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  1. hoping to take the bike out for a spin tomorrow! gotta air the tires up and find my helmet cause idiots around here don't care about cyclists
  2. actually my PB is 32ish but was not that cold and I had my team there cheering me on. Yesterday I was alone with my running program that ended at the 4k mark leaving me with 1k to push myself. Once I was close to the finish I found one last kick and hauled butt I wanted a better time than 39:18 lol. Also finding my stride is getting better too. Had a packet of Vega in hand just in case my banana wore off which it didn't thank goodness
  3. Felt really big and bloated during the run. I wish I could just get my diet tweaked so that when I get off work I am not starving and inhale everything in sight..... That last 2 hours of work is constant moving and lifting. I think I will pack a peanut butter banana roll up tonight for after work with a protein shake to see if that will help with the binging. Something has to give already.... BTW took 149th out of 290 and ran the 5k in 38:05 that is a 1 min and 13 sec better than my last timed run.
  4. Making me jealous... guys have great hormones for packing on mass.....
  5. Freezing ya ass off running sure does make for a interesting run for sure. Mind says ok lets quit I am to damn cold and the body is like hell no keep pushing. At least that is what happens with me when I am running in the cold
  6. Cold front moved through while I was at work and didn't know it. Last time I went to search for a jacket or a long sleeve shirt I couldn't find one so didn't waste my time to hunt one down. Won this little beauty today at the run so will be adding bike riding into routine. At this point I have no reason to be stuck on a machine at the gym to do cardio Really ready for some warmer weather but won't let it stop me from my training. Ready to see some of my fluff disappear!
  7. Now I have a month off of races to focus on my running training. And hopefully it will be warmer. Forgot a long sleeve shirt to protect me and got so cold my muscles started to seize up.... Making arms a but difficult as they are sore and tired from warming up. Took me a good hour under 2 blankets and warm clothes to stop chilling......
  8. Can hope. Did my 5k today and managed to finish in 37-38 min range. Still good for working all night and doing my 10k training program. Took a lot out of me though....
  9. Don't scare me on the 10k lol!! I am doing a 10k at the end of June and am nervous about it. You are doing awesome and the food looks hella good!
  10. My heart sank today... explosion at the Boston marathon. My mother is now fearful of any run I do that is coming up. Why would someone do such a horrible thing?!?!?!
  11. Yeah was twirling around the paint stations but always happens with running
  12. April 20th is my next run and then I will have almost a month off until I run again. Will give me time to focus on 10k training and lifting much heavier weights. Question can you please tell me why my abs hurt after running a 5k. Even just sitting here I can feel them ache lol
  13. It was a bit on the cool side and 2 of the paint stations were wet paint... Talk about a chilling sensation lol. The weekend was by far way to short for my taste and not looking forward to work. It just keeps getting harder and harder to get motivated for my job.
  14. Here are 2 pics that I took yesterday after running. Ready for Saturday to get here so that I can do my last 5k for this month and won't have a run again until May 17th when I do the Rave Run. Try to sneak in the fun non timed runs so that I don't feel compelled to kill myself trying to rush through and not have fun.
  15. I still have a while before I am close to menopause. I sure have missed having you around and yes I am running and enjoying it. Still not good at it and can't run that long before I have to walk but at least I am doing it. Orange craving hit around the 3rd 5k and that was about valentines day.
  16. 5k yesterday was a colorful mess!!! haha will post pics as soon as I get them. Did a run called Color Me Rad benefiting Special Olympics and had so much fun!!! Running season is coming into full swing now so will be doing at least 1 5k a month or more
  17. I am totally exhausted! I literally feel like I closed my eyes and my alarm went off to get up Also 1 day off in a 8 day stretch is killin me it feel like. Oh well have the weekend off which includes a fun color run
  18. Not sure what is going on with me but for some reason I am craving oranges today. So far I have had 3 mandarin oranges and working on my 3rd cara cara orange.... I love fruit but can't figure out why I have to have oranges all of a sudden.
  19. Oh man just the typical slaving away at the job to pay for what I should turn into a job hahaha. I swear the harder I train the more I realize I should be training others. Enjoying your Easter break?
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