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  1. does buying as duff bag or buying any of the kits count?
  2. hello everyone just working my way into stage shape i have 12 weeks not counting peak week.will post my progress along the way right now i'm into week 3 of shredd program and have my eating on point no cheat meals.going to be slowly cutting down fats and carbs each week. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/six-week-shred-torch-fat-with-hiit-100s.html long as i have my abs showing i will be doing this show and if you watch the video yup i have some body hair not gonna shave it yet till closer to show time.the video is where i'm at now.happy training guys
  3. i already do a 20 min warm up and 30 mins on stairmaster after workout.my diet will make the lbs fly off.
  4. good info i should of put that i've taken it before haha i've been off of it for a good 6 months.theres alot of studies out and research it comes down to what you think.i'm give it one more go round.the water retention is false by most resreach i've done.will be up dating you guys on my progress i start 100s and dropsets monday!
  5. so i decided to have a online journal of my progress for my first mens physique show.i got alot of bodyfat to lose so i'm gonna be working my booty off.will be posting my workouts and what i eat.this is my last week of eating any kind of cheat meal so tonight will be a feast lol about to hit the gym will post workout in a bit
  6. thank you. i always do measurements first thing in the am.36 size pants are too baggy for me these days will update my measurements been awhile.sure my bodyfat percantage is higher these days since i was massing up for awhile. right now workout wise i'm doing supersets and high reps.seeing if i can get my bodyfat down enough to do a body building show. food wise i been switching up alot loads of veggies,tempeh ,tofu,almond butter and hemp protein.
  7. very true i think i will be just cycling it.only thing i'm worried about is dropping my bodyfat quick enough without losing mass.
  8. hey all i'm training for a bodybuilding men's physique show and am wondering should i add creatine back in?i stopped taking it a while ago because i didn't want my kidneys all messed up and wanted to be more natural.so whats your thoughts?add it back or vegans can still add alot of muscle without it.examples of vegans with alot of muscle without the use of creatine would be awesome as well. my show is june 1 i will enter if my body is on point and bodyfat is low. pics were taken on monday
  9. ready to drop this fat. waist 32in with tighted measurement waist 34 relaxed 224 weight bodyfat 12 nov 26 2012
  10. bigtymer32


    new to the board i been vegan for a little over a year but vegetarian for 6 before that.working into get into great shape and being a vegan to the best of my ability i want to make the profile section of vegan bodybuilding.happy training everyone.
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