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  1. Hi I'm new at this and had a question about Braggs, Just wondering what peoples opinions are of this product. I was looking for something to flavor soups, beans, rice etc with and saw this used a lot in vegan recipes on the net. I picked up a bottle and it did improve the taste of things quite a bit. I have two concerns though, one is the saltiness which I understand is a natural side product of the processing of the soybean. If I use several teaspoons of this every day or two am I going overboard on my sodium requirement for a vegan diet? Second, The main reason I chose to go vegan was to avoid processed/unnatural foods. Is Braggs processed in such a way that there is little natural nutritional value? What I mean is, am I putting something really artificial into my food that will have little or no benefit to my body? I know it claims to have a complete array of amino acids, but will my body really benefit from these in this form? I do enjoy the taste and could see myself using it regularly, but I'd also rather not and stick to herbs if it is just another overly processed food flavoring. Thanks to anyone who has any thoughts or info.
  2. Hi guys, I've spent the past three days on this site and thought I should jump into the forums as I have a tone of questions and have been totally inspired by what I've seen here. A little about me. I've dabbled a little with being vegetarian in my late teens/early twenty's other than that have had a mixed diet most of my life. I love being fit and have one marathon under my belt but it wasn't until I met my husband that I started learning about body building. He's a super buff guy and keeps me motivated to keep pursuing my full potential. We have have two awesome little kids together 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 which are the delight of our lives. I weight trained through both pregnancies and they turned out to be two perfectly healthy little critters. Most recently though I've suffered from two second trimester miscarriages one right after the other. It has been a heart breaking and painful experience, as my husband and I really wanted a third child. These two were both extremely difficult pregnancies with lots of nausea and morning sickness that prevented me from working out. While recovering from the most recent miscarriage I took a one week course of doxycycline antibiotic to prevent infection and towards the end of that week I felt absolutely no desire to eat meat or dairy. I don't know if the antibiotic killed off some gut bacteria that were feasting on the meat and dairy or if it was just a coincidence, but I felt naturally inclined towards a vegan diet at that point. It's been three weeks and I've gone off animal based foods cold turkey and still have no desire to eat them. I kind of wonder if my body is saying enough is enough, I want real food. I don't blame the miscarriages on a mixed diet, I just feel like I want to only put natural unprocessed (plant) things in my body now. Anyway after watching the Forks over Knives movie on netflix a week ago and finding this website, I'm pretty motivated to get back to my best level of health and give vegan bodybuilding my best shot. I look forward to learning from you guys! and what a cool forum, love it!
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