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  1. Hi Jay! From Melbourne also, been vegan 5 years now, training about the same amount of time. WELCOME! Great work on going vegan and amping up the training! The best advice I can give is to keep trying your best to be consistent. Consistency with your training and diet is what's going to give you the best and fasted results. And also to be patient... results take time and there are no shortcuts!
  2. Simi

    I'm Back!

    After meeting up with Robert again, I decided to sign in here for the first time since 2013! I joined up years ago when I first went vegan, this forum is where it all started for me and I'm so thankful for all the help and support I received from all the awesome members!
  3. WOW! AWESOME transformation so far! Really well done! xx
  4. Hey congrats on competing! What are you having at the moment? I've actually decided to do another comp in a week! Seeing as I'm in shape I thought the experience would be good For my comp prep I'm having oats with protein powder, berries, flax oil and rice protein in the mornings, then the rest of my meals I'm having lots of nuts, tofu with dulse flakes for seasoning and iodine, unlimited vegetables (eg cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, beans, spinach... anything I want really!) protein shakes (pea and rice) and rice cakes after training.
  5. Sorry rawrnr, can't help you there... I'm a natural competitor, and I don't use supplements besides protein (on very rare occasions I've used pre-workouts when I feel I need a kick) I'm just 100% consistent with my diet and training
  6. Yea that's him! Was so great of them to come along and support me!
  7. Thanks heaps!!! Appreciate your support! Do you compete yourself?
  8. For sure! There's Australiasians in 2 weeks if I can afford to fly to Sydney... but otherwise I'll focus on building up my legs and bringing an even better package to the IFBB state titles in October
  9. I felt fine! I stay quite lean most of the time anyway so I didn't have to diet that hard - I actually got to up my calories and cut cardio for the last 2 weeks! So I felt great today I think being vegan keeps me very lean
  10. More snaps! Meeting fellow vegan athletes Meeting fellow vegan athletes Another on stage shot - twisting a bit much but hey it was my first comp
  11. Comp was today! Man, I had a blast! Didn't place in the top 3, but I got in the first call outs for comparisons, so I think I came close! Feedback was my conditioning was great, but I needed a little more legs. I was well aware of this anyway but honestly today wasn't about placing for me! I'm just so proud to have given it my all and brought my best to the stage! I'm also just so excited and motivated now to keep improving and compete again! Posing for the camera after getting off stage During first call-outs!
  12. Thanks for the compliments and support! Here's a snap I took today before my first photo shoot for a friend's PT business, looking forward to having some professional photos! Excited for the big day
  13. I've been pretty dormant on the forums lately, but rest assured I have been working very hard! I'm actually 4 weeks out from my first IFBB novice figure comp, and my back is coming along really nicely! So excited! My legs will be a little on the small side, but it's only a novice comp, and there's plenty of time to work on those for the next one. Looking forward to the main event, March 9th! I'll post some of my on-stage shots after then
  14. Thanks for all the kind words! Really very flattered and humbled! I'm around 19 weeks out from my comp - so excited! Here's another update Will start leaning out a little in a few weeks
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