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  1. VE,

        What advice do you have if any for weighted pull ups?

    Currently I do 5x10 wide grips mon (I alter the width per set) & on a fri I usually hit hammers & chins.


    My right shoulder at the back/arm pit/lat area has been tight lately & I'm I'm putting that down to the amount of pull/chins I do added with the boring but big benching, so my plan this cycle is to do like a shoulder, upper back day (like you advised in a thread recently) & leaving it at that for some recovery & because I'm reprogramming/starting over with a new 1rm's.


    Is it worth doing one body weight set then add in a plate (it won't be anything heavy maybe a 12 lb plate) then have a set number I want to hit? Maybe like 4 sets 6 reps (after the bw set)? I don't like pushing to failure, like to have a plan:)


    My idea was:


    OHP 5/3/1

    Pull ups

    Dumbbell rowing (last set as a Kroc row) 3x10 1xkroc

    Cable narrow rows 3x12

    Maybe a side loadable/straight arm pull downs? 3x15 or will the weighted pull ups be enough work? If so maybe some shrugs to finish? I'm plannin to hit lats just once a week this cycle.


    Cheers man

  2. Mon-25th-June cycle 6 week 4 (deload)


    Not logging anything for this, work was super light & I paired up upper/lower lifts as its deload week.


    Going to be reviewing my program as I'm reprogramming for a new start. So will be starting with cycle one, new 1rm on the lifts.  I ve made some good gains so will be taking my best lifts from previous cycles & basing off those.


    Contemplating going to a three day split, primarily because I can't deadlift programmed so may just use  them as a pre squat warm up. Also thus allows me to start some running on off days.


    Today's work:



    3x10 pull ups

    Close grip bench (for programming in new cycle so tested this) 

    Mts rows

    Cable tricep/bicep work



    Front squats 

    Standing hamstring curls


    Ab work...



    Looks a lot but it was all easy/light weight...

  3. Isolation movements are a waste of time unless you're already pretty massive or juicing.



    Though I'am a firm believer that people waste far to much time worrying over isolation, isolation shouldn't be totally excluded from someones routine, regardless if they're stacked or on the gear.


    As an example, After my ohp heavy work I repeat ohp for another 5x10 sets (at lower percentages) where obviously the muscled used predominantly would be the trapezius, levator scapulae, serratus anterior and rotator cuff...all working together to stabilize the movement, the core & the triceps. I have been doing more direct tricep work (when I say more I mean push downs but I wont keep a log of the work) as to improve my lock out as the work has become more difficult.


    Assistance should be aiding the main lift, not detracting from it. I can't remember when I trained any direct bicep work, yet mine still grow. Assistance work should keep you balanced...just give what you do a valid reason, having big biceps isn't a valid reason lol

  4. Fir-23rd-June cycle 6 week 3 (5/3/1)


    Main lift:

    squats: (warm up sets 5x5kg5 70kg x5 82.5kg x5) 105kg x5 117.5kg x3 132.5kg x1+2g



    Squats: Boring but big 97.5kg x10 82kg 2x10 70kg 2x10

    Standing hamstring curls: 4x12

    Hypers: 4x15


    Abs: Hanging knee raises 3x10



    SO in all I'm aching all over...I'm glad I have opted to reprogram everything now instead of in a cycle or two. I'm just starting to notice one to many niggles & I'm taking a wee bit longer to recover. Never been one to ache for days so this is noticeable.


    Left squats at just two reps, I had no plan today & was wise to leave more in the tank.

  5. Thurs-21st-June cycle 6 week 3 (5/3/1)


    Early start today & pretty damn busy at work!


    Main lift:


    Bench press: (warm up sets 40kg x5 55kg x5 67.5kg x5) 77.5kg x5 87.5kg x3 97.5kg x1




    Bench press: boring but big 72kg x10 62kg 2x10 52kg 2x10


    Chin ups: various grips 4x10 (lat/arm complaining so lef the last 5th set of 10)


    Dumbbell rows: 34kg x10 32kg x10 30kg x10 22kg x25



    Abs: side bends 30 reps with 20kg plate,hammer strength weighted crunches with 15kg loaded,30 crunches:




    1 rep on 97.5kg & had to stop, knew on the 77.5kg set this wasn't going to happen tonight. My right shoulder/back of arm/lat is very tight right now. On next weeks deload I'm not planning to do any pull ups or any direct work... Am feeling a little sore today (in a bad way)

  6. If bodybuilding is your route, then start each day with a compound. This keeps strength in the training, which is lacking in about 99.9% of bodybuilding routines. 


    If physical gains are more important to you, a simple progression of 3 warm up sets then simple 3x5 will serve you well...then add in assistance but you don't HAVE to do a million isolation movements. This being peoples biggest mistake when it comes to assistance work.


    Example routine:


    Main: lift OHP


    Assistance: dumbbell pressing, 4x12/side-rear raise superset 2x10 (10 reps side raise 10 reps rear=1 set), preacher curls 4x12, hammer curls 4x15


    Here you push the assistance more than the compound 

  7. The only time I break my vow of silence around people with bad form is when it's some young teen-aged boy working out all alone. You know the type: he's lookin' a little scared, not really sure of what he's doing or even why he's there, skinny and pasty as all hell and desperate to look like the Hulk by next Monday. I usually wait for him to finish a shaky set, then lean in and ask him softly, "Wanna see a trick I learned from a bodybuilder friend of mine? It'll make those a lot easier." He's usually grateful and eager to learn. I've had a couple of them even follow me around and ply me for more information, which I'm very happy to give. Women are also ready to learn. It's usually only the ego-fragile adult males who shrug off any help so I just keep my trap shut around them and try not to laugh when I watch their interpretation of dumbbell curls. Are they called dumbbell curls because of the weights or the people mangling them?


    Sometimes I can't resist interfering. Just yesterday, I watched a trio of twenty-something testosterones attempt to leave the weight room without unloading the sled when they were done with it. I pretended to be helpless and asked if they would remove the plates but it was just in order to get them to put their weights back. They didn't need to know I usually use twice the weight they had on there.


    Baby Herc


    Two young teens asked me to show them how to squat recently, first thing I did was to take the fucking padding off the bar!!!!


    Also yesterday another guy asked me to watch his squats, I advise him to stop using the padding & to take 30kg off the bar. Had him ATG after a few sets, he now is a believer in not forsaking depth for weight. He could hardly do the 100kg below parallel & said he'd been doing 130kg but nowhere near how much I had him working, it's pleasing when people listen.

  8. What's mirin?


    Glad my assistance makes sense... I like to do my rows that way round as i think cable work is great for getting the blood into a muscle. So its helping with recovery.....hard working thursdays followed by cable rows monday. You can never really do to much upper back work!


    also my split breaks into upper/lower/off/upper/lower/off/off

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