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  1. I hear that Vega products are going to be in GNC stores as well!!
  2. haha nah karen...the nutrition and fitness specialist are associates and no1 likes those lol and the administration is in progress
  3. Sounds good Robert....will absolutely take you up on it!
  4. It is not known what level of intensity is required to achieve maximal increases in muscular size and strength. Muscular fatigue or volitional fatigue may not be prerequisite for recruitment of all motor units and that would assume that maximal recruitment of motor units is required for optimal increases in strength. Volitional fatigue denotes a conscious, deliberate decision to terminate an exercise. Muscular fatigue implies failure to complete the concentric phase of the repetition despite a maximal effort not terminated by volition. Generally, training programs of 2 days/week have been shown to provide the same increases in muscular strength as compared to 3 days/week (Carroll et al., 1998). However, some studies have shown that 3 days/week training is superior for strength development compared to 1 day/week and 2 days/week, but the effect size is often small (80% of the derived strength benefits can be obtained with 2 days/week compared to 3 days/week) (Braith et al., 1989). Studies done on some muscle groups(lumbar extensors, cervical extensors and rotators) show that training one, two, or three times per week are equally effective. The benefits derived from participation in strength training appears to be maintained with a training frequency of 1 day/week. Thus, having practical implications for those individuals on minimal time schedules or athletes desiring to maintain strength during the in-season. The more is better principal does not apply to many aspects of the strength training realm (sets, frequency). Benefits can be derived from strength training by exercising 2-3x/week. Additional training beyond this threshold range does not provide additional effects for development of muscular strength (Rozier & Schafer, 1981). In addition, evidence provided by MacDougall et al. (1995) suggests that the rate of protein synthesis after resistance training peaks at approximately 24 hours and returns to baseline by 36 hours post training. Therefore, adequate rest (perhaps up to 48 hours) between training sessions may be necessary for optimal muscle growth (hypertrophy) to occur during prolonged training (greater than 6 weeks; after neurological adaptations). However, the effect of performing resistance training on different groups of muscles each session (split training) compared to whole body training in which greater than 24 hours recovery between sessions is provided, has yet to be determined.
  5. That fine, but I would do a little research on the matter before you shut it out of your mind. I'm not stating an opinion or something that I've found works for me, it's something that is taught from an A.S. to Doctoral level at any school in the country that offers exercise physiology....Think about your reps.....3 sets of 8.....why 8? why not 6...5....12535353? And why 3 sets? why not 10 sets? 100? 2? If anything by not going to failure your setting your bodies limit before you've even started your lift. By going to failure you recruit all of the possible motor units in the required energy system. You've temporarily pushed your body to the limit, recruiting type 2a and 2b fibers. I'm not saying any workout is wrong, just not the most efficient way. If you have any more questions about the topic please feel free to ask I love discussing this.
  6. There is a big misconception when it comes to reps, sets and duration. Having went to school for exercise physiology, this was a topic that was the most controversial. The fact of the matter is 1 set to failure is all you need in order to improve muscular strength/endurance. The two are one in the same and go up simultaneously. There is no such thing as lifting for strength or endurance. Lemme be as specific as possible from my notes in front of me to avoid confusion because I know there will be 1000 post underneath this telling me I have no clue what I'm talking about. Muscular Strength: Initial increase is due to CNS (central nervous system). Chronic response is the ability to move the same load at less energy cost/motor unit recruitment or ability to move a greater load than previously. Anaerobic Muscular Endurance is proportional to strength with chronic adaptations resulting in the ability to move a previous load more times/longer. Ex: 1 RM=100 lbs If one can perform 50% of 1RM 10x After 12 weeks of training one can now 1 RM 120lbs. That same 50% is still moved 10x, but is now with 60%. The previous 50lbs will now be able to be moved more than 10x hence the two increase proportionally. Now getting on to the sets...ready....now as I said before 1 set to failure (momentary muscle fatigue) is all you need to get results in strength/size. Yes, you use type 2a/2b muscle fibers and do not need to do multiple sets to do so. Repturation range should be between 3 (anything under 3 reps is 90% neurological) and 12 (anything more your just wasting your time lol). Slower reps are always better then faster reps. Benefits of going slow are decreased risk of injury, increase actin and myosin interaction, better neurological adaptations, and improves form. Going faster more or less does the opposite of what I just said. NOW....what if you do multiple sets to failure? Drop sets to failure? Everything in between? Multiple sets to failure will increase your strength more then just doing one set. The thing is that studies show the increase of your gains on average have only a 3% difference. Meaning if your new max is 100lbs with one set, your new max would be only 103lbs with multiple sets. Multiple sets increase your strength/endurance/size, but also increase your risk for injury, stress on the joints, synovial membrane and fluid loss, among other things. Injury also depends on form, genetics, etc. Frequency should be at least 3 days a week. Full body workouts or split routine show no difference in gains. Personally I like to split it into upper and lower body days, starting with different major muscle groups every session to mix things up. What I advise people is when you are making an exercise prescription program for yourself or others, do it depending on what your goals are. Do you just want to be fit? Orthopedic issues? Body Building etc. Hope everyone takes what I said into consideration and maybe try it for yourself. If you have anymore questions about the specifics of what a typical workout might look like feel free to ask. And just to be clear I don't mean to say to anyone what you are doing is wrong by any means what so ever. Everything works, just expressing what I was taught in school over the years. Feel free to google Henneman's Size Principle and Dr. Robert Otto and Ralph Carpinelli. Pioneers in the exercise physiology world.
  7. If you want to work 100% of you biceps and biceps only, isolation exercises are the best. Added compound lifts are not bad, but I believe are not the best way. Any time you add a compound lift in attempts to target a specific muscle group you are technically doing the exact opposite. The more muscle groups that are involved in any anatomical movement requires more ATP and glycogen to be spread out to the muscles required = less for the primary muscle. Isolated biceps brachii movements will devote nearly all of you energy towards that particular movement. Whenever you do movements like rows, etc., yes you are using you biceps, but also you rhomboids, lattisimus dorsi, posterior delts, errectus spinae, legs for balance, etc (you get what I'm saying). Compound exercises are great for shocking the muscle, neurological pathway training for specific movements, and variety. I don't want what I'm saying to get confused with forearm workouts or anything else, I'm talking specifically about isolating the biceps. My advice would be if you're looking to increase strength in you biceps. Look at the anatomical movements and make sure you are isolating both heads as much as possible when lifting. Hands always supinated (palms upward) and elbow movement as none existant as possible. To isolate more of the short head, use the elbow flexion machine, but put the seat low enough for shoulder flexion to occure. I have to get back to work, but look up passive and active insufficiencys of any muscle group and you'll get a better idea of what I'm saying as well as ways to increase intensity, actin and myosin interaction, and isolate specific muscles as much as possible. Any more questions feel free to ask
  8. Working with cardiac rehab patients daily.....DO CARDIO! lol... On a serious note though, people tend to ignore the most important muscle of all, your heart. 20-30 minutes of 60-85% APMR is all you need 3x a week for cardiac improvement. As long as you can keep you calories above you daily caloric expenditure, you can still gain weight, increase lean body mass, and keep you ticker pumping affectively. And IF there are any unwanted areas you would like to decrease body fat in, cardio is necessary since there is no such thing as spot reduction. Body fat decrease as a whole. Any other questions please feel free to ask.
  9. Greetings everyone from Long Island, NY. I've been a vegetarian for roughly almost 3 years and have went on and off from veganism the whole time, but have been consistent with it these last 7 months. I've studied and have degrees in exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness specialty, and currently healthcare administration. Also I am ACSM certified. I work as a trainer and physiologist doing everything from 1-on-1ns, group training, weight loss, and cardiac rehab. I absolutely love how this lifestyle has affected me both physically, mentally, and try to incorporate it into almost every part of my life. I played D3 football (whoopie), and currently am training in MMA. I love learning new things about health as well as answering questions about anything health related. I try to teach people things that I've learned and have proven in studies vs opinions. Now that you know about me, I am excited of having the pleasure of getting to know all you! P.S. Just got a potbelly pig, his name is Guiness and he is the best, most loving pet one can ask for Compliments my 2 pugs very well
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