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  1. Sweet I'll give it a test run, do you do this work out on it's own or after a normal workout?
  2. Im afraid we have got off on the wrong foot, if you knew me you'd know I'm as placid as they come, I'm here to learn not pick fights, if you have felt hostility I apologise to you
  3. I already do deadlifts, I meant a strictly core workout to supplement my other workouts
  4. I didn't say it won't work I just think it's not for me right now, I think it'll be more suited for when I cut in the spring, don't take everything so personally
  5. I'm after a good core workout or excersizes that will hit my core hard, any ideas?
  6. If just isn't for me, I have a very demanding job so I need the fuel, I don't schedule my meals just eat when I'm hungry
  7. I'll put it simply, how many kilos of muscle have you put on whilst fasting
  8. Thats great! If you still wanted one, I'd make a choice based in flavor in that case If it's not rude of me asking, what does your diet look like? I'm just interested, and on the hunt for new ideas I've posted my meal plan in another post if you want to check it out, I've only been on it a couple of days so I can't vouch for it yet
  9. As a species we only fasted because there was no other option, now food is in abondance it's not a problem, I'm not saying gorge yourself, but calorie restriction isn't healthy, you havnt said what mass gains you've made with fasting
  10. Plus I've only just started this diet, before I was just eating well but not consistent and not keeping track of the numbers so wasn't gaining any mass
  11. Oh I don't count algae as a support either it's a whole food and I eat it every day, yeah I checked it out but no offence it seems like hokum to me, it's natural to graze through out the day, and I'd rather listen to my body, plus I'm trying to gain mass not lose it, I don't have much fat on me to lose as it is
  12. Low calorie intake and putting on muscle just doesn't add up, what gains have you made? And you seem to be taking alot of supplements, why not just get the nutrition from your food?
  13. so whats your typical days nutrition? there are only 240 cals of carbs from wheat in my diet, so why do you fast?
  14. Yeah the shake is where I get my greens, how many calories do you suggest? Im not at a wall I'm only still finding my feet, and how does fasting help? Surely if your hungry you should eat
  15. ive worked out a good amino profile from my food alone so i guess the answer is no longer valid haha
  16. I just did but I'm only on my phone, lots of reading but my geeky sense is tingling with anticipation. How long did it take you to work out all your rep maxes?
  17. I was going to but I'm gonna go the fully natural way from food and only supplement with the add shake for speed
  18. Yeah I'm always changing it up, I work with a trainer so he keeps me pushing my self to failure, I've only been training for three months though so I might just be impatient, there has been small gains in time from no nutritional disciplin so I'm going all guns blazing, I'll check that out because I'm a major geek haha
  19. Much point taking them? You've seen my eating plan
  20. Is there much point to them?
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