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  1. yeah did shoulder presses and reads as still not feeling great with my thigh for squats, missing them like fuck though, going away till monday tomorrow so will have no choice but to rest and will make sure i come back stronger than ever, hows yours going?
  2. s5/2 day 33 squats bench 45kg row 40kg didnt do squats today as my inner left thigh isnt feeling great, there are now no 1.25kg plates at the gym cos some meat head broke then so i could only do 45kg benching but it felt a lot stronger than last time and rows were feeling really strong
  3. 23/2 day 32 squats 77.5kg press 32.5kg 5-4-3-3-3 deadlifts 60kg squats were still good, now squatting over my body weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, press was a struggle but better than last time, dialled it down on deads but focussed on form, mainly back now and it feels sooooooooo good, makes so much sense now
  4. 20/02 day 31 squats 75kg bench 45kg row 37.5 kg everything today felt really solid, inner thighs feel bit better, bench was really good, i thought my right shoulder was feeling week after the first rep and i then realised it was lifting an extra 5kg haha rows were amazing, keeping my torso stock still and upping the tempo a little is really making a difference. on a side note i think i know why ive been struggling on deads, and why my inner thighs feel over trained, my deads were way too heavy on the legs and not the back, more like a squat. im going to de load to about 60kg and clean up my form, might deload on squats for a week too, just to let my legs have a break, see what that does.
  5. 18/02 day 30 squat 72.5kg press 32.5kg 1-2-2-2-3 deadlift 100kg 0 squats are getting tough, didn't feel strong at all on the presses today, and reads were awful, couldn't even get rep 1, my inner thighs were too weak from the squats, does anyone know why this is?
  6. 16/7 day 29 squat 70kg bench 42.5 row 35kg i don't know whats changed lately with my squats but they're so incredibly strong recently, finally back on the bench, the programme said to dial it back so i did, but was still solid lifts and only a slight discomfort in my shoulder and I've dialled it back on the rows to concentrate on form, I'm keeping my torso parallel to the floor and only counting a rep if the bar comes in contact with my body. on the whole I'm really happy with today.
  7. the last rep of the last three sets were only achieved with me drawing on evert ounce of strength and what ever else i had in me
  8. I'm up to 47.5, managed 5x5 0f 45, what would you recommend i do?
  9. friday, i think my shoulders feeling pretty much back to normal, so its back on the bench , how about you? hows your training going?
  10. you old romantic you, might snap you up my self if i didnt give up the poison seven years ago
  11. i managed two last time, been yet another nasty week at work, got a meeting with social services tomorow, but i cant go into it, lets just say im desperate for a holiday haha but on a plus not the misses is taking me to see django unchained tomorrow:) you up to much?
  12. 13/02 day 28 squat 67.5kg press 30kg deadlift 100kg 1 squats were amazing again, im only going just below parallel now as the weight is getting heavyer, but im feeling it more on the inside of my thighs, my abductors i think, is this normal, is also the reason i couldnt complete my deads, really chuffed with my presses, best ive ever done:) and the scales must have been wrong on monday because ive now apparantly lost 1kg of fat and gained 2.8kg of muscle, dont know if this is completely accurate, just happy that theyre both going in the right direction
  13. Oh I didn't believe it, was just a little disheartening to see, the weight on the bar is the one I'm concerned with, and that's only going in one direction, up
  14. 11/02 day 27 squat 65kg bench - row 30kg squats felt amazing, i felt like i had so much power still unused, still off benching just whilst my shoulder recovers and I've taken my row weight down again because i was jolting the weight up and have been for a while so I'm trying to lift heavier than i can, if i don't manage to make contact between my body and the bar, I'm going to class it as a failed rep. was also weigh in day and according to the scales at the gym, i the last two weeks I've lost 3kg of muscle and gained 5kg of fat, this is obviously majorly wrong. not a very good days training at all.
  15. Yea gears are cheating, I treated my self to a no logo one, was about £300 before I stated customising, but I'd love a bianchi, some hills around here are a bitch but ive clocked up 40+mph on the way down before so it has it's benefits, it's not too bad, got a bench day tomorrow so I'm gonna start light and stop if I feel anything bad.
  16. fixed gear road and bmx, hell id prefer to cycle on warm summer days but if im not out i feel like a tiger at the zoo, all pacing around, plus it gives my misses a break haha
  17. im just glad the snows gone, id obviously prefer it to be dry but a little drizzle never hurts, you a road biker or mountain?
  18. definitely, hes the biggest ass hole in history, he made out hes all amazing by beating cancer, but the juice works just as well on cancer cells as muscle. do you eat/drink any more than non cycling days?
  19. boooo how can someone become a hero and then break your heart in one day, im planning on getting up to 2+hours a few times a week, would that affect muscle growth?
  20. so now that the weather is finally improving im back out on my bike, which is a very good thing. but this was before i started lifting. so im worried how ill be able to get big miles under my belt and still gain muscle. i dont cycle hard just like to pootle along but for long distances so my hr doesnt get to high too often. i burn an average of 50ish calories a mile so if i go say 20 miles ill need to eat another 1000cal to make up the deficit, i understand carbs before hand will build up stores to burn when im cycling and protein after will heal muscle damage as normal, is this enough? on a side note i had a look at chris hoys training (as his lowerbody at least is fricking rediculous), he can leg press 631kg, thats just under 100 stone for gods sake.
  21. im tempted but i know if i push it, and damage it more i may be out completely, and then id be super pissed with myself haha, so im biding my time to prevent future arguments with my self
  22. yeah im feeling most of the changes in my back, just want my chest to get a move on, yeah its bench and rows today but unfortunately im having to give benching a week off because ive got to let my right rotator cuff a rest after the last session hows things with you?
  23. new progress pictures from two months ago until now
  24. was mixed im afraid, wasnt actually my grip this time, just couldnt get it past my hips on the third rep.
  25. 06/02 day 27 squats 62.5kg press 27.5 deadlifts 100kg 2 squats were good, presses were really good, i think ive finally got my form sorted and im now seeing the attraction. only managed 2 reps on deads, no particular reason was just not my day, bring on next time.
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