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  1. I do a he'll of a lot if cycling and the odd time I'm get a match in I play 2-3 hours of squash so I recon I've got it sorted
  2. 04/02 day 25 squats 60kg bench - barbell row 45kg 5-4-3-5-5 was in serious beast mode with squats, dont know if its because i had a good stretch before or what but i sailed through, was amazing, but after last bench session i started to feel a pinch in my right shoulder and it came back today when i was benching the empty bar, i think i over pushed my self last time and ive annoyed my rotator cuff. so i didnt want to tempt fate so im leaving the bench be for a week or so whilst i strengthen my shoulders. rows were fine apart from i didnt manage to get contact between my abdomen and gar on a couple of reps, so let my ego take the hit instead of my form.
  3. got the full five, i doubt i would have got a sixth, im all out when ever i train but there is literally no room for faiure with 100kg on the bar
  4. Mondays bench day, may have a Mate coming who can spot me. to be honest it was only the grip in my right hand, I'm not surprised as im left handed, I think i may need to use more palm than finger when gripping.
  5. 01/02 day 24 squats 57.5kg press 25kg deadlift 95kg i think ive cracked it, press was finally fun, and i really powered that weight up, really suprised my self with deads, was a battle but did it, my grip started to fail on the last two reps, so that needs addressing. and sensai ross, forgive me for doubting you and myself not a single twinge in my knee either so a pretty damn good day, apart from the huge bruise growing just above my right knee from deads hahaha
  6. Oh I'm not setting myself up for a fail, and cos it's bloody heavy at the mo I'll be trying twice as hard how did the deload week go?
  7. Realistically? No I don't . But I'm going to try my damned hardest. How would you advise benching when you know your gonna hit failure if you've no chance of a spotter? Squat rack? Yeah it's all good, weekend off soon:) how's things with you?
  8. 30/01 day 23 squat 57.5kg bench 47.5kg 4-5-3-5-5 row 42.5 bench has become brutal, i knew it would be difficult but only managed to finish a set with a spot, my delts are screaming at me so i guess they're the weakness, not surprised considering my press is weak.
  9. 28/01 day 22 squat 55kg press 22.5kg deadlift 90kg still a slight twinge in myknee and back so im thinking of doing leg presses for a while to ease the stress as squatting is the only time they play up. presses are alot better than they used to be. deadlifts were a bitch but managed it, a little rounding on my lower back that i need to keep an eye on. on a plus not its my fortnightly weight in muscle mass is up .5kg fat mass is down 1.3kg.
  10. Working working working haha something new, just look at the big picture, deloading helps lifting heavy in future, but I totally get where your coming from.
  11. Hey Ross, feels totally fine, the worst it ever feels is a little tender if I poke it the day after lifting, not noticed any size differences yet but I'll be uploading new pics on the 1st for a second opinion, how's your training brother?
  12. 26/01 Day 21 Squat 52.5kg Bench 45kg Row 40kg Dialled awaits back a little to get back in the game, i saw a vid that said push your knees out when squatting, so I gave it a try and it's made the world of difference Bench was awesome, the last rep of the last three sets were he'll, I had to use every ounce of my being to complete but I bloody did it And Dialled back o therow as well because I was concentrating on rep number instead of form before and was getting sloppy All in all a bloody good session
  13. 19/01 day 16 sqats 50kg Press 20kg Deadlift 85kg deloaded on the squats to give my knee a break, was just nice to be back in the rack, starting presses from scratch with full concentration on form and it was a dream:) a hell of a lot simpler, and managed the deads, just haha starting to become a major challenge but the fact 100kg is so close is the driving force.
  14. you me both brother, saw a guy walk past my place this morning carrying a god damn snow board!
  15. hey ross i love questions ive got an appointment at 9 tomorrow morning. , im pretty sure its my meniscus cartilage. the knees been absolutely fine all day and most f yesterday to be honest, so if the doc gives me the all clear ill be back home in the rack Wednesday morning home sweet home. snows not too bad hers just icy as fuck, im desperate to get on my bike, i feel like a caged animal. hows it down your way?
  16. 121/13 day 19 squats 0 bench 42.5kg barbell row 40kg hopefully last day of no squats, ive had no problems with my knee all day, struggled towards the end of benching but soldiered on and stripped the rows back a bit because my form was becoming extremely sloppy so i took my time and concentrated more on what i was doing and not just banging the reps out.
  17. so my knee has felt amazing all day, if it carries on tomorow im going back into the squat rack , i think its a tear in the meniscus cartilage but ill get a second opinion from the professionals on tuesday. going to go right back to pressing with an empty bar on wednesday too so i can ironj out the bad form habits ive developed
  18. 19/01 day 16 sqats 0kg Press 25kg Deadlift 80 still no squats yet, deloaded on the press because i think im struggling because ive got in to some bad habits with form so cant progress the way i was doing them. was looking at some of mark rippetoes vids on you tube and tried some tips out today and by god was it easyer, i know i can already press 25kg but it was so much easyer this time and they powered upwards. deadlifts were still cool although a little challenging, i feel next session may be the first sticking point.
  19. 17/13 day 17 squats 0 bench 40kg barbell row 50kg still off the squats even though this is the best my knee has felt all week, booked in to see the doc on tuesday so well see then, bench is still solid, rows not so much but managed em ok.
  20. No problem, I'll get my girlfriend to record my form next time she's down the gym
  21. You have my condolences, not started it yet cos I'm still cooking but I had no issues with it last time, and mf shall I do a normal or light weight set in the vid
  22. Exactly, ive no problem sacrificing a week or two or how ever long is needed to recover so I can squat for ever more the lesser of the two evils, how's your week going man?
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