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  1. Hi, i am trying to follow the 811 diet, but right now is a bit hard for me, cause these past years i ate a tons of refined cereals, so i would like to change all to raw. Can u share your meals log? amazing progress.
  2. you are inspiratinal for me, i am trying to become 100% raw, but its quite hard for me to eat a lot of calories raw, i´m 190 cm height, and only 65 kilos. How many meals do you use to have per day? How many kilos of fruit each day? cheers.
  3. Really nice results! can you post an example of what you eat in a day? i am interested cause i m triying to eat raw, but i find dificult to eat more than 2000 cals per day whitout precesed food.
  4. Hello. i am tall, about 1,90 mts. And as you said i ve became vegan 4 years ago. Now i would like pick up some weight... nowadays only 70 kilos. I use to train with Heavy Duty routines just one o twice per week. cheers.
  5. Hi everyone, at first excuse me for my bad english. I have been practicing fitness for a long time, i am vegan since 4 years ago. A few days ago, i just dicovered this great forum, and now i am preparing a lot of quaestions because i wanna become raw. Cheers.
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