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  1. Thanks Chewy I am certainly thinking about cycling my current split program with a powerlifting program Maybe that's the change my body is looking for.........
  2. I have never paid much attention (like all upper body dolts) to the power lifting regiem hence have never put much emphasis on squats and dead lifts (that and years of rugby and football have taken their toll on my knees - and I don't want to risk them) When I do them now I have used high reps low weights Squats 3 x 12 x 100kg Bench 3 x 12 x 95kg Deadlifts 3 x 12 x 85kg (do all legs in one session - do squats first) I am afraid if I try switching to a power lifting style I will lose my abs, biceps, and lats - especially if you only train three sessions a weeks with only three exercises?!
  3. Hi Guys and Girls I have been training for several years using a split routine traing 5 days a week 40 years old, 100kgs I have recently had a friend encourage me to give this Stronglifts program a go due to the increases he has found and the current plateu I seem to have hit It does sound to good to be true though - three exercises a session, three days a week Any help would be appreciated - I am looking to build more mass and brute strength rather than lean definition; although I don't particularly want to put on fat obviously just to gain the mass. thanks, Scott
  4. Hey guys, I have noticed from my reading in your forums (which are great by the way) that a large amount of your members still (whilst well muscled) fit the small stereotype body of a Vegan. I would like to hear from some of your larger members and what they are doing training and eating to keep mass for those of us that are over the 110kg range (242lbs)...............
  5. Just keep the reps and weights the same on both arms, it may take a little while, but they will even out. Keep up the good work.
  6. Great, we look forward to seeing you
  7. Yes it is listed as my website, but here it is again http://www.bedandbroccoli.com.au/
  8. Aussie Scott


    Hi all, I am new to the forum and hoping to meet some good and new friends. I love my weight room (shed) and look forward each night to coming home and heading straight to it. My wife and I are currently starting a Vegan Bed and Breakfast which would appear to be the only one of its kind in Australia (that we can locate) and possibly the world?! Please check us out
  9. I can't see the chat button that you are talking about
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