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  1. So been busy with work but still up on training. Today I have lost my appetite as I found out a dear friend of mine committed suicide last night although no one is answering my questions. I don't know how true it is so keeping my eyes open. Even joking about it kills my appetite. I literally had lunch ready to eat found out and put it in the fridge..... So if it turns out to be true I am going to do a show in her honor since that was one of the last things we ever talked about together.

  2. At the gym. changing up every workout, 6 days a week only because legs day either my quads are sore or my hamstrings are so going to isolate them. Looking back at some logged workouts I see my numbers have really jumped. Like benching 135 lbs unassisted now


    Here is today's back workout:

    Straight arm pulldown: 1 set 30 lbs 20 reps 5 sets 50 lbs 12 reps

    Wide grip pulldown: 4 sets 75 lbs 12 reps

    Low row: 1 set 45 lbs 12 reps 3 sets 55 lbs 12 reps

    Underhand pulldown: 1 set 60 lbs 12 reps 2 sets 75 lbs 12 reps 1 set 90 lbs 12 reps

    Seated cable rows: 1 set 75 lbs 12 reps 2 sets 90 lbs 12 reps 1 set 105 lbs 12 reps

    Narrow grip pulldown: 4 sets 45 lbs 12 reps

    1 arm dumbbell row: 2 sets 40 lbs 12 reps 2 sets 45 lbs 10 reps


    For some reason the weight seemed heavy at first and then light so kept upping my weight and kept the reps the same so I could work on form.

  3. Goin on 2 diets.... One ties into the other lol. Cutting my spending down to save for a trip to Europe (been a dream to go for a long time and saying to hell with it I am ready to go) so by cutting expenses my meals take a hit too. Thank god for cheap rice and beans!!! This next year should be loads of fun.....

  4. Ok went straight barbell for deadlifts today. Been using a functional lifting apparatus and straps to get heavy lifts. No chalk, no straps just me the weights and barbell. I still got 200 lbs next week I will bump my weight up. Trainer really setting my workouts up for extra heavy lifting. I am not complaining at all. I love pushing myself. So I guess this spring I might be competing......

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