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  1. Tonight I participated in the Shamrock Run 5k here in Savannah, GA. I have to say, my running had gotten so much better since I became vegan! I felt it while I was passing everyone half way through. I had so much energy I was giving motivation to girls who had stopped about 400 meters out from the finish. When I sprinted across the finish line I knew I took 2.5 mins off my time... I will find out later when they post the results.
  2. My back and traps were screaming from yesterdays work out, but my trainer called me in for a surprise workout. I made the mistake of telling him I love surprises on the phone. He tells me he just wants to add a little late week abs and legs into the mix before tomorrows full workout. circuit x4 20 leg raises-20full body crunches-8 lunges weighted 30lbs-20inclined twist situps-20 deep body squats-8 weighted lunges-15 jackknife 20lbs-15 leg extensions 20lbs I def felt the burn and the sweat that was pouring off my head. No extra cardio today, but we will resume lifting heavy tomorrow. Got my package from the 12 day challenge today.... I AM OVERWHELMED WITH JOY.
  3. I JUST GOT MY PACKAGE! I dont know if I have ever been more excited opening a package from the mail. Thanks Robert and everyone who donated to the challenge! I cant wait to try it all! You guys ROCK!
  4. I cant even explain how disturbed I am by test tube meat...
  5. Oh man... I have been such a slacker on my posting! Shame on me. What I have been been doing is learning more about expanding my vegan palate and all the hidden non vegan additives that are in the food I had been consuming. It has really made me look a little harder and ask more questions when it comes to my food! Today I had a bowl of oatmeal and a banana for breakfast and then did about 45 min of plyometrics. I'm not a natural jumper so this is always challenging for me. Afterwards I made veggie pasta with pesto and mixed vegetables. I then met up with my trainer and worked chest, a little shoulders and tris. He has slowly been incorporating straight bar into my routine. warm up machines flys 40x 20 50x 20 chest press 40x 20 50x 20 sb shoulder press 45x 15 45x 15 45x 15 inclined chest press 45x 15 45x 15 65x 12 75x 8 decline chest press 45x 15 45x 15 65x 12 75x 8 bench press 45x 20 45x 20 65x 15 85x 12 85x 10 95x 8 115x 4 cable flys 10x 20 20x 15 10x 20 tricep cable press 20x 20 25x 15 30x 12 35x 12 30x 12 25x 15 20x 15 after vega protein shake dinner szechuan lentils with spinach, peas, peppers, onions and mushrooms (YUMMY!)
  6. Yesterday was a cardio day... I am getting ready to do the Shamrock Run for the March of Dimes next month and I want to take at least a minute off my take from my last 5k which was 27:19. So, I have been doing uphill sprinting on the treadmill. I start at a casual jog... about 5.7 and then I sprint which is 8 for me for at least a minute. After the minute I bring it down to a brisk walk (about 4) and bring the incline up by 1. I do this for 40 minutes. I used this method before my last run and shaved 3 minutes off my time. Today was a rest day, so I went to the park and just enjoyed the outdoors a little... it was nice!
  7. The thing I love most about working with a trainer is that he keeps me on my toes... no work out is ever the same and he pushes me hard. It also gives me the benefit and confidence to work with heavier weights. I'm sure I could do well by myself... I did the week he was gone, but there is something exciting about walking into the gym and not knowing what is in store for me. Yesterday he made quite the little circuit for me... it was demanding, with little rest. circuit 1 all with 15lbs free weights: 20 weighted lunges, 15 inclined press with twist, 15 flat press with twist, 15 shoulder press with twist, 15 bent over rows, 20 twisting inclined sit ups 20lbs free weights: 20 weighted lunges, 15 inclined press with twist, 15 flat press with twist, 15 shoulder press with twist, 15 bent over rows, 20 twisting inclined sit ups 25lbs free weights (very hard for me): 20 weighted lunges, 15 inclined press with twist, 15 flat press with twist, 15 shoulder press with twist, 15 bent over rows, 20 twisting inclined sit ups circuit 2: machines 45 lbs: 20 chest press, 20 tricep press, 20 lat pulldowns 50lbs: 20 chest press, 20 tricep press, 20 lat pulldowns 55lbs: 20 chest press, 20 tricep press, 20 lat pulldowns 65lbs:20 chest press, 20 tricep press, 20 lat pulldowns circuit 3 machine and cables 20lbs: 20 chest flys, 20 triceps cable V pull downs, 20 bicep cable V ups 25lbs: 20 chest flys, 20 triceps cable V pull downs, 20 bicep cable V ups 30lbs: 20 chest flys, 20 triceps cable V pull downs, 20 bicep cable V ups I was so tired after my workout I didnt do any extra cardio... this workout was hard but it made me smile!!!
  8. I am a very very lucky girl! My significant other really loves to support me in whatever endeavors I really believe in. Since I have become vegan, he has been eating vegan with me when I am around. We joke and call him a vegan by night or halfie V. I know he eats supreme pizzas when I not there but he really has been a big support for me through all of this... he would never make me cook him a steak!
  9. I have been away from the computer for a few days so I don't have my usual specifics from my workouts. The good news is my trainer is back in town! Yesterday we did back and biceps. Today was shoulders and legs.
  10. weight this morning: 148.4 warm up: 8min elliptical Legs and shoulders 25 air squats (warm up) smith machine squats 50x 15 50x 15 50x 10 shoulder press 10x 25 10x 25 10x 20 calf raises 40x 15 50x 15 60x 15 weighted lunges 10x 16 10x 16 military press 15x 16 15x 16 lateral raises 10x 16 10x 16 leg extensions 30x 15 40x 15 45x 15 hip adduction 110x 25 130x 25 150x 20 hip abduction 110x 25 130x 25 150x 20 up right rows 25x 25 30x 25 35x 25 jackknife 20x 25 20x 25 20x 25 one legged jackknife leftx 16 rightx 16 leftx 16 rightx 16 leftx 25 rightx 25 stair climber 4min 65spm 1min 120spm 1min 85spm 4min 60spm My hamstrings were already pretty tight today from doing so much stair master this week, so I really didnt get the leg workout that I wanted, but I still pushed through some decent sets. MACROS: 1884cal/65gfat/204gfat/140gprotein cals and carbs a little high today, but not too far off.
  11. You look sooo amazing! Im in my 20s and my body doesnt stand a chance next to yours! One day..... one day...
  12. What I enjoyed most was really focusing on taking my diet to a new level.... learning about all the different vegan foods and becoming comfortable using them in the kitchen. What else is great is that I have spread my knowledge to my friends and now they are seeing a new side to healthy eating! It feels great hearing them go and spread the information that I shared with them.... knowledge is contagious!!!!
  13. P90X2?!!!!! I loved P90X! Did you complete the first one? If so, how much different is the 2nd?
  14. I dont have a costco either.... but I have started to buy my fruits and veggies in bulk at places like Sam's Club. I agree that the supplements are the expensive part!
  15. Today's weight 149.6 warm up 8 min on eliptical chest and back bench chest press 10x 25 10x 25 15x 20 incline press 10x 25 10x 25 15x 20 lat pull down 25x 25 25x 25 25x 20 delt row 25x 25 25x 25 25x 20 low row 40x 25 50x 20 60x 10 back extension x15 x 15 x 15 rear delt row w/barbell 20x 15 20x 15 lat raise front and side 5x 16 5x 16 cable chest flys 20x 15 20x 15 20x 15 flys 40x 20 50x 20 60x 15 Stair master set1 4min 70spm 2min 130spm 4min 70spm set2 2min 75spm 1min 140spm 1min85spm 2min 70spm 2min 100spm 2min 60spm Macros: 1635cal/52fat/179carb/130protein Its the final day of the first month and I'm feeling really great about the energy I have been putting towards my fitness goals. I can actually feel my waist beginning to trim a little especially on the sides and my biceps and triceps feel like they are getting bigger. Today I will take measurements of everything. Jan ending: 149.6 lbs 29.1% BF arms 12in chest 35in upper stomach 33in lower stomach 36in hips 39in thighs 21in calves 14 min I'm excited for the nest month!! BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. My trainer is out of town this week, so I am gonna step it up and push myself this week while he is gone. stair master: 1set 65spm 2min 125spm 4 min 70spm 2min 2set 70spm 4min 130spm 1min 85spm 1min 70spm 3min 65spm 1spm Triceps and Biceps straight bar cable biceps curls 15x 20 20x 15 25x 10 20x 15 15x 15 straight bar cable tricep press 20x 20 25x 15 30x 15 40x 10 20x 15 overhead rope tricep extension 15x 20 20x 15 25x 12 25x 12 20x 12 rope bicep curl 15x 20 20x 15 25x 12 25x 10 20x 12 V bar bicep curl 15x 15 20x 15 25x 12 25x10 20x 12 V bar tricep press 20x 15 25x 15 30x 12 30x 12 25x 12 MACROS: 1,804cal/59fat/178carbs/176proteins and the best part is that my sodium is down... I got a new protein shake, that helped a ton! weight this morning was 150
  17. Instead of taking a rest day today I decided to do some yoga... I am not very good or experienced at yoga so I did a video of beginners yoga... though I didn't break a sweat, I did feel the use of all my muscles and afterwards I feel very relaxed and stretched out... it's a nice feeling. MACROS: 1,549cal/69fat/146gcarb/116protein Today my protein wasn't as high as usual and my sodium is still TOO high... since I'm not an triathlon participant, I really need to get this down. This morning's weight 150.2 bodyfat 29.1 I have put some goals in place for myself for the up coming months ahead. 1. I would like to be 145 by March 1 2. I would like to lose at least 2%BF my March 1 3. Bench 110 by April 1 This gives me something to really work for... I have been at this plateau were my weight fluctuates between 149 and 153 but never really dips lower. It's time for me to really start making all the little necessary tweaks to make this happen. I'm feeling really good today. I feel like my head is in the right place and I'm ready to start pushing myself even further than before. I made a great soup tonight... sweet and spicy butternut squash and sweet potato soup with quinoa and green onions. Delicious!
  18. Today was a HIIT day. stairmaster: set 1 4min 65spm 2min 120spm 4min 65spm stretch set2 2min 65spm 1min 130spm 2min 65spm 2min 120spm 3min 65spm 10 min abs oblique V ups 25 V ups 25 one legged jack knife 25 each side heels to the sky 25 bicycles 25 5 mins stretching I felt really good today... I had a lot of energy even though I have had a long week. Still struggling to get my macros right... it always seems like my carbs and sodium are too high... I really need to switch my protein shakes 1604cal/49fat/185carb/133 protein.................but a whopping 2,702mg of sodium!
  19. Chest, Biceps, Triceps and Back set 1: shoulder press 15x 15 15x 15 15x 15 20x15 20x 15 hammer curl 15x 15 15x 15 15x15 20x 15 rear delt row 25x 15 25x 15 25x 15 25x 15 25x 15 set 2: tricep press 30x 20 30x 20 30x 20 30x 20 chest press 30x 20 30x 20 30x 20 30x 20 low row 40x20 40x 20 40x 20 40x 20 set 3: lat pull down 40x 20 40x 20 40x 20 40x 20 tricep cable press 20x 20 20x 20 20x 20 20x 20 preacher curls 10x 20 10x 20 10x 20 20x 15 20x 15 set 4: cable chest flys 10x 15 10x 15 10x 15 20x 10 20x 10 cable lat pull down 40x 20 40x 20 40x 20 50x 15 50x 15 20 min Stair master: 1 set: 4 min at 65 steps per minute 2 min at 120 spm 4 min at 65 spm 2set: 4 min at 65 spm 2 min at 125 spm 4 min at 60 spm Feeling really really good today at the gym. i had a lot of energy and preachers curls weren't as hard as they used to be! Still playing around my diet. MACROS: 1,706 cals/29 fat/237 carbs/147 protein My carbs are over by almost a hundred and the most shocking part is my total sodium... usually it's between 1,500 and 2,000 but today it was 3,743!! AHHH... I know my vega sport serving has 510... I am thinking about searching for a new protein to replace it... the taste is great and the protein is high but the amount of sodium scares me a little... All around though... a pretty good day!
  20. I was not feeling very good at first today. A little queasy, but I pushed through and made it to the gym with my trainer. Legs day! My favorite. I like to do really heavy legs but we are sticking with light for a little while. leg press 90x 25 140x 20 230x 15 230x 15 leg curls 20x 25 20x 25 25x 20 25x 20 30x 15 leg extensions 20x 25 20x25 25x 20 25x 20 25x 20 one legged ext 15x 15 15x 15 15x 15 ® 15x 15 15x 15 15x 15 (L) seated leg press 70x 25 70x 25 70x 20 90x 15 90x 15 calf raises 60x 15 60x 15 70x15 70x 15 80x 15 I felt like I could have done more today, but I decided to leave it at that since I was not feeling 100%.
  21. Chest and Back set 1: sitting rear delt row 25x 25 25x 25 25x 25 25x 20 25x 20 lat pull down 25x 25 25x 25 25x 25 25x 20 25x 20 iso arm chest press 25x 25 25x 25 30x 15 30x 15 35x 12 inclined chest press 25x 25 25x 25 30x 20 30x15 35x 12 set 2: back extension 20 20 20 15 15 leg lifts 20 20 20 20 20 body crunch 25 25 20 20 15 rear delt row on knee 20x 15 20x 15 20x 15 20x 15 set 3: lateral pulldown (cables) 20x 15 20x 15 20x 15 20x15 low row (cable) 30x 20 30x 20 40x 15 40x 15 jackknife 20x 25 20x 25 30x 20 30x 20 Since I have changed my diet up again I have not had as much energy. I think this has to do a lot with my carb intake. Right now we are going high reps and low weight just to change things up and maybe help get some more of my body fat off. I felt pretty good in the gym today... just a little weaker than usual but I think I was just feeling the effects of a low carb cycle.
  22. Legs I usually like to work heavy with my legs... honestly I like the way I move up in weight with my legs mostly. This week my PT decided to do them light with high reps because he knows i hate it! body squats wide 30reps x 5 body squats 30 reps x 5 leg press 30x 30 30x 30 30x 30 30x 25 30x 25 leg extensions 15x 30 15x 30 20x 20 20x 20 20x 15 calf raises body weight) 25reps x 5 lunges 12reps x 10 full body crunch 25x 5 My legs actually burned more than usual... high reps is hard for me, but its good to change it up.
  23. A few options 1. He has a very low metabolism 2. Eat eats more than 2000 calories a day 3. He doesn't look like a gymnast (see below) You took the thoughts right out of my mind
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