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  1. http://fit-juice.com/joe-rogan-kale-shake-recipe/ So this page got me thinking. I really want to add more staples to my diet that are fast and quick to consume, like this, that I can make a habit of taking advantage of every day I'm waking up at home. How do you all feel about the idea behind this? Do any of you already have this in your diet and want to add some insight? I'm really curious and considering pricing out the vitamix and the price of ingredients so I can play with my budget and add this in.
  2. Let me know how it turns out for ya! I bought all I need and will let you know tomorrow.
  3. Wanna throw me a recipe or two? What do you eat it with? What kind of blender do you have? Thanks!!
  4. I've played around with many meal ideas for a couple of years now, but starting this year my income will be tighter than I'm used to and I would like to find options when bulking up and when cutting. What meal suggestions would you guys have that could be cycled out so one doesn't get bored? I'm more than happy to make them all on Sunday and freeze them, or go out of my way and buy a blender or some such, if in the long run it saves more money and works out.
  5. Here's a curve ball; What about capsuled creatine? If not enough replies, I'll start my own topic.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I found all of this extremely informative! I saved 5% by getting 16lb, and then another 5% on top of that by using one of the member codes the other members gave out. Total savings of about $9 total for 16lb of 70/30 Pea/Rice. Thanks again! You don't know how hard it is to lift and live cheaply, but this has helped significantly.
  7. Thanks! I guess I will wait on a response from them. I was hoping for a cap form of creatine, but Jack3d seems to be the best regardless, so I'd prefer pursuing that first.
  8. I find very little information on this product. I've contacted the company for an official response, so I thought I would ask here. "Jack3d" is rated by TheMuscleFeed.com as the top pre-workout supplement to take (http://www.themusclefeed.com/supplements/the-top-5-pre-workout-supplements-for-bodybuilders). I personally take Vega's Pre-Workout mix, myself, and love it to death, but i hear amazing things about creatine (when taken responsibly or cycled after checking with your doctor for pre-disposition to liver problems) I was wondering; Is it true some forms of Creatine MonoHydrate are vegan? And has anyone investigated if this product (Jack3d) is vegan or not?
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