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  1. Maybe about to grip a hole in the universe but a change in my situation means I have had to look at meals (mainly the timing) & everything points to going "leangains".... I recently moved up within the company I work & this means I'm extremely busy. I have close to twenty staff under me now & this means I simply cannot keep going off to eat anymore. Anyone who knows me, will know my views on diets & their "methods" but I have first hand experience with people using IF & the protocol is about the only one I have ever thought seems legit (beside eating what's right for the individual) so it'll be interesting to see what comes of it eg body composition, lifts & how I handle the "food window" looking forward to it. Shall be using it as a slow bulk tool, want to get up to a 100kg by Christmas, so another 10kg. Training wise I'm mixing things up this cycle. Still using 5/3/1 but on my short weeks (at work) I'm going to use Wendlers bodybuilding template, simply from more a fitness view. The strength programming is there but using the assistance & super setting some of it means I can keep my heart rate up, mainly because I can't get motivated to do cardio.
  2. I learnt to flare mine from ohp, lats should be used as a shelf/base for everything on ohp. Worked for me, I can get mine out quite far now.
  3. Gotta love events day man, some nice work there for your first session on it. Log press is great once you get the arch/lean back that feel most comfy...time to grow a gut hahaha Hope you keep at it!!! There's a pic of some strongman shit on my last page in my blog. Luckily my gym has got the unit next door & he's been putting in strongman stuff as well. Once that is in how my lifting is planned may change
  4. Thurs-31st-May Cycle 5 Wee4 (deload 3x5) Shattered, Worked 36 hours already this week. Got maybe 5ish broken hours of sleep before night shift Wed,after this I napped from 9:30 until 13:00 & had to get up as so I can sleep tonight. Also need to pop into work tomorrow so this week is pushing 70 hours Main lift: Bench press: 40kg x5 50kg x5 60kg x5 Assistance: Bench press: boring but big 70kg x10 60kg x10 50kg x10 Chin ups: 3x10 Dumbbell rows: per arm 26kg x10 24kg x10 22kg x10 Main lift: Squats: 52.5kg x5 67.5kg x5 80kg x5 Assistance: Squats: boring but big 92.5kg x10 80kg x10 67.5kg x10 Reverse hypers: 3x10 Standing hamstring curls: 3x12 Ab circuit: Side bends, hammer strength crunch & standard crunches Summary: Hardest workout in a long time & it was a fucking deload. Not weight wise, just so damn tired........ New cycle Monday, boom.
  5. Quick pic before dinner the other night. Had to buy a new top to go out in & even that is a bit tight My heads looking to small for my body, whoooo http://s17.postimage.org/3xnlab7lb/photo.jpg
  6. Quick pic before dinner the other night. Had to buy a new top to go out in & even that is a bit tight My heads looking to small for my body, whoooo http://s17.postimage.org/3xnlab7lb/photo.jpg
  7. Mon-28th-May Cycle 5 week 4 (deload 3x5) Have another Osteopath app shortly so I had to be up early as I'm working tonight. Been a while since I trained on a empty stomach (besides a coffee) but as it's deload week anyway no probs. Still went with the protocol of paring up two main lifts (upper/lower) as the works so light & to allow for a week of recovery. Main lift: OHP: 22.5kg x5 27.5kg x5 32.5kg x5 Assistance: OHP: boring but big 37.5kg x10 32.5kg x10 27.5kg x10 Pull ups: wide 3x10 MTS Hammer strength row: light 3x10 (extra back work) Main lift: Deadlift: 52.5kg x5 67.5kg x5 80kg x5 Assistance: Front squats: (programmed) 37.5kg x5 47.5kg x5 57.5kg x5 Standing Hamstring curls: 3x12 (light) Ab circuit: cable crunch, Hammer strength crunch machine, side bends. Summary: Deload, easy peasy...
  8. Why would I feel like that just from eating? It's not like I'm cramming myself full of awful fast food & sitting on the sofa all day/night.
  9. Very awesome man. Stomach wise, unfortunately I'm guessing you spent a lot of time carry weight around (like myself) so that area will always be a pain to get right. It's where guys store most fat (when overweight) so the skin is going to become lose when you strip weight. I had the exact same issue, has helped becoming more bulky in a muscular sense Be patient
  10. You can train 5,3 & two days a wk with 5/3/1...also x3 days a week full body training (squats each days)
  11. Nice session, like myself no bs. You should check out jim Wendlers 5/3/1
  12. Don't worry about counting calories from veggies/fruits...no one ever got fat from eating to many oranges. Very sugary fruits maybe something to skim off eg pineapples. Myfitnesspal is an awesome calorie counter, data base is huge & they also have an app.
  13. I'm not a bodybuilder, I haven't nor won't ever be a person who does the whole "summer look bulk over winter" jazz...I simply train to be big & strong & for that my diet has to mirror it. You can't eat like a mouse & expect to lift like a lion. But to get big/strong/gain muscle.... What I say to most people on gaining is simple. Do the basics and get between 1.5-2grams of protein per body pound (I see many people on here thinking 100grams of protein per day is some kind of magical number), whatever clean carbs you can eat per meal (I personally ate 100grams of carbs every meal for a few months) & then your veggies/fruits. Checking your calorie needs is a good idea but macro counting is pointless unless you're training for a bodybuilding comp where you need single digit body fat numbers. people get their fingers up their asses thinking they need to weigh, as an example a apple just because they read it somewhere & talked them selves into believing that's what they have to do across the board. Your average gym rat doesn't to be so anal. you could read all the diets out there, which I have most & I came to the conclusion they all have a "fad" to them in which to rope people in. I could make some random claim about food & you can guarantee people would follow it. I came to the result that it's all the same shit & I go by eating a lot of healthy food, 95% of the time & I get on with my life. When I lost weight I basically had little carbs, more fruit & veggies but I wasn't training for strength/size then. I was dieting. I would eat a biggish bowl of porridge in the morning & that would be my carbs for the whole day. I'd do lots of running over hill, light weights at home & martial arts. If you're after size do the big three, eat big/lift big/rest big. full body training x3 a week, eat plenty of food & loads of rest. A fav breakfast shake I use to make would consist of: 500ml whatever milk you prefer 1-1.5 cup raw oats 1 large banana 2 table spoons peanut butter 2-3 scoops protein Table spoon olive oil Also eat pizza once a week:) As for metabolism you can't really judge. Its down to the individual. I think my training log has a meal on the last page after I trained the other day....
  14. You have to get over that ortherwise it will hold you back. Unless you're at point which you're happy with what you're lifting. I told a friend a few months back to gain some weight as his squats had stalled, problem solved.
  15. I'm an ex fat guy (adult) I now weigh the exact same I use to when I weighed 90-92kg & had to buy xl tops & 36" waist jeans. I went right down to 63kg within 6 months & now it's taken me little over a year to regain that same weight. Though now I'm bursting out of my medium tops & I'm wearing 30" cut offs. Get big or die trying
  16. The problem with "men" these days is that they're scared one day of eating big will mean their dresses won't fit the day after...
  17. Don't over think it man, just eat some food & live your life. This is part of a blog I wrote... To finish off this rant I'm going to start with this conversation I had; "I'm wanting to bulk like you but I don't want to gain fat & I want visible abs while doing it". Face palm moment, I gave advice & I could see the "nah I'm not believing this" look in the guys eyes...may advice went along the lines of (also this goes to anyone wanting to gain): "To gain muscle you're going to also have to gain fat, if you want to stay mega lean then you won't add any weight to your frame which in turn leads to over training & frustration. Under normal circumstances it's almost impossible to loose/not gain fat but add muscle..the only exceptions at a rarity being very obese, untrained people or folk on the juice" I don't care If anyone bothering to read this doesn't agree & I in return I don't care you don't agree. Fact is your six pack is going to become a little blurry. I don't care how many crunches or ab circuits you do, even if you say you hit a million ab movements a day with multiple angles. All this does is over train the abs & burn much needed calories, also cardio (intense) is next to no good on a bulk. Minimal cardio on a bulk, just to keep the cardiovascular systems in check. TO PUT ON WEIGHT YOU MUST CONSUME MORE CALORIES THAN YOU EXPEND! YOU WILL NOT PUT ON WEIGHT IF YOU DON'T! You can't bulk & cut...simple! So man up, commit to the bulk & stop whinging!
  18. Fri-25th-May Cycle 5 Week 3 (5/3/1) Same shit as yesterday. Rubbish:/ :/ :/ Main lift: Squats: (warm up sets 52.5kg x5 67.5kg x5 80kg x3) 100kg x5 115x3 127.5kg x1+3 Assistance: Squats: Boring but big 92.5kg x10 80kg 2x10 67.5kg 2x10 Standing hamstring curls: 3x12 Reverse hypers: 3x15 Abs: leg raises 3x15 Summary: Still not 100%, cold is mildly better. Work again was like an oven, also a shit nights sleep. Wasn't holding out again for a great session, purposely hit 3 reps on the one set & left it at that. Feel drained, deload week next week so should help with getting better.
  19. Haha that or Anne Franks drum kit is another favourite of mine:)
  20. Thurs-24th-May Cycle 5 Week 3 (5/3/1) Weathers pretty hot still & I hate the heat. Had to work yesterday & it was like an oven, so hot & draining was unbelievable. I've also been full of a cold the last few days. Main lift: Bench press: (warm up sets 40kg x5 50kg x5 60kg x3) 75kg x5 85kg x3 95kg x1+3 Assistance: Bench press: boring but big 70kg x10 60kg 2x10 50kg 2x10 Dumbbell rows: all per arm 32kg x10 30kg x10 28kg x10 24kg x10 22kg x10 Chin ups: 35 reps chin ups 15 hammer grip pull ups. Ab circuit: side bends, crunches,hammer strength weighted crunches Summary: Knew today was going to be shit. So drained from the heat/work & the cold, guess I should of not bothered really. The last set on bench was crap, know I can lift heavier/better. I may re program bench anyway for next cycle. Everything else was good, no problems.
  21. Glad your're enjoying the sun mate...I fucking hate hot weather haha
  22. This makes me veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy http://s18.postimage.org/5iia5nayh/534282_300548590034263_100002373730112_707471_72.jpg
  23. Yes mate pretty relaxed really. Was a biggish meal but I ate it with gusto lol How is the bodybuilding going?
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