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  1. 16/01/13 day sixteen of strong lifts 5x5 sqats 0kg Press 30kg 4-5-5-4-3 Deadlift 75kg my knee felt very ropey on my warm up squat set so I've decided to leave my ego at the door and have a week off from them and go see the doctor and find out whats up, id rather have a week off and be behind on progress than blow my knee and have six months off on everything. tried seated press and managed a little better than last time so ill be back to standard presses next time. and on a slightly better note i absolutely nailed my reads, even managed a cheeky extra rep to celebrate .
  2. exactly, i can shed that little bit of pudding easily, im in at 7.00 tomorrow morning. itll never be resolved im afraid, its part of his condition
  3. 13/01/12 day fifteen of strong lifts 5x5 squats 55kg bench press 37.5kg barbell row 47.5kg serious beast mode today, smashed everything. weigh in day up 0.3kg of muscle but also up .5kg of fat, not surprised as my nutrition has been poor but now that ive been paid im gonna be cooking all day tomorrow after work and eating clean but the best part of today, my injuries from work dont affect lifting at all my knee only seems tp play up when torque is applied, so its just squash thats out of the window for a week or two
  4. knee and back felt better as the day went on, so I'm going to gun it at the gym tomorrow on the hope everything will be ok.
  5. Oh I remember now haha I'm thinking may-June so I've had a good solid six months on stronglifts, get a good foundation
  6. i work in care with adults with learning difficulties, and i got tackled to the floor out of the blue, went over on my knee and jarred my shoulder trying to miss the table. luckily this is my weekend off this month and all ive got planned is bowling tomorow for my little sisters birthday, gym sunday and just chilling with the misses. fingers crossed.
  7. i bloody best be, it best not affect my deads, any advice on a strained muscle with out using ani-infllamitries?
  8. Got attacked at work this evening, strained something in my left knee and pulled a muscle in my back between my spine and shoulder blade. cheers nonipwr
  9. No idea, more fat than muscle cos I've just been making sure I'm not hungry, there must be some gains I recon, I didn't think I had an ego until I started lifting haha I'm looking forward to adding weight to the bar after someone else uses it not take it off
  10. There are some messy days trust me haha how you getting on with it?
  11. Don't feel particularly bigger yet, I have a weigh in on Monday, doing it every two weeks so I don't get obsessed over little ups and downs, finally got paid today so I've got some propped food in. Haha I'm at work now elbow deep in a jigsaw, you on 5/3/1?
  12. 11/01/13 day fourteen of strong lifts 5x5 squats 52.5kg overhead press 25kg deadlifts 70kg squats are getting interesting but still manageable, dialled back presses to concentrate on form, and deads were epic. will be deadlifting my body weight next time
  13. 09/01/12 day thirteen of strong lifts 5x5 squats 50kg bench press 35kg barbell row 45kg fucking nailed today to the wall everything felt so easy for some reason
  14. I think I've got it sorted now, just got to wait till it's Friday now, a good mate of mine is training with me
  15. Haha pretty much everything, elbows were going out, breathing was wrong, grip too wide
  16. Read up on overhead press form and I can now see why I was doing so badly with them and hating them so god damn much, my form was appalling, this is the first time I've ever been excited to do them, can't wait until friday
  17. 07/01/12 day twelve of strong lifts 5x5 squats 47.5kg overhead press 30kg 3-3-2-3-2 deadlifts 65kg squats still ok, presses were terrible, i think im going to move to seated for a while, and deads are getting close to the mark. but its all progress
  18. cheers man, ive got five months to get my head around it, i think im nearly there.
  19. can i get some good examples of conditioning? is this just intense cardio?
  20. just reading up on the assistance excersizes and i read, Dumbbell rear raise/dumbbell lateral raise (superset), 3 sets of 10 reps each, i cant work out the difference between the two. and should assistance weights increase each month too? sorry for all the questions
  21. oh yeah i know what you mean, thats why i like going straight after work
  22. because aggression is a negative emotion, where nothing getrs acchieved, determination is what i use
  23. tell me about it haha, im just gonna read the lot before i ask anything else
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