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  1. I managed to get a cheeky sesh in yesterday but none now till Friday. To be honest it's sleep I want at the minute, works been crazy this weekend and I've only got 7 hours sleep total, bad I know, it's not like I've been out or anything haha plenty of resting and plenty of growing now, hope Santa brings you your home gym, take it easy
  2. Call me ed, I'm enjoying the slow speed of progression, I like to take my time and get things right,. It's a big ego boost when I see meatheads at the gym struggling with weight to heavy for them to handle or not using the full rom, and I'm not lifting anywhere near as much but keeping strict form. It's a marathon not a sprint after all, happy holidays to you too man
  3. 23/12/12 day seven of strong lifts 5x5 squats 35kg bench 27.5kg barbell row 37.5kg squats are getting close to being a challenge, but i thrive on challenge bench is still easy but im focusing on form and very slow reps. and im pretty sure ill be stalling on rows soon
  4. Haha I don't even take pain killers unless I really really have to, I don't trust meds for the same reason you said, it just masks the problem, plus through my job I've got extensive training on medication and half the time there are more side effects than problems solved, so screw that, I'm just gonna eat clean, lift heavy, and keep my self as calm as possible. Keep that cortisol level down . And luckily it's a weights day today
  5. Really appreciate the notice, I'm totally addicted, can't wait to start seeing serious changes
  6. Thanks man, been looking in to meditation, got some breathing techniques I'm gonna work on
  7. Haha got plenty of both of them, holiday would be good too, I'm desperate for the weather to improve so I can get out on my bike for some epic rides, that should help, I suppose my misses going back home for antisense ain't gonna help either haha
  8. Thanks for the help man, luckily it's a weights day tomorow so I can blow off same steam
  9. That's the thing, Its water off a ducks back usually, from tiny things to massive things. Im a cared for people with learning difficulties so I get put through the ringer pretty much everyday with physical and verbal abuse so it's never usually a problem, there's no specific trigger, it happened today when I was chilling on my own at home so there was no outside reason, I think I may just be over thinking it all and it'll pass, I'm also gonna give meditation a crack
  10. Also lifting weights is when I feel calmest now and I get worked up on my non training days and literally count the hours down to my next training day
  11. Normally I'm ridiculously laid back and only get worked up if I see unfairness or have a reason, but at the minute I'm feeling aggressive for no reason at all, not because of any person or situation but I'm becoming very intolerant once I become aggressive over rediculous things, I've put it down to heightened testosterone too, will it pass? Any advice how I can regain balance?
  12. I'm n sure if they're connected or it's just a coincidence, but since I've been lifting weights my aggression levels have gone haywire . I'm not a naturally aggressive person, quite the contrary. I'm usually rediculously calm, has anyone else had any experiences along these lines?
  13. I would do if I wasn't in a flat, I doubt the boys in the parlour below me would appreciate me falling through the floor haha
  14. £28 a month I think, nah not much the misses went back to Henley to spend Christmas with her family so all I've got to look forward to is a night shift at the home tomorrow, gym Sunday and working at the pub Sunday, such a playboy lifestyle haha, you?
  15. 21/12/12 day six of strong lifts 5x5 squats 32.5kg overhead press 25kg deadlifts 50kg solid squats, deadlifts are still way to easy, presses were very close to not getting finished, but nailed them. , gonna rest a little longer in between sets.
  16. 19/12/12 day five of strong lifts 5x5 squats 30kg bench 25kg barbell row 35kg first two are still coming on strong, my form is tightening up well on the benching and the arms are now taking the load evenly. rows were better, i was using my arms to much before.
  17. wow thanks man, its for a cancer charity, i lost my father to it , im trying to raise £3000 in total, im half way there from doing a full body way at my local pub. once i raise enough im trekking accross peru from kuzko to macchu piccu, and then rafting down the andes, (dont worry thats coming out of my pocket not the donations. spread the word and spread the love.
  18. No problem with my appetite as forthe long days. I love a challenge and the hobo spirit is calling to me to get out on the open road and explore, plus it's for a really good cause so I don't mind
  19. When I said 1000 calories it was just an example, I was trying to work out that if for example I'm consuming X amount of calories to build lean muscle and I burn 1000 calories on a cycle, is it as simple as eating an extra 1000 after. I'm not sure how much training I'll be doing. I'll hopefully be out cycling as often as as long as I can, purely for the fun of it. But the actual charity ride is approximately 874 miles so I'm aiming for around 10 days. As far as I know for fuel I'll be using lots of bananas and dates, tortillas and peanut butter, still not looked into gels much and still looking into other options, gonna do some experiments when I'm out training.
  20. oh im in no rush , i just enjoy them so much, and love the fact that i get strange looks from all the meat heads because they dont know what the fuck im doing
  21. I'm on week two of stronglifts 5x5 and no where near stalling yet, but was curious when I should have a deload week? I've read it should be after 4-5 weeks regardless if I'm stalling or still going great guns, or should I deload each lift as and when it becomes difficult, or all at the same time?
  22. 17/12/12 day two of strong lifts 5x5 squats 27.5kg overhead press 22.5kg deadlifts 45kg squats are getting slightly taxing now, but still plenty of room to progress, oh presses are a little harder but my lower body is way way stronger than my upper body but no failed reps, deads were piece of cake, really wish i could do more often.
  23. the misses is out on her works christmas doo so im having a night in with you tube, i was getting a slight twinge in my lower back on the rows too, is that normal? hell yeah majorly long weekend, i only get one week end of a month from work, cant even get on the bike cos itll be pissing it down with gale force winds, might see if i can get a game of squash in, i hate being lazy
  24. 14/12/12 day three of strong lifts 5x5 squats 25kg bench 22.5kg barbell row 32.5kg totally nailed squats and benches, cant wait until they start getting tricky. barbell rows were a bit tougher but i still managed them, i think my form may be off slightly
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