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  1. So I didn't update when I did it but deadlifted 300 lbs for 2 reps and did 2 sets. Today I am watching a powerlifting meet held at my gym. Have already had 2 people tell me I need to get to training lol. I dunno honestly but open to opinions
  2. Ran my worst 5k to date but in my defense and I have to remind myself if this I do have a cold and laryngitis so a 46 min 5k isn't so bad. I have a month til the next run to feel better and I will be back under 40 min. Strength training even took a hit this week. Just happy I didn't make any excuses and just did it even though I shoul have rested.
  3. Gaia how are you??? Have missed reading your adventures
  4. Lol no he isn't cute. I will probably focus on push pull for now
  5. Feeling pretty blah lately. Need some major fun. Dealing with rumors at work about me and a guy in a different department... Looking at upping my cardio to twice a day. Still training hard and impressing a trainer. He was saying to train for push pull rather than bodybuilding lol. Oh the decisions I gotta make....
  6. You never know..... I just know the 10k did me in lol. I think it was all the hills I had to run up.
  7. Been doing some serious thinking about my goals for next year as this year is coming to a close faster than I want. I have decided that next year will be my year Going to do several mud runs and quite possibly stepping on stage loose skin and all
  8. What I wouldn't give to watch an All Blacks match!!!! Just saying
  9. Done resting back to my lifting. Not at the epic weights yet but ya know I really didn't lose that much strength yay! However my huge problem is that with others buying me food my choices haven't exactly been vegan.... Still vegetarian but far from vegan. Still not working and not sure when the dr will allow me so looking at a career change. I gotta get some money coming in so I can buy my food! Running dangerously low on the items I was able to buy before I got hurt... Today was the first day back to heavier weights not Barbie weights... BTW my old clothes are starting to fit again! Liking the weight loss and keeping my strength
  10. Only use the pills at night if I hurt. I am not a big fan of medication unless I am uncomfortable enough I can't sleep
  11. Good news is no fracture just some compression. Spent 2 weeks resting and finally started back to the gym yesterday. Doing daily yoga, 5k running training and some light lifting. Granted by the end of the day my back is a bit mad but I luckily have some pills left to help
  12. Sidelined since Friday... Seems I went and got me a compression fracture in a vertebrae.... Been in bed since. Seeing orthopedic dr tomorrow to find out for certain and what my options are. Most importantly if I will be able to resume work as a cna.... Pretty scared right now.
  13. Ok so got to thinking.... I need to start doing HIIT but dread the idea of burning myself out on it. So thinking 2 days on HIIT and 1 day low intensity hill training repeat. Apparently I am just starting to tap into my strength cause I did bench dips with my feet up on a bench and hammer curled 40 lbs
  14. That is awesome! Things are going pretty damn good over my way.
  15. Feel like a beast. Focusing all my energyon my training. Work a s training are the only thing going right. My personal life sucks!!!! But not going to dwell on it
  16. Peek a boo I am still reading your journal How's it going man?
  17. Deadlift up to 240 lbs! Yeah feeling pretty damn epic. Granted I used straps and a machine this time (for functional training reasons) but I didn't include the weight of the machine or anything just the plates I loaded on Even leg pressed 720 lbs hehe
  18. I didn't go with any new shoes.... I have only started trying to run again and when I do I hurt bad for days. I have 3 5ks left for the season and will be forcing myself to run them. No amount of stretching or warming up helps either. So not sure if running will be in the future any longer.... Smoothie binge not so yummy as I am not a beet fan and am using beets in 2 smoothies a day. Oh well I will use them up since I had to have them lol
  19. Thanks have to take some time off from lifting since my wrist I very tender right now
  20. So it has been almost 2 months since I have posted. I wasn't in the right head space to be logging but am getting better. Goin on a 3 day smoothie binge. Made some fresh carrot beet juice and cucumber celery juice for my lunch and dinner smoothies and breakfast will be a yummy mixed berry smoothie. Gave up on my half marathon dream because I wasn't recovering or making any progress.... I did manage to get a new personal best just last week on deadlifting 230 lbs!
  21. 1:19:48 with a nasty hill to go up twice and didn't train for hills..... Sore as fuck today (sorry for the language)
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