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  1. i thrive on the competitive factor, plus i dont have kids haha
  2. thats where my thinking is, how often do you do your cardio?and how long for?
  3. Cheers man, just need to find a training partner and I'm totally set
  4. That's exactly why I asked read alot of his stuff recently
  5. fair enough, just want to cover all my bases, thjeres so much conflicting info out there im just trying to pick the wheat from the chaff
  6. oh ok man, yeah im eating like a horse, bit of a struggle as i cut down alot from eating crap all the time now i have to eat more haha so a protein shake after working out wont help either?
  7. haha no never thought about it, i mentioned it because you brought it up
  8. ok so ive been reading alot of conflicting info, ive got a little excess stomach and hip fat, would cardio impare muscle growth if i do it after my workout? or should i just leave the cardio?
  9. hey all this is me, literally only just started lifting a couple of weeks ago, found this forum and ive been sooooooo inspired to kick it up a notch or fifty
  10. Thanks petitpois, really appreciate the info, so glad I found this place, I don't know anyone else who lifts weights let alone is vegan
  11. Thanks daaa yeah I've decided to go for creatine/protein shake after working out, and for breakfast I usually have Weetabix or porridge with rice milk and flax seed and fruit, is there such thing as vegan casein?
  12. i dont want to get weighed down with calorie counting, but around how many should i eat in a day? or should i just fill my boots? i only eat good quality whole foods
  13. Hey all, I'm new to the whole body building game and stumbled upon this forum. Im 27 6' and 80kilos not in terrible shape but I've a bit of a paunch so decided to get in damn good shape. I've been vegetarian since I was 18 and turned vegan about 18 months ago, ultimately I want to be hard and lean pretty much like brad Pitt in fight club, I train once a week with a trainer and twice on my own, I eat very healthily, all whole foods, don't smoke and gave up alcohol five years ago, if anyone has any advice please help, I'm raring to go and looking forward to getting in shape.
  14. sorry to be vague, my ultimate goal is to get hard and lean, not particularly big, kinda like tyler durden in fight club
  15. hi, just started training a couple of weeks ago, no seriouse gains yet, im six foot 80kilos, how long do you guys think ill start making serious gains? im training hard 3 times a week
  16. hi started lifting weights about 2 months ago, i seem to do better training with someone, any takers?
  17. hi, im new to the whole weight training game, 3 weeks and counting. im already noticing results but would like to introduce supplements to give my self an edge. ive been told a protein shake first thing in the morning, one after working out, and a slow release shake before bed, and bcaas through out the day. is that ok? too much? not enough? i have a very balanced diet of whole foods and no processed rubbish. i havnt drank in five years and have never smoked.
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