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  1. Snow day.... still snowing supposed to get up to 14 inches of snow It honestly doesn't look like much but I was out shoveling and it was at least 6-8 inches deep.
  2. I will be eating Mexican again tonight because I will be making tortillas again to go with beans and broccoli. I believe you are going to have to become a kombucha master hahaha. I couldn't find any store that sells it but you might hit up the health food store or you can order a starter kit and try making it at home. Which is what I wish I could do if my home was climate control.
  3. Well technically mornings around here are my nights since I work night shift hahaha plus its 5 o'clock somewhere hahahaha
  4. I did light cardio and yoga this morning followed with a glass of wine and passed out hahaha
  5. Lol all good over here. Just keeping my butt busy and outta trouble
  6. I am on a mexican kick tonight so I pulled out my tortilla press and made a batch of tortillas Tastes so much better than packaged ones. I might cut them up and bake them into tortilla chips I forgot how easy they are to make once you get the dough just right! Tired of counting calories, measuring food and just want to enjoy what I eat because I know it is much better for me than store bought foods. Once summer gets here these tortillas are gonna go great with all the vegetables and fruit! I am also now a beachbody coach. This should be interesting lol
  7. I can't seem to drag my butt to do any form of cardio lol
  8. Littlexlady I know a local band here in KC called Moire love those guys!
  9. Simi I wish I could workout with you!!! I bet I would be looking as awesome as you!
  10. I love keeping tabs in ya man. Hell I am lifting heavier because I wanna be like you
  11. And I do love kombucha!!!!! I could drink on that all day long. If my house was bigger and warmer I would totally make my own to cut costs hahaha.
  12. As I sit in my last day of orientation I look around to see everyone with soda of some kind and stuffing food into their mouths with donuts, chocolates, candy bars while I am sitting here sipping on kombucha.... To healthy for this place.
  13. January 19,2014 is the exact date of the run IF I can get registered. I have naturally strong legs so haven't noticed any strength issues as of yet. The running actually seems to be helping keep my knee pain under control which I really can't figure out why. I know I need to get some weight off before my next run so going to cut 99% of my processed food out and stick with things in whole state. So in other words lots of beans and rice and salad
  14. I am finding my running legs slowly. Ready for the half marathon to get here so I can have my first vacation and see Disneyland at the same time!!!! Of course I am really looking forward to all the vegan cuisine out in that area since I am so limited here..... I have actually put on 20 lbs but not fretting over it cause I have been lifting much heavier and working nights. Hell this week I had to switch my sleeping to normal hours instead of night hours and have to switch back tomorrow.... Can we say stressing my body out???
  15. Well she decided to slide out of her bed onto the floor. Her bed was luckily on the floor but still had to pick her up from all the way down there.... silly lil lady.
  16. Well I had some help from the trainer I didn't need his help until rep 3 but still I remember 70 lbs being super tough! And I don't care if they like my smoothie or not I will be drinking it and enjoying the benefits I have started working on building some major strength due to my line of work. No longer working on building the physical look going. Granted I love the physical look I just need the strength more. This was evident when I had to help a coworker pretty much deadlift a resident off the floor. I could do it but could tell I need more strength
  17. Felt great yesterday training! I am 45 lbs away from where my trainer wants me to bench. He would love to see me at 185 lbs which means I am at 140 lbs. Ready to see what my legs and back will do this week! Also feeling super sleepy this week because of my jacked up schedule. Right now I should be sleeping not awake functioning like everyone else. I have meetings during the day but will be back on nights Thursday. Making a pot of vegetable bean soup cause it is cloudy and cold. Picked up 2 mini baguettes and said F IT! I have eaten one already and will eat the other tonight with my soup. Will be training calves, abs and running tonight. In less than an hour I will be with 2 of my closest friends getting out feet pampered because 2 of us ran a 5k and the other is in training for a bikini comp. Figured the 3 of us deserved a non food treat! On Valentine's day at work my nurses decided to do a pot luck.... in honor of my eating habits they have made it a SMOOTHIE pot luck!!! I am taking in frozen pears and probably my vitamineral greens powder to make a bombass smoothie and to probably gross them out hahaha!!! Remember they aren't healthy and the only green they like is guacamole....
  18. I am making some vegetable bean soup for dinner here. It turned into soup weather today.... How is your husband doing on his plant based diet???
  19. So proud of you simi!!!!!! Can't wait to see the pics
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