sign. I'm gonna order Indian food tomorrow, think I deserve it after a 60 hr working week & eating mega clean.
  19. At some point your metabolism should rank up providing your makin it work. You need to be aiming for four meals & 1-2 snacks (I'm guessing you know this already) Though I usually just eat a meal & not have snacks I find even after today's 3 soya burgers patties,100g pasta,one cup greens & quarter tin chickpeas my stomach was rumbling about 1 hr 15 mins later. Your appetite is a great indecation on your training. If its responding like I have said then its a great sign. If however your appetite is low chances are your over training.
  20. Get one of those mega shakes I put up & a bagel . That'll be a a great kick start. Don't underestimate the power of x2 rounds of peanut butter sandwiches. These were a Key part of my gains. What is your appetite like between meals?
  21. Friday 2/12/11 Squats: 5x60k 5x75k 5x80k 5x105k 3x125k 8x90k Bench press: 5x50k 5x60k 5x70k 5x80k 3x90k 12x70k Barbell rows: 10x50k 10x60k 8x70k 8x85k 3x96k 10x70k Z bar curls: 15x20k 10x20k 10x22.5k 10x30k Leg curls: 10x77 plate 10x91 plate 8x98k Cable crunches: 15x80 plate 10x85 plate 8x95 plate (Whole plate) First week of three week de load done. Feeling good
  22. De load for the next 3 weeks. Loving the 3 day split. Monday I trained so hard & intense I had to calm myself down haha (self time out) Mon 28/11/11 Squats: 5x60k 5x70k 5x85k 5x100k 8x112.5k (no belt) Flat barbell press: 5x50k 5x60k 5x70k 5x80k 8x85k Dips: 15xbody weight (80k) 12x +5k 12x +10k 11x +11.5k Barbell rows: 15x60k 12x70k 10x75k 12x80k 10x85k ( I bent over a little more & found it hit may back more Still soreish) Tricep pull downs (whole stack): 15x 32.9k 2x11 32.9k (maybe time to changes these to easy) Wed 30/11/11 Dead lifts: 5x65k 5x75k 5x90k 8x102.5k 5x102.5k Hammer chins: 12 10 7 7 (very slow with full range of motion) Dumbbell presses: 10x44k 10x48k 10x52 10x56k 6x56k Side raises: 10x3x24k superset with heavy shrughs Dumbbell shrugs: 10x3x80k
  23. You can't ask for veg not meat? It's a pretty standard doing so in the uk really. I never had currys with cream in anyway like Korma before going veggie so asking for veg should make a lot of dishes vegan. I had jalfrezi last night. All hands on the pooh deck this morning haha. I live in Worcester & we got the over spill from Birmingham regarding the Asian community so our Indian food is usually real good. I got loads of curry recipes & simple ones to so You could make up batches. I do this when I get in from lifting when I do days at work, Put it on low then jump in the shower. Oh i got a Moroccan chickpea curry which is also good to make up.....If you want any recipes let me know:)
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