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  1. The standard potatoe doesn't even count towards your veg in take for the day, so I'm told? I did some trolling & it seems in general the sweet pot has more antoxidents, minerals ect? Back onto bulking topics. Personally I got my weight on eating pizzas (also vegan versions), burgers with sweet pots & veg. Pasta, rice (all wholefood). Eat carbs before bed, have an extra sandwich ect if you wanna get big you gotta eat big. It's winter now, you can worry about stripping of some excess weight in a few months. 15k later & I can still get into my 30" waist jeans, it's now my quads that's the problem!
  2. I get as deep as I can mate. As for feet position I usually stick to a position on the day. Today I went shoulder width & medium on the hight
  3. That's some great deads mtae. I hope I'm hoping to be hitting those kinda weights soon. Strong on everything else, always had a weakish lower back. Updated my blog to with some deep squats
  4. Leg day today. Started doing the full deep squats in the 5x5. Everything felt really good & felt strong. Will push the squats to 110kg next week as I still had a lot in my tank when done with squats. 4/11/2011 squats: 1x20 free bar(20k) 1x15 70k 5x5 100k Stiff leg dead lifts (first time doing these so took it easy): 3x10 70k 5x2 80k calve raises: 4x25 Leg press: 1x15 150k 1x10 200k 1x13 230k Threw in calve pushes with these 3xfailure Leg extensions: 50 rep running rack. Started on 77 plate, Ten reps then move up a plate. Weighted calve raises: 10x3 124 plate Laying ham curls just to have a final burn: 2x15 30 plate
  5. So today I started my new 5x5 compound movement. I dropped down to 90kg on the bench (had been lifting 100kg) as the sets are now in a 5 not a 3. Workout felt solid & intense. On the last two sets I felt really good & banged out the reps. Think next week I shall go for 95kg. My eating has been good the last few days but I may start dropping calories on none lifting days. Also not what but when I eat needs a little adjusting. Eating 100g of pasta at 16:00 leaves me full to long so when my evening meal is due I have to force it down! 3/11/2011 Flat barbell bench: 1x12 50kg warm up 1x8 70kg warm up 5x5 90kg working sets Bar dips body weight: 12x2 1x18 Solid last set pleasing Incline dumbbell presses: 1x12 60kg 2x9 60kg Cable tricep pulldown: 1x20 50 plate 1x12 55 plate 1x10 60 plate Cable flys: 3x12 30 plates each side Cable Kick back (weakness of mine kick backs): per arm: 1x10 4th green plate 1x8 5th green plate 1x13 4th green plate Right shoulder started aching a bit on the kick backs.
  6. 162kg & 15 reps, this's is amazing congrats! I hope to be somewhere near that one deads one day.
  7. I was talking more about mock vegan meat products, not beans ect. To many pulses actually give me cramps. I suffer from ibs, this was horrendous when I ate meat & to many pulses actually set me off. I use kidneys beans ect but I don't load up on them. I've put on 14kg of muscle in 4 & a half months so am doing something right. Im not seeing any sweet potatoes in these diets on here? How come?
  8. Hey & welcome. My advice personally would be to build a program a round the 3 big movements. Squat, bench press & the main one dead lift. I switched from long distance running to bodybuilding & the key is loose the runners mentality. Just because your not pounding away for two hrs doesn't mean your not working hard. To start keep it simple, a back day could be a dead lift, chins & a row. Don't over complicate things.
  9. So after last weeks problems with my hand/forearms this seems to of passed. I didn't really push on the deads because of this last week but two days after my hand/forearms feeling fine so next week I'll be pushing the Dinosaur Training methods by kubik in compounds. This weeks workouts: Sunday 30/10/11 Dead lift: 2x warm ups at 60k & 80k 1x8 100k 2x8 120k Chins with wide grip & hammer grips: wide grip 1x11 1x8, Hammer grip 1x15 1x13 Bent over rows 1x60k 15 reps 1x10 80k 1x8 90k stripped weight down to 60k after this to do 1xFailure Seated lat row machine: 1x12 50k 1x8 70 k 1x8 70 drop set into 1x6 50k Resistive bicep curls, 1x20 on 7th yellow plate 1x15 on 2nd red plate 1x8 4th rep plate the. A strip down in weight to 1xfailure Incline curls: 1x15 24k 1x10 28k 1x9 28k drop set into 24k till failure Mc spider curls 2x12 reps 25k 1x12 drop set down to 15k 1xfailure. Monday 31/10/2011 Front shoulder raises: 10k plates x20, 1x15 25k 1x13 25k 1x10 25k Seated db press (this is a weakness of mine) 1x12 40k 1x12 48k 1x10 52 drop set into 40k x failure Mc side raises: 1x10 45 plate 1x10 50 plate 1x8 50 plate drop set down to 35 plate failure Bent over raises: 4x15 28k Shrugs: 1x12 2x10 76k db Mc press: 1x20 77k 1x12 84k 1x10 91k drop set 1x7 77k superset abs with leg raises; 20k weighted crunches & an roller. All 20-30 reps x 3 My eating been good this past week too
  10. No vegan places in my town at all. All we got is one veggie cafe:( Routines above look solid. Am starting the Dinosaur Training by kubik next wk. well incorporating a lot of the ideas. See how I get on benching 5x5 of a 100kg. My deads were good this week. Seems the forearm thing has passed hopefully. How's the eating going?
  11. If you want something functional take a look at keysi. I've studied various martial arts but Keysi will turn you into a scrapper
  12. How do you find barbell pressing to dumbbell? D'bells destroy me I really struggle with them. I did 68kg today at my heaviest with for 8 reps. I then went on to do some flat barbell benching & I was nowhere near where I've been lately. My left should hates dumbbell pressing
  13. Destroy all food you see (obviously nothing animal related if your vegan)
  14. Awesome advice. Think I may grab a little pad from wh smiths I can free weight parallel squat a solid 150kg for 10 reps. Hack squat 250kg but they don't feel like you lift anything. Maybe when I hit legs this week I'll strip some weight off & see how far I can get down. I think being a long distance runner over hills ect in the Malvern area of England gave me the strength in my legs. Cheers for replying man, pretty damn cool
  15. Oh & amazing gains on the deads, Makes me wanna push on even more... Can I ask if you take any supplements? Creatine ect? Cheers buddy
  16. I've found the eating harder than the actual training lol. I'm not vegan but veggie so I do still eat cheese ect
  17. Maybe ill start using the notes on my iphone or something but I always go heavier with each set/each week so would it really matter what I lifted a month ago if I know I'm now lifting more (genuine question not a know it all response:) My bench is the biggest improvement. I can bench 100k now for 3x6 working sets & I almost did 8 the other day but my partner for some reason decided to try taking the bar off me haha How do you find squatting going beyond parallel? Squats are a strong point of mine but I only go parallel as I'm scared of pulling my back (had a few injuries over a life time from sports & work)
  18. Ps, my forearms feel disgusting this morning lol
  19. I have tried the under/over grip & just found it pulled on my bicep to much. Also the overhand grip felt more comfy. I think maybe my outter forearms just lost a little strength while I rested my back. The grip hook looks interesting will give that a bash Don't know why I've not posted the weights, not a conscious thing. I never make notes on what I lifted I can always remember:)
  20. SO quick back story. Was generally over weight & a big meat eater. 2 Years ago I decided to go veggie & get fit. I dropped from 95ish kg right down to 65. Did this through running, Clean eating & martial arts, Also some light toning with free weights. Got into the running & focused on that but on seeing the size of the cloths I had to buy (xsmall or small) I decided to drop all cardio besides the Keysi. I have put on roughly 14kg in 4 months. Some pics below. Top pic is before bulking up. http://i51.tinypic.com/33jsunr.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/9h3nya.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/20rsho7.jpg
  21. Great reading this mate. I wanna work in sumo deads but I injured my lower back moving home/putting furniture together. But I've also dead lifted every wk for almost four months. First time I dead lifted today & my left hand grip was shot, awful I couldn't hold on. I got a blog up too take a look. Great blog will keep up with it
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