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  1. 05/04 day 49 no squats bench 1x10x20 1x5x32.5 1x2x47.5 55kg 2/3/2/2/2 row 1x10x20 1x5x30 1x2x45 5x5x52.5 bicep curls to failure 25kg 20 15 10 5 benching was poor, i think because i pushed my tris on wednesday(gonna rework my assistance work) finally managed my rows, new pr
  2. does any one know of a vegan zma tablet in the uk? i cant find any that arent in gelatine tablets
  3. 03/04 day 48 no squats shoulder press 1x10x15kg 1x5x25 1x2x30 35kg 5/5/5/3/4 dead lift 1x10x40kg 1x5x60 1x2x80 1x5x100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new pr finally got a lift into triple figures and got torn up hands to prove it:) upright cable rows 50kg 2/3/2/2/1 overhead extensions 3x12x15kg tricep rope pull downs(thought i might as well start recording how many i do 25kg to failure x6 20kg to failure x6 15kg to failure x7 10kg to failure x5 5kg to failure x 11 presses were a bit week but im getting there, finally nailled 100kg deads, so so so stoked, it killed me on the first rep, but after i alternated grip from the second it was really strong. decided to stop doing dips as i dont think im strong enought to use full rom so im going to wait, did overhead extensions before doing the rope pull downs and my arms felt like they were dead, was absolutely awesome feeling.
  4. 01/04 day 47 squats no good bench 1x10x20kg 1x5x30 1x2x40 55kg 3/3/3/2/2 row 1x10x20kg 1x5x30 1x2x40 52.5kg 4/4/4/4/4 worst training day so far, squats were dead before they began, the two weeks rest helped alot but just not enough, so im doing it again. bench was weak but its a new weight so im not surprised and no set of rows were complete because i couldnt completer the final reps with out breaking form. shamefully i didnt do any assistance work because my spirit was briken and i slunk off home with my tail between my legs.
  5. literally till i cant do any more, then i deload straight away and keep going untill i cant lift even five kilos
  6. 30/03 day 46 squats twing in my thigh came back so i did leg presses leg press 1x10x50kg 1x5x70 1x2x90 5x5x110 overhead press 1x8x20kg 1x5x27.5 5x5x32.5 deadlift 1x8x30kg 1x5x50 1x2x75 1x5x95 body weight dips 3x12 upright rows 5x3x40kg tricep pull downs 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure im incenced about my leg, going to chat to the doctor about it, decided to do leg presses for now as my thigh felt fine and upped the weight to compensate, shoulder press was easy as expected, its the next weight iu struggled with so fingers crossed. deads were ok nervouse for wednesday as its my second attempt at 100kg .
  7. 28/03 day 45 sqats 1x10x20kg 1x5x40 1x2x60 5x5x77.5 bench 1x10x20kg 1x5x32.5 1x2x45 55kg 2/3/3/1/1 row 1x10x20 1x5x30 1x2x40 5x5x50 lat pull downs 5x3x65kg seated cable rows 5x3x50kg bicep curls 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure squats were difficult but amazing, didn't realise how much i missed them. bench was tough, felt really weak for some reason. finally nailed 50kg rows:).
  8. 26/3 day 44 squats!!!!!!!! 1x10x20 1x5x40 1x2x65 5x5x75kg overhead press 1x5x20 1x2x25 5x5x30kg deadlift 1x4x50 1x2x70 1x5x90kg body weight dips 3x12 upright cable rows 5x3x40kg tricep rope pull downs 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5 kg to failure Back in the rack:D couldn't be happier, I've deluded a few kilos just to get the feel of it back,I'm so god damn stoked that my thigh is better, felt so good having the bar back on my back. presses were fine, its a de load so nothing special. Deads are getting taxing again but were solid.
  9. 24/03 day 43 bench 1x10x20kg 1x5x35 1x2x45 5x5x52.5 bent over row 1x10x20kg 1x5x35 1x2x45 4/4/4/4/4 50kg lat pull downs 5x3x60kg seated cable rows 5x3x50 bicep curls 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure squats finally start on tuesday:) bench was awesome, new personal record, rows were a struggle probably from lack of sleep after doing a night shift.
  10. 21/3 day 42 squats oh press 1x5x25kg 1x2x30kg 5/5/4/3/2x35kg deadlift 1x10x20kg 1x5x50kg 1x2x70kg 1x5x85kg body weight dips 3x10 upright cable rows 5x3x40kg tricep pull downs 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5kg to failure one more session to go with no squats, i cant fucking wait, presses werent good but still managed more than last time so its deload on monday to 30kg, not much so ill be back up in no time, deads were ok, i think theyre suffering from not doing squats. on a massive plus note i managed 3 sets of 10 body weight dips which im amazed at gonna have to add weight soon, not sure how big the rom was but i can work on that whilst i wait to get paid because the weight belt at the gym is leather. any one know where i can pick one up?
  11. the only deload thats factored in is ifyou dont manage to complete the 5x5 of a certain weight in three consecutive sessions you deload by 10% and keep on from there. a sort of 2 steps forward 1 step back approach.
  12. 19/3 day 41 bench 1x10 20kg 1x5 35kg 1x2 45kg 5/4/4/4/4 52.5 kg bent over row 1x10 20kg 1x5 30 kg 1x2 42.5 kg 5x5 47.5kg lat pull downs 5x3 55kg seated cable rows 5x3 45kg bicep curls 25kg to failure 20kg to failure 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5 kg to failure still no squats but my legs are feeling mighty strong so hopefully Monday. bench was good, managed the first set, unfortunately failed the last rep of set 2 and had to employ the roll down of shame haha and got a spot on the last three sets so didnt inclue the last rep. bent over rows were good, no movement in my torso at all so feeling good.
  13. just me and my fixie:) got some beautiful country around here, so i enjoy just getting out and being lost in my thoughts
  14. yeah hence the biking haha its meditation to me, the cardio side of it is the very very happy bonus:) will hopefully be getting squash back in the equation, maybe getting a skipping rope, you?
  15. hey ross, yeah pretty good, busy as hell at work and feeling a bit crappy cos of crap weather so no biking but other than that is all good, how are things your end?
  16. 16/03 day 40 oh press 20kg 1x10 25kg 1x5 30kg 1x2 35kg 5/4/3/2/3 deads 20kg 1x10 40kg 1x5 60kg 1x2 80kg 1x5 body weight dips 5/4/4 upright rows 35kg 5x3 tricep pull downs 15kg to failure 10kg to failure 5 kg to faiure yeah im gonna give my thight another week just to be safe but its feeling alot better. ive decided to add in some tricep work on even days and bicep on odds, gotta look good for summer plus itll help with my bench and bent over rows
  17. 14/03 day 40 bench 20kg 1x10 30kg 1x5 40kg 1x2 50kg 5x5 pr row 20kg 1x10 30kg 1x5 40kg 1x2 47.5kg 5/5/5/4/3 lat pull downs 50kg 5x3 seated cable rows 40kg 5x3 went in with trepardations about my bench seeing as last time i maxed out i tore up my shoulder but 50kg was easy as anything, i had to sheck the plates twice because it didnt feel heavy enough rows were tough towards the end so i thought id add in some extra back work as it feels like the part of me thats lagging behing
  18. 11/03 day 39 no squats shoulder press 20kg 1x10 25 1x5 30 1x2 35 3/2/2/2/2 deadlift 20kg 1x10 40 1x5 60 1x2 75 1x5 dips 1/1/4 up right rows 20kg 3/3/3/3/3 first day of no squats , struggled with shoulder presses maybe because ive upped the weight or maybe because im not rired up after my squats. deads were good but there was a twinge in my thigh(might have to stop leg work completely for a while thought id try dips again as i had extra time and surprised my self on the third set( lack of confidence oon the first two maybe) and upright rows to assist with shoulder presses. instead of using the inacurate body fat scales at the gym they have finally invested in a set of calipers and the amazing news is im 11.2% and not 14.2% as i thought:) best diet ever haha.
  19. 09/03 day 38 squats 20kg 1x10 40kg 1x5 60kg 1x2 bench 20kg 1x10 30kg 1x5 42.5kg 1x2 47.5 5x5 row 20 1x10 30 1x5 35 1x2 45 5x5 lat pull downs 60kg 3x5 i think i over did it on thursday, after my warm up sets on squats i really didnt feel up to it so im having a week off to let my inner thigh rest, dissapointing but necessary, bench and rows are new pr so thats 4 pr broken this week:) and im up 10kg of muscle in 4 months.
  20. After the past week of being away and that piss poor session on Monday I was feeling crap about it all but yesterday and the beautiful beautiful aches this morning, I'm high as a kite and ready to tear shit down, how's things with you man? Good I hope
  21. too right, cant wait until i get back up to trying 100kg deads, hopefully ill ace it next time
  22. 07/03 day 36 squats 1x12 20kg 1x6 40kg 1x2 60 kg 5x5 80kg pr shoulder press 1x8 20kg 1x3 27.5kg 5x5 32.5kg pr deadlift 1x5 40kg 1x5 52.5kg 1x5 65kg Leg Press 1x5 85kg 1x5 90kg 1x5 95kg Upright Barbell Row 5x5 25kg felt like a god damn bear today form was spot on across the board and my lifts sky rocketed as a result:). made two new personal records and felt like a king. the worries i had after mondays debacle have been well and truly blown out of the water. this is the best ive ever felt.
  23. 03/03 day 35 squats 80kg 1-2-2-2-2 bench 45 row 42.5 i dont know if its because ive had a few days off training or because ive got a slight lower back twinge but i bottomed out big time on my squats, didnt go up on weight with bench because my confidence was down from squats and wanted one more solid session with 45kg, rows were a pretty awesome finish to a crappy session.
  24. 27/02 day squats press 30kg deadlift 65kg still not doing squats until monday as my left inner thigh still feels weak, could only do 30kg shoulder presses as no 1.25 plates still but they felt very strong and had solid form, and reads still good.
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