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  1. From what I heard you should ejaculate constantly to keep your man organ in shape but not right before a workout.
  2. Who do you think will be the biggest off season pickup besides Dwight Howard?
  3. I did the research on line and I am going to try one of them out. Most of the people on youtube and other websites gave them good reviews. Now the whole turning ordinary foods into superfoods may have been a little over the top but I still think the concept is a good idea.
  4. Hello. I am a vegetarian/almost vegan and have a friend of mines who was vegetarian for about a year but stopped after she complained of unwanted weight gain and bordem with vegetariasm. I would like for her to give vegetarianism and or veganism another try. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. I have never tried weet-bix so I voted for oatmeal. I might try weet-bix if I catch it on sale somewhere.
  6. I know that that is a bad word on this site but here's my deal. I have been a vegetarian for 8 going on 9 years. I'm not quite vegan yet but would like to be one day. I am 36 years old and 5-10 weighing in around 155 pounds. I am interested in gaining muscle weight not fat. I try to maintain an overall healthy diet but I do like to treat myself from time to time and my wife also buys me food when sometimes too. Now the only fast food I would eat would be a veggie burger/patty from bk/subway etc, fries, cookies, etc. No mcdonalds at all. I want to know how often should I eat it as a treat? I heard that if I eat too much of it it will hinder my gaining goals. Any thoughts, opinions, positive feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Mcdonalds is a complete joke. Nothing they serve there is worth eating and they don't even try to appease the vegatarian/vegan crowd. At least bk offers a veggie albiet not vegan burger. I only go in to mcdonalds to use the restroom.
  8. I think that the Georgia Bulldogs are the hottest team in college football and are a darkhouse to go all the way. They will beat Ga Tech this week. If a few of them teams ahead of them are upset and once they handle their business in the SEC championship game between either LSU/Arkansas/Bama they will get serious consideration to play in the title game.
  9. Wow I'm glad that I am reading this. I remember reading on another veggie site that they are not vegan, but after reading this and doing some more research on my own I can now start eating them again guilt free.
  10. I'm dreading going to SC for thanksgiving. Sometimes I think that they put meat in their deserts. LOL.
  11. http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/vegan-turkey-alternatives-taste-test-results/2011/11/18/gIQA0s8CZN_gallery.html?hpid=z4#photo=1
  12. If ya'll remember a few years ago when Mark McGwire played baseball, used creatine and everyone made a big stink about it. Did he use the same creatine that we are talking about today?
  13. Are you sure it is the soy? I have been veg for over 8 years now and soy products like veggie burgers and soy milk are the staple of my diet. I do however also drink almond and rice milk and eat a variety of foods. Did your doctor tell you to reduce your soy consumption?
  14. Even though I am trying to bulk up I still include cardio in my workout regimine. It helps me build my wind which in turns help me breath when I lift weights which therefore helps me to build and maintain muscle.
  15. I'm not sure. I'm be spending it with the in-laws and all of them eat meat so I will be responsible for my own food. I'm considering either making my own veggie loaf, or buying one of those pre made veggie roasts. If I decide to buy a premade veggie roast what kinds would you reccomend?
  16. For someone to claim that they are a vegetarian but still eat fish is akin to saying I don't do drugs I just like to snort cocaine every friday night.
  17. Are these statistical facts ? I don't know if you can generalize. At least here, I actually see many that do it for Ethical reasons. But they are still stuck in their old beliefs regarding what's healthy and what not. Or they don't care about making their Nutrition healthy enough. They just remove animal products and eat Vegan junk. Without including enough replacements or eating healthy Vegan Diet. So it makes them blame Vegan nutrition and sometimes break or go back to an "easier" Vegetarian Diet. Ok I'm busted. I'm one of those people who tried to go vegan after but ended up going back to that "easier" vegertarian diet. But seriously I am a vegetarian/almost vegan for a health reasons as well as consideration for animals. I don't eat eggs or milk straight however I may cheat and eat non vegan foods like the subway veggie max, the bk veggie burger or donuts made with milk. I am not perfect but I am always stiving for perfection in my diet, lifestyle and walk with God.
  18. Former heisman trophy winner and current college game day analyst Desmond Howard. Also wnba ballers Taj McWilliams-Franklin and Nakia Sanford, baseball skipper Tony Larusa, Pro Football HOF QB Joe Namath, Basketball HOFer Robert Parish and baseball slugger Prince Fielder.
  19. It sounds like you are lactose intollerant which is actually a normal occurance for most adults. If I were you I would avoid dairy all together and the next time you order pizza tell them to make your without cheese.
  20. I'm not going to lie if it wasn't for the faux meats it would have been hard for me to become veg. I am currently vegatarian working on becoming vegan and fax meats are a staple of my diet. I do also like a lot of pasta but I can't live without my veggie burgers. What I like to do is buy the veggie crumbles and make my own homade veggie burgers. If I'm unable to make them for whatever reason I usually have some already made frozen boca burgers ready to go in the microwave. And yes I still eat the bk veggieburger as well as the subway veggiemax even though none of them are vegan.
  21. Nice pics. Keep fighting the good fight.
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