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  1. I'm outdorsey alright, like many have said confined spaces just get me depressed. I live in a large urban area but am lucky to have the English countryside on my doorstep. I love mountain biking and hiking. It's winter here now but I still spend most of the time outdoors. love it ! WRV
  2. Get a Mountain Bike ! great way to go dirt biking without motor and very in expencive
  3. I agree with Awaken375 that Aikido would probably be good My brother is a pacifist like yourself and he did some training in this art I believe. Myself I practice Wado Ryu Karate, I can assure you I am not into violence, any martial artist would agree that martial arts is not about that at all. Having said this Martial arts by the very name are about fighting and defense. I think Tai Chi may suit you this is a form of Martial art. This will give you great flexibility.. But k I would urge you to try a local martial arts class. just pick one and give it a go. If iit doesn't fit with your moral beliefs you still have lost nothing. I think you will find it's not about mindless violence at all Regards WRV
  4. Hi, I see that a lot of supermarket soya milk in the UK is now labeled UHT, ultra heat treated I think this means. Does anyone know if/ how this treatment process affects the nutritional value ? I don't often buy them as I prefer to get organic but this is very expensive now. Any information I would welcome Thanks WRV
  5. Excellent pictures and an excellent cause,I'll be sure to check out your site FitMonkey
  6. Hey Everyone I'm really glad to have found this forum. I became vegan in 1990, and started training in Wado Ryu Karate in the summer of this year, currently at yellow belt grade. I'm lucky to be working twice a week in a local Gym (just as the janitor ha ha) but my friendly boss allows me to train free. I also train here and at another venue twice a week in Wado Ryu Karate, and I LOVE IT !!! I'm a fairly skinny guy, and at the moment I'm working on builing core strength and power. I'm hoping to get to know you all and learn some stuff on this site. Regards WadoRyuVegan
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