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  1. Tons of respect to you all. I'm impressed and encouraged. Keep it up.
  2. I've been doing this with pushups. The first time I tried for max reps I did 50 and collapsed. I tried again a week later and did 63. The biggest difference I've noticed is in the amount of time it takes to recover; I can do 50 and rest for like 30 seconds and do 50 again. That's a big improvement from when I started. I'm working my way up to 1,000/day.
  3. Thanks everyone. I hit a plateau at 152 for a while, like 2 weeks without any change. I'm around 150 right now. The last few pounds are so hard. I'm working out twice as hard and getting results in half the time. Oh well, I'm less stressed about it because it's obvious that the shredded 6 pack is inevitable, even if it takes annoyingly long-- like 2 months haha. No stress, it's gonna happen relatively soon.
  4. I've been eating about 90% raw for the past 6 days and I'm amazed at how quickly weight is dropping off. I know it's hard to tell exactly how much weight you're losing in only a few days since your weight can fluctuate a few pounds day to day, but it's been consistently lowering every day- I'm down about 4 or 5 pounds since I started. Anyway, it sort of seems too good to be true. I'm a little scared that I'll actually just start losing muscle mass. As far as I can tell I'm as strong as ever, but I'm still a little nervous about this. If I'm losing mostly body fat, I will be shredded in no time... A little excited, a little skeptical, Brandon
  5. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Since posting this I've already lost around 8lbs (putting me at 152). I've been lifting the same amount of weight, so I don't think I'm losing any muscle. I can see noticable results in my stomach. So close! I'm excited.
  6. This is my favorite campaign. It's so visually disruptive.
  7. This is the wallpaper on my computer right now: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/images/2006/bg49.jpg Motivation. (I get funny questions and looks for having a half naked man as my background...) PS Richard you rock!! Do me sometime if you're looking for someone to draw.
  8. So here's the deal, I've been overweight my whole life- obese for most of it. In highschool I was around 240lbs. I think this year is the first time since kindergarten that I've not been overweight. It's been a long and shitty struggle. Anyway, now I'm pretty happy with my body. I'm around 5'8 and 160lbs. Most of my body is pretty awesome; I like my bone structure and my proportions. The only thing I really have left is my midsection. And seriously, it's a mess. Years of being fat take a serious toll, and I'm kind of wondering if it's even too late to fix it. I've got some huge abs, I can feel them just behind that little layer of fat that's left. But it just won't go away. I sort of feel like I'm destined to be fat, even when I'm not really fat, ha ha. I've lost about 15 lbs in the last two months, during my first real "cutting stage". But I really just want to accelerate this as much as I can and get nice abs. Help? Suggestions? Here's what I'm doing right now: I have a cup of oatmeal with a banana and some flaxseeds first thing in the morning. After that settles I go jogging/walking (intervals) around the lakes by my house for about 1.5-2 hours. My diet consists mostly of protein (a lot of primal strips- 100 cals and 10g of protein, a nice snack I think, tofu, seitan) and fruits and vegetables. I don't eat very many carbs, and definitely not white bread or anything like that. I usually eat 70-100g of protein a day. Also most of what I eat is organic. I try to eat about 1500 calories a day, in about 6 meals. 4 days a week I go to the gym, which involves an hour and a half round trip walk, and about 45 minutes of weight training. Lately it's been a little lacking because I've been limiting my food intake so much, but I do enough to maintain my muscle I think, and still burn some calories. Any help would be awesome....
  9. I'm about 2 hours from the cities. A little place called Winona, namesake of Winona Ryder incidentally.
  10. I'm joining this forum because I think it will help me stay motivated. I've been working out for about two years, thanks to the fabulous Mike Brazel. (Hi Mike, hi Sarah!) At first I sucked at it, but Mike basically slaughtered me everyday. Now I'm pretty hardcore. I remember when I started out curling 20lbs was a death sentence, now I do 50's like it's nothing. As you can see, I'm already remarkably good looking, but my real goal right now is to get a 6pack by the end of the summer. So here's hoping...
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