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  1. Hey all, I have a confession to make...I was following a vegan diet for approx 8 months and remember how great I felt; not just physically but mentally sane. Believe me this is extremely hard with my job. I currently work nights (6 p - 6 a) in a very demanding job. I also use to run a lot but injured my back about a year ago, so my fitness schedule has also been inconsistent but I love lifting weights (free weights, not machines). Now for the bad part...Last December I started dating someone who thinks if the meal doesn't have meat it's not a real meal. So for the past year I have compromised on what I eat. I have gone back and forth between a vegan/vegetarian diet to a standard diet until I finally gave up and began eating whatever nasty fast food was available...and believe me that’s all that’s available at night. I am now so confused about what I'm supposed to be eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So today, I am making a commitment to myself to follow my beliefs about nutrition no matter what others say. I need to do this for me! l hope that by starting this blog I will hold myself accountable to my decision to be healthy. It will be a long process to re-educate myself on healthy nutrition so any help will be appreciated. I will upload before (current) pictures in a few days, as well as my training log, and nutrition log. Wish me luck!
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