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  1. I've noticed small changes on my whole body, I'm just going to lower the weights for a bit, up the reps and try and pack on the lean mass for a few months to see what I can do. An experiment I suppose, then I'll start 5/3/1 and see how that goes:)
  2. I'm right there with you, I guess I'm just being Cain and want to see more physical development as opposed to strength for now, then I'm gonna check out 5/3/1
  3. 2/05 day 59 squats 1x8x20 1x5x40 1x2x60 5x5x80kg bench 1x8x25 1x5x35 1x2x45 5/3/2/2/0x55kg row 1x8x20 1x5x35 1x2x50 3/4/3/3/3x62.5kg totally powered through my squats im back baby bench was a bloody challenge though row was difficult to but these both were new weights so im not surprised. followed by 13.6miles to my first vegetarian/vegan society meeting last night, was amazing , id say 85-90% of the members are vegan. and on a side not ive just broke the 100 mile mark on my bike since april and i have a 50 mile cycle tomorow
  4. No not at all but after this month it will be six months of 5x5 so I want to take the strength gains I've made and use them to put on more mass than I have. I'm gonna have 4-6 weeks of cutting then change the routine up because I'm starting to not enjoy stronglifts now.
  5. That's my drug of choice:) the harder I find it to get out of bed in the morning the happier I am, especially if I haven't got work haha
  6. You and me both brother, would the warm ups I'm doing at the minute be ok? I've just realised I've got critical mass the same day as I'm gonna be working out my maxes, I'm gonna be dead by the end haha
  7. Don't worry about it man:) what kind of weight would you recommend for the warm ups? I don't want to go too heavy and sell my self short on the heavy lifts but I don't want to go too light and not be warmed up enough
  8. I've been doing sting lifts 5x5 for nearly six months now and have had some good results in increased strength but I'll be stopping at the end of may and having a month or so to cut. Afterwards I'm planning on focussing on increasing mass. Does any of you guys know of an effective routine/split to recommend? Preferably based mainly on compounds
  9. And should I still do some warm up reps like normal? Sorry for all the questions I just like to plan ahead
  10. Sweet, I've pencilled it in for the end of may as I won't be upping my lifts in June just keeping them the same as I'll be cutting but trying not to lose lean mass, would that be the right thing to do?
  11. how long should i rest between attempts?
  12. how would i test my maxes? padded cycling shorts is the best advice id give, haha
  13. really?are those actually good numbers? awesome, wasnt too bad, was on nights most of this week, helse the low mileage, got a 50mile ride out planned for saturday that im keeping everything crossed for good weather, how about you?
  14. 29/04 day 58 SQUATS!!! fuck yeah 1x8x20 1x5x40 1x2x60 5x5x77.5kg overhead press 1x8x10 1x5x20 1x2x30 2/3/3/3/3x37.5kg deadlift 1x8x40 1x5x60 1x2x85 1x4x110 so ive decided as i only have 4 weeks left of strong lifts im gonna focus on that and that alone. squats are back, fuck yeah, not a single bit of pain or discomfort, felt really strong. and considering my pr of 80kg was back at 7th of march ive not lost any strength and actually felt stronger. oh press was a bust though, i have had a permanent stitch on my left side just under my ribs for about three days that made me struggle. and i only just failed on my last rep of deads, pissed me off so god damn much.
  15. 25/04 day 57 bench press 1x8x20kg 1x5x30 1x2x40 5x5x52.5 barbell row 1x8x20kg 1x5x30 1x2x50 5x5x60 pull overs 3x8x17.5kg seated cable rows 5x3x60kg tricep pull downs 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure back up to match my pr on bench new pr or rows all in all a good session and on a side note managed to get 40 miles in on my bike:)
  16. still on 5x5 just not doing squats for now, ill hopefully be starting them again on monday, go for it ross its awesome
  17. hell no, this just makes me want to push harder
  18. 14/03 day 52 press 1x8x10 1x5x20 1x2x30 5/5/5/3/2x37.5 deadlift 1x8x50 1x5x70 1x2x90 1x1x110 underhand cable pull down 5x3x70 upright rows 5x3x50 bicep curls to failure 35kg 30 25 20 15 10 5no leg presses today, im going to do them on bench days so i can save my legs for deadlifts di amazingly better on oh press, will definitely own it next week deadlifts were no good, only managed one, ill get there, may need a deload as 105kg were sketchy towards the last few reps, still not going to give up.
  19. 20/04 day 55 leg press 1x8x70 1x5x100 1x5x120 5x5x140 bench press 1x8x20 1x5x30 1x2x45 5/5/5/5/4x52.5 bent over row 1x8x20 1x5x30 1x2x45 5x5x57.5 pull overs 3x8x15kg seated cable rows 5x3x55kg tricep pull downs 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure new leg press pr bench was a bloody dissapointment, i really struggled on the last rep. new pr on barbell rows too, pretty sucessful session:)
  20. 14/03 day 52 leg press 1x8x75 1x5x100 1x2x125 5x5x140kg press 1x8x20 1x5x25 1x2x32.5 3/4/4/3/3x37.5 deadlift 1x8x50 1x5x70 1x2x90 1x2x110 underhand cable pull down 5x3x65 upright rows 5x3x45 bicep curls to failure 35kg 30 25 20 15 10 5 really impressing my self with the leg presses oh press, new target wasnt met but i was strong, so very happy with what i managed. deadlifts weregood but bloody hard, ill nail it on monday.
  21. 16/04 day 53 leg press 1x8x70 1x5x100 1x5x120 5x5x135 bench press 1x8x20 1x5x30 1x2x40 5x5x50 bent over row 1x8x20 1x5x35 1x2x45 5x5x55 pull overs 3x8x25kg seated cable rows 5x3x50kg tricep pull downs 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure new leg press pr bench was fine, still on a deload so no surprises there new pr on barbell rows too, pretty sucessful session:) feeling like a beast lately
  22. 14/03 day 52 leg press 1x8x50 1x5x75 1x2x100 5x5x130kg press 1x8x10 1x5x20 1x2x30 5x5x35 deadlift 1x8x35 1x5x65 1x2x90 1x5x105 underhand cable pull down 5x3x65 upright rows 5x3x45 bicep curls to failure 35kg 30 25 20 15 10 5 no squats but going for leg presses for the near future, impressed myself with 130kg to start with. finally managed 35kg press:) 105kg deads:D new new pr, the last two reps were a little sloppy but my grip held out.
  23. one of the trainers at the gym has started to do caliper body fat tests and circumference measurements, so i treat my self once a month after pay day haha. my bike is my mistress:) all i can think about is her and im desperate to get out all the time. works busy as fuck at the minute so its hard, but got a nice 20 mile ride out planned on monday if the weathers good:), hows things with you?
  24. 12/04 day 51 leg press 1x5x75 1x5x100 1x5x120 1x5x130 bench press 1x8x20 1x5x30 1x2x40 5x5x47.5 bent over row 1x8x20 1x5x35 1x2x45 5x4x55 pull overs 3x8x25kg seated cable rows 5x3x50kg tricep pull downs 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure no squats but i gave leg presses ago as im finally back on my bike so i wanted to do some leg work, not a single twinge and blew my self away with the weight i was moving. bench was easy as it was a deload. rows were tough but i only failed on the last rep each set.
  25. 09/04 day 50 no squats still overhead press 1x8x20kg 1x5x25 1x2x30 35kg 5/5/5/4/5 deadlifts 1x10x20 1x5x60 1x2x80 1x3x105 under hand cable pull downs 5x3x60kg upright rows 5x3x40kg bicep curls to failure 30kg 25kg 20kg 15kg 10kg 5kg still no squats but my leg is feeling majorly strong. shoulder presses were better than last time, ill nail the bastards next time. deads were amazing, only managed 3 but its all good . shuffled around my assistance work as im trying to figure out what works best still, started the bicep curls from 30kg this time as im feeling stronger and it shows. had my body fat and circumferences done again, my body fat % has gone up from 11.2 last month to just over 13 this month but i think last was too low. 3cm increase on chest, 1 cm increase on upper arm, hips and waist the same 2 cm increase on thichs and thats even with out squats and im finally back on the bike now so weather permitting ill be getting some serious miles in this month so next bf% test next month should see big differences:).
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