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  1. I felt slower than an of but only because it was so cold that I just couldn't warm up. But thank you it felt good to finish and climb into a warm car and inhale a raw revolution 100 calorie bar
  2. First 5k done and my sports tracker tracked the run as 5.46k..... Mind you my sports tracker is set to metric and was giving me feed back the whole run. My time was 35:17 min 228th out of 529 people, 134th out of 358 women and 26th out of 60 in my age group. Mind you the wind chill was below freezing so was suffering from frozen toes making it hard to run. Won't complain about my run
  3. Btw I think I have counted up that I am either interested in or plan on doing 15 runs this year 3 of which will probably be 10k runs to practice for the half marathon. Thinking of which any runner have any tips on running to help me improve??? And what are some awesome running shoes??????
  4. Ok I know I don't need to carb load for my 5k but I am in hopes of having energy after i get off work tonight! My boss has decided to put me on the hardest unit on the hardest side of the unit that I wasn't orientated to and expects me to get it done. SOOOOOOO hello carbs I am gonna need help to stay focused!
  5. I would love a tempurpedic mattress ultimately. Just don't know if they make twin size lol
  6. Thanks Dylan!!! Luckily I only have a twin size bed so my mattress will be cheaper
  7. Last night sucked!!! Went to deadlift and couldn't even hit my pb!!! Back is tight and spasms which means... time for a new mattress!!! My bed sucks and have been dealing with back issues with it for a long time. Guess I will break down and buy a new one just hope I can find one that isn't to pricy.
  8. Figured only way to prepare for half marathon is to run as much as possible I have 9 runs I plan on doing this year but always on the lookout for more. Have a feeling I will have a wall of metals if I keep this up lol
  9. Ok so I am starting to feel changes in the air... warmer weather for longer periods of time and shorter fewer cold days, green thumb itching like crazy and my taste buds are starting to do the spring changes. Almost time for yummy raw foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to minimize them right now because nothing is in season right now and I don't want to spend a fortune. I am thinking it is really time to invest in a greenhouse that I can heat and use UV lamps to simulate summer so I can grow all year around OR I can just move to a place I can garden most of the year lol. I have some almonds soaking overnight so I can try my hand at making almond milk. I think I am going to throw in dates and vanilla so I had better get dates soaking so they are nice and mushy by the time I get home lol. I love making my own stuff cause I know there is no crap in it I don't want!
  10. That holiday with strong beer sounds fantastic but seriously man I hope your neck and back feels better soon!
  11. Signed up for my first 5k of the year... sweetheart shuffle except I am minus the sweetheart lol. I think a coworker and her kids are doing it with me but not 100% certain yet.
  12. Went heavy on chest tonight and thinking work might suck in the morning lol. Hit a new personal best on incline dumbbell press. Really starting to feel beastly again. Used the smith machine tonight for bench press even though I am not fond of it. I dread my job and will probably start looking for another one or really push to get my butt back in school. Really thinking about also getting into being an online coach because well I have been there and done that and can probably really help others. Will be checking into it more closely cause ya never know right? Ready for Wednesday to get here so I can go thrash my legs
  13. Tonight is a night I wish I had someone special in my life. Have to stay up all night to keep work schedule but have no one to talk to, hold or cuddle with. Would just love some companionship....
  14. I love biographies and autobiographies! Need to get my butt back to the library and check some out. I don't get to read much anymore and tempted to get audiobooks lol
  15. Nothing exciting. Just kinda chilled at home all weekend. Passed on running training because I slept wrong. How was your weekend?
  16. I love to get BBQ beans and mix in other types myself.
  17. Ok so gonna post a workout hahahah. Abs by Death metal station on spotify Bent knee hip raises: 3 sets 20 reps Hanging leg raises: 3 sets 20 reps Side planks: 60 sec, 2 sets 30 secs each side Weighted crunch: 12 lbs 25 reps, 12 lbs 30 reps, 12 lbs 35 reps Cross body crunch: 3 sets 20 reps each side Was feeling a good burn going on throughout the entire workout. HOWEVER I wanted to start raising holy hell. The crap they play on the radio at the gym was so loud I could hear it over Deicide!!!! And I had the volume up max to drown out their crap!!!! I mean really come on now!!!! Cardio by Trance station on spotify: 34 min treadmill running training: 5 min warmup @3.1, 2 min jog at 5.6 with 1 min walk @ 3.2 8 times and a 7 min cooldown Since I have decided to do a half marathon at Disneyland next year I am going all out and dressing up as Merida from Brave even down to the copper red hair!!! My sister has agreed to make the costume but will be a shorter version of the dress she wears only because there is on way in hell I am going to run in a floor length dress lol
  18. Got to work and got to volunteer to go home which I was more than willing to do! I could already feel my leg workout coming on to haunt me and working would only have sucked big time! Not to mention I didn't like the section of the hall they wanted to put me on lol. Worked out well because a friend of mine wanted a sleepover with my boxer. She is testing the waters on adopting her which is will be good for both of them even though I will miss her terribly. But nothing is set in stone yet.
  19. Workout felt killer tonight. Think I am going to like my idea but dread it at the same time lol.... Oh well no pain no gain right???
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