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  1. ... I realized that with a few tweaks it could probably be made quite good for laying the groundwork for building some muscle mass. Now, I'm not the kind to want huge amounts of muscle, but a little bit would be very nice and I'd really like it So, I thought well, if I can get this diet up to a good level, then I'll be much more likely to motivate myself to use my body and do the physical requirements necessary too! So, right now, here are the things that are in my diet that I think might be helping me in this regard: - Lots of coconut oil and coconut consumption in general. - High protein consumption (50-150 grams a day, mostly from pea protein). - High glycine consumption (due to it's anti-inflammatory and general health benefits). I'm also consuming a fair amount of simple carbs, such as through orange juice, fruit and... well, actually honey.. I know that isn't 100% unequivocally vegan... So, I was just wondering, what tweaks could I make to this basic approach to make it suitable as a template for building muscle? I think my protein intake is adequate and I can eat more coconut for a healthy fat. Are there any fats I might be missing that are important? I also drink a lot of mineral water. Oh, and what kind of calorie number should I be going for a day? At the moment my diet is quite heavily (simple) carb-centric but this may end up shifting as I increase my coconut consumption. Cheers guys, Mike
  2. Yo Yeah I love raw veganism, it seems so healthy and purifying... like, the body just seems so well balanced on greens, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. I love knowing I'm putting such good food into my body - makes me feel good in itself!
  3. I'm a huge fan of this guy! Such awesome advice on diet, nutrition, health and bodybuilding! I've just finished his book Heal Yourself 101 and plan to get some other stuff too! Anyone else into his stuff? Check my signature for probably his best bodybuilding youtube vid (there are two) - I believe they're both teasers for his DVD set "Raw Vegan Muscle". Hope you like!
  4. Thanks Robert! Yeah the interview was great. I realized recently, that as well as using vegan and raw food to heal me of my current health problem, I also want to use it to strengthen my body, look nice and be the healthiest I can be! and thanks again Baby Herc, I do definitely feel like I'm making progress. It's been a long journey and a lot to learn... but it's been worth it!!
  5. Thanks for the welcomes though guys, I appreciate it!
  6. Erm, well I might be a bit bumpy to start with as most of my dietary focus is aimed at Candida cleansing as opposed to gaining muscle or toning my body. So I might just get to know people and learn steadily in the mean time When Candida is gone and my health is resumed, this will be my next goal! Darn thing!
  7. Hey hey I'm just a normal mid-20s guy who recently went raw vegan (or at least mostly) with the intention of curing myself of Candida (along with some supps). In doing all this, I learned about the vegan and raw vegan bodybuilding movements and I really want to be healthier and stronger, so I thought I'd get stuck in and get some meat on these bones! I'm also sure it's a great place to discuss male health and nutrition on a vegan / raw vegan diet! So yeah.. hi guys and I look forward to getting stuck into the forums! Mike -- oh, ps, I found out about the site via the interview with Robert on Raw Vegan Radio. Seems like an awesome guy and the site sounded cool!
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