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  1. Time seems to be flying by so fast. Completely exhausted all the time it seems but then again I can tell I am not getting enough sleep. Finally trashed my mattress and sleeping on a hard surface which my back isn't liking that well but not walking around hunched over. Wearing compression socks and sleeves daily to keep my legs fresh for running. I am kicking my caffeine habit and omg that has thrown me into a nice constant headache until I have kicked my addiction so I have switched to decaf. I guess I get the benefits of coffee without the caffeine lol..... Got a good lifting session in this morning before crashing hard
  2. I got a pair of Mizuno wave rider 15. I have such bad ankles and run a bit funny that I have to test run shoes and these felt the best. I am pigeon toed, walk/run on the little toe side of my feet, and have weak ankles from multiple torn ligaments over many years. They passed both the treadmill run and road run for me
  3. I am looking forward to hearing of your progress and results
  4. So woke up and was in pain. Ate an apple, orange and some grapes, strapped on the new running shoes and hit the road since it was by far a beautiful day to pass up a run. Was on the road for an hour doing walk/run to help build up and only managed a 6k hahahaha. Needless to say more walking than running but oh well. New shoes trying to break them in and my back was hurting which btw no longer hurts!!! Now I am drinking a green smoothie I am loving life
  5. I was actually thinking of you as I was running today. Glad to hear you are going to challenge yourself and back to one of your loves I am sure you have been missing dearly
  6. Hit my max rep on deadlift tonight!! So super excited that I really did do it! 225 lb deadlift under my belt
  7. Well my run was miserably cold and it took me almost 40 min to run it.... Not happy about it but hey what can ya do when you are shivering, pain in feet from the cold and completely exhausted from work??? Signed up for a fun run that won't involve any timing or rush to run. Will be pelted with paint powder as we run by to come out at the end looking like a bag of skittles hahahaha! Eating raw still going good just trying to keep it simple instead of making complex meals.
  8. Tomorrow is the dreaded 5k... I say dreaded because it will be by far the yuckiest one I will be running... predicted temp will be 34 with wind chill of 27, chances of black ice or patches of ice, 9 mph winds and high humidity as we are expecting rain and snow at some point in the day..... I have plans to wear as many layers as possible to stay warm including carrying a blanket in case it is just to cold.
  9. I just gotta keep running. Plus my knees give me fits if I don't run weird huh
  10. 302 days away. I still have to build up to a 5k lol and get a 10k under my belt because they want proof if time
  11. I actually think I am pushing myself to hard on the running but since someone talked me into a half marathon well I gotta get used to running.... I would be happy just lifting weights and skipping cardio
  12. Lol that is one of the few things I hate about being a chick.... Bouncing of the boobs when running. Yeah totally feeling the lift right now but loving it at the same time
  13. Running seemed easier today for some reason. Core training on the other hand... sucked!! I did realize if I am going to run after a heavy chest day I NEED A MORE SUPPORTIVE SPORTS BRA!!!! OMG that hurt but kinda drove me harder lol
  14. Feeling like a rock star today!!! Won't bore anyone or myself with the details of my workout but hit a few personal bests today!!!! Benched 155 lbs for 2 reps unassisted but trainer was there to help if needed and shoulder pressed 40 lb dumbbells for 8 reps! Guess after all the well deserved sleep I caught up on this weekend my body was ready to perform! Think this week instead of mock tuna I am gonna do raw sunflower seed butter. I added Himalayan sea salt and agave and coconut oil to it. Did a rough calculation of my calories last night and realized I am on the low side so doing what I can to add some calories. I grabbed corn tortillas, veggie breakfast patties, salt and vinegar kettle chips just to add in a few extra calories
  15. Rest day today and lord did I sleep lol!! I actually feel like I could still sleep but that would be due to the gloomy rainy snowy weather weather that is predicted for the night. My 5k Saturday looks to be just as miserable as the last one.... Might have to pull out the wool socks for this.... Also working on upping my water intake again.
  16. I think I need to go back to carrying around a gallon of water again. Super hard at work to stay fully hydrated but having that jug helps remind me to chug lol
  17. I know but I have changed my trainer's way of thinking. He is seeing the results and is massively impressed
  18. I'm not but it sure does light a fire up under my ass to prove people like that wrong cause unfortunately they are everywhere that I live.
  19. Against fruits, close to against nuts and grains but loves the idea of ben and jerry's on a refeed. Doesnt' believe vegetables are a way to help build muscle but looks at them as a filler. And worst of all she thinks yoga is a joke
  20. My goal has always been to curl 55 lbs even if only for 1. Now that I read some stuff from an idol I am even more determined to prove her wrong and have lost a lot of respect for her....
  21. I am excited to see how I do. Last night I got to do some bicep curls and was curling 35 lbs which wasn't even a dream months ago
  22. Will start it tomorrow before my weight session
  23. Benching about the same actually. Seen strength gain in my biceps though. The glutamine still feeling out and need to research it further. Thinking of adding creatine to the mix.
  24. Must get back on track with logging!!! Today is rest day and my legs and glutes are talking to me. Tomorrow is back day yay!!!!! Upon waking: 1/2 tsp glutamine with 8 oz chocolate coconut water and 3 oz lavender kombucha 5:45p: 1c fruit salad with peanuts (raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, apples, oranges, blood oranges, strawberries, bananas with lemon juice and agave) 8:00p: Green smoothie (1c almond coconut milk, 6 kale leaves, 1 banana, 2 tbps peanut butter, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2tsp glutamine) Now going to document everything that I packed and intend on eating, just can't post times due to wacky break schedule Meal 1: 2 carrots cut into sticks, 2 celery stalks, 1/2c mock tuna salad Meal 2: taco salad (1/4c walnut taco meat, 9 black olives, 3/4c black beans, endive, red leaf and green leaf lettuces, spinach, romaine lettuce) chunky salsa Meal 3: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2tsp glutamine, naval orange (this is basically my last meal pre workout... I have running training and yoga after work and need something light in my stomach) I will also be taking a blood orange and peanuts for the ride to work just in case I get a lil hungry. Some days I am famished others I am cool.
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