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  1. Hey Ben, cool video! sorry to hear about the split, but glad you're eating again! yeah..my body had a fit when we started eating cooked again. everything tastes so different once you've been raw. i didn't go back to raw fully, but have kept up with tons of fruits/veg in the diet and my energy levels are actually higher than they've ever been
  2. Monday 5/28 weigh in: 154.2 Yesterday's Food Log: Meal 1: green smoothie made with 2 bananas, mixed berries, spinach 160z. water, cinnamon and chia seed (3 cups worth of smoothie) Snack: 1 pink lady apple Meal 2: 3 pcs homemade spinach polenta bread, with roasted zucchini and mushrooms Snack (at work, they fed us because we're having a sale): 5 oreos, 6oz sprite (I know, bad) Meal 3: 1 slice ezekiel toast with 1TBS PB/Jelly Meal 4: Roasted potatoes and mushrooms with sauteed brocolli, 1 pc polenta bread, 1TBS vegenaise Rode 3.76 miles yesterday for a quick ride after work with the new bike. Brakes are sort of fixed...I'm just going to order nicer ones.
  3. Morning weigh in for Sunday 5/27: 155.6 Food log for Saturday 5/26 Yesterday's breakfast was a green smoothie. Made with 2 small bananas, small handful blueberries, acai powder, cinnamon and 16oz water. Meal 2 was 1 slice sprouted ezekiel toast with PB, hemp hearts, small amount of cacao nibs and hunza raisins. Snack: pink lady apple Meal 3: roasted new potatoes/onions, tofu scramble loaded with golden beets, baby bella mushrooms and spinach Snack during night ride: 1 PB cliff bar Meal 4: green smoothie. Made with 2 bananas, mixed berries (blueberries, rasp, blackberries, strawberries), 16 oz water, raw cacao powder and acai powder Jason and I did a 25.78 mile road bike ride. I got my road bike but they put the brakes on wrong, so I'm just going to take it to my work today to get it fixed. So far my total mileage for May is 376.82 miles
  4. The BF percentage on my scale seems really off, yesterday it jumped to 35%... Friday: 156.8lbs Meal 1: smoothie of 2 bananas, blueberries and 12oz of rice milk. 8oz of water Meal 2: 1.5 cups of roasted veggies/tofu/rice. 8oz strawberry fanta (which I later regretted) Meal 3: 4 spring rolls. Filled with french green lentils, baked tofu, raw red bell peppers and field greens with a peanut curry sauce. small side of roasted potato Snack: 1/8 large watermelon, hibiscus tea w/lime slices Also, I won't post all of my water consumption but I drink at least 100oz. every day (not including what's in smoothies), usually more when I cycle commute. No riding yesterday, decided to give my legs a break. Today we're picking up my road bike so we're doing at least 30 miles! Breakfast today was a green smoothie. Made with 2 small bananas, small handful blueberries, acai powder, cinnamon and 16oz water.
  5. Sunday: 11.46 miles Monday: 22.53 Tuesday: 18.99 Wednesday: 8.63 Yesterday was going to be my rest day, but Jason got a new road bike and I wanted to go for a quick spin. My road bike should be in today! Pics will be posted when I get it. Also, I'm trying to really stick to a meal plan to get fit for next season. I ride a lot, but I also eat a lot too... First day stats (I'm 22 and 5'7": 158lbs. 29.5% body fat Meal 1: smoothie, made with 2 bananas, handful of frozen blueberries, 16oz water and acai powder Meal 2: 8oz. rice milk, 1 slice Ezekiel sprouted toast with PB, sprinkle of cacao nibs, hemp hearts and golden raisins Meal 3: will be having this at work tonight. Roasted veggies (zucchini, garlic, onion, red peppers, new potatoes) with baked tofu and short grain brown rice For a post ride snack once I get home tonight I'll be having 24oz water with raw vegan protein and cinnamon. And 1/8th large watermelon
  6. Thanks! We went vegetarian together, then vegan - so we are good at supporting each other Bad at updating this week, here's the cycling mileage Tues 4.21 Wed 18.99 Thurs 19.21 Fri 19.21 Sat 21.23
  7. Glad to see you posting! Plant Fusion is good stuff!
  8. Yeah it was really fun, definitely something we both needed. Lots of talking and laughing and watching the sunset. I did a short 4.21 ride tonight after I got home from work, my legs were too tired today to cycle commute today. Nice night time ride, barely any cars, hit all green lights. Starting to get faster for sure, 14.1 average mph tonight! I may work on my road bike tomorrow, I had a set back this weekend and had to re-do the entire bottom bracket, so I'm basically where I left off a few weeks ago. Oh well, I'll have it soon enough! Andrea
  9. just finished a 21 mile road ride with my husband! it was nice, because the farther we got out of the city, the cooler the weather! took 1:38:54, so right around 13mph.
  10. started running again today! trying to slim down my upper thighs and mid section. i haven't run in a few months, but my pace is faster than where i left off... 1.42 miles in 15:13
  11. tested out the clipless pedals on some light trails today. just over 9 miles of riding. we left the house too late so it started to get pretty hot out. had only a small fall on a tight corner. i didnt land on a cactus, but somehow still ended up covered in tons of spines...
  12. rode 9.45 miles in 43 minutes and 9.55 miles in 44 minutes or so. rode to work to buy a floor pump. clipless pedals rock! my speeds up to 13mph, which is still slow, but not bad for a mtb with super knobby tires
  13. 12 miles today. a little more than half was dirt canals. it was during sunset too, very pretty! new shoes/pedals are for sure improving my speed/climbing. my dad also rode 10 miles today
  14. Rode about 20 miles total yesterday. I got clipless pedals and shoes for my mtn bike so I went on a 16 mile road ride to test them out. Definitely improved my speed for sure, and it was only the first day using them. Hopefully I'll be able to ride some light trails today to test them off road. So far for May I've got 125 miles in. I'd really like to break 400 so I gotta step it up a bit the next few weeks.
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