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  1. Wow I can't believe my state didn't make it in the top 10!! We used to compete with Arkansas and Mississippi for the last and worst of everything in the Union. Education, teenage pregnancy, obesity, poverty, etc.
  2. I LOVE Persians! I'd have one if I weren't allergic. :-/
  3. The Hulk series with Lou Ferrigno inspired me, and I was very young. Mr Universe was what was glorified back then. It was my "goal" back then (more of an unattainable dream as I will never do steroids) to become Mr Universe someday and my life would be "complete". Arnold was in all the magazines, and Frank Zane was seen as the reigning "full package deal" so I guess that's what's in my head. He Man was an inspiration and I had a lot of their action figures. Of course I didn't REALLY start until I was out of high school as I was a non-sporting clumsy, skinny geek but something hit when I got out of high school and I haven't looked back since. If I had to name a movie it would definitely be Conan the Barbarian (1982). The movie and it's sequels added "magic" to "muscle" in a way that I still admire and it gave it's female characters a whole new take on "feminine power" that I don't think anyone had gone before.
  4. Well I've learned to not take everything said on any bodybuilding forum as whole truth until I find out more for myself. MOST non-vegan bodybuilding forums are HEAVY on the bro-science with most users on at least some kind of stimulant (not enough energy from carbs/too much protein/fat) and/or whey powder (cheese industry waste). Many of these people will sit on a keyboard and type out a lie. These forums are a second gym-hangout for these folks and they're happy to give their BS stories. I'm not saying they're horrible people, just saying there is A LOT of BSing going on while the 'roids and supplements get sold on the side and BS article after BS article gets written. Having been a follower and participant of many forums since the beginning of the internet (and even before, who remembers BBSs?), I followed a lot of BS advice, spent a lot of $$ on useless crap my poor body had to deal with, and dealt with many injuries and "one size fits all" programs and exercises. In the past 8 mos I've never been more healthy and INJURY FREE since finally following the advice of folks who know what they're doing, and it's mostly been from following experienced, humble truth tellers/teachers on Youtube. In fact Youtube is where I discovered Robert Cheeke who inspired me to go back to being vegan (didn't do it right the first time) and KNOWING I could build muscle at the same time!
  5. So glad he's free!! He has made some powerful enemies. But that's what happens when you stand for truth and justice.
  6. I was watching videos on youtube about growing your own wheat grass and one guy showed how he juiced it and then drank it. He looked pleased and said it was good and sweet. Made me want to try some.
  7. he needs to check out the Vegan Zombie. Any meat eater wanting to convert but thinks it will be too much of a change at least can use some of his recipes to take the edge off.
  8. You did GW a little TOO well! ROFL!
  9. That is the most effective way I have found for having to cool down fast (like after having done work outside) or after/during an intense work out. And I'm a water ADDICT so it just kills several birds with one stone anyway! EDIT: Sorry for the "kill birds" thing it's all I could think of right now.
  10. Fruit juice can help you get carbs in without as much chance of "sticking around" in your stomach. The more carbs you can get the better your body can utilize what protein it needs to do its thing. Also if you do have an issue with your stomach slowly emptying, whole fruits esp bananas are the last thing I'd be eating as the longer they stick around in the system the more they ferment. But as I said fruit juice I would think would be a consideration as IDK about anyone else but unlike whole fruit, juice goes literally right through me.
  11. Sometimes I have to make myself eat during really hot summer (like lately with our 100F+ temps). I make sure I keep down plenty of water and fruit juice is awesome for this time as well.
  12. You can 80/10/10 on rice, pasta, potatoes, oats, corn, grits, all kinds of fruits and fruit juice, etc, etc. Legumes are NOT going to make you fat, either. Cut out as much fat out of your diet as possible and just keep going with the work outs. It takes 700 cals a day to maintain an infant daily, and you're going on 1500 cals? You are STARVING! Eat whole foods high in carbs and low in fats and eat until you can't eat anymore!! Your body will probably put on more weight because you've been starving for so long you've taught it to be a very efficient fat storer. But it will quickly get the message that it's ok to "let go" and you'll lose it. There are virtually NO obese people on high carb/low fat diets or 80/10/10 but there are PLENTY on every other diet.
  13. I drink a lot of soy milk, and in addition eat several servings of legumes daily. I make sure the soy is organic, though. I've even actually gotten less gassy over time, too. Amazing how the body can adapt. EDIT: I know last part was TMI I just like to be humorous.
  14. Wow my doc would flip over your cholesterol!! Great job!!
  15. I was thinking of removing all nuts for a while. The thing that worries me about bulking up at 42, it seems so much harder to lose the belly fat at this age. Good idea and yea I turned 40 last year watching my metabolism slowly almost come to a screeching halt all through my 30s. I will tell you this though I never thought I would be back up to 3000-3500 cals a day and not be putting on fat, but that is exactly what I'm doing with 80/10/10! I gained a little puffiness which I now think was water (which comes with carbs/glycogen storage) but after my body caught back up I have been losing it again and my strength and muscle size gains haven't stopped.
  16. Most of the people I know who shop at Wal-Mart are the ones who are being squeezed out of the middle class into being poorer with every year, and they're definitely not "wackos". Lots of good people out there who are barely making ends meet who have to choose between new items from cheap sources or shopping exclusively at thrift stores, and not everyone is a fan of second-hand goods for all their wearables. ^ +1 I really hate Wal-Mart and I'm not a fan of some of the likes that shop there, but I have to do what I have to do. So are some others that are there and I try not to judge anyone. The ones that don't look like they should be on peopleofwalmart.com, anyway. ROFL!
  17. I hate that so many jobs have gone overseas too. But you're right the fact that a politician brought it up, and near election times....hmmmmm. Like most of these people have cared about our welfare as a nation for the past 20 years. yea.
  18. Keep the legumes, add some grains to compliment the carb ratio and amino acid profiles and do ya some daily cardio! I myself am a fan of 80/10/10, even for bodybuilding.
  19. If you work in a grocery store, I have the perfect revenge, just thought of it today. Bribe a buddy to get up close to the obnoxious customer, get on the store intercom, and say, clearly, "I need a price check on cocaine. Price check on cocaine, please." Then, while still on the open mic, have them lean in to the now frightened customer and ask, "Was that the Columbian or the Guatemalen you were looking for?" I know they don't do price checks anymore but it would be funny as hell to watch, anyway. Baby Herc I used to be in retail. NEVER AGAIN! lol
  20. Wow! Great job! I noticed your belt is on its last hole now. Same problem with mine!! LOL
  21. My pet peeves are ESSUEVEES, smacking, people taking up the whole span of an isle knowingly leaving me no room to pass by/through them, girls walking through the store texting and running into me, rattling car panels at a red light from stupid rap/hip hop that I don't want to hear, cashiers not at their register when I come up to it, or if they are someone else is there and they're telling others' business in front of me, not paying attention to me or their job at all, talking about when who is going to get off of work, rude ones who practically throw my change at me so it falls on the floor and then "Oh! I'm sorry!" People entering the EXIT doors expecting me to give way to them. AND FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS GOOD PLEASE QUIET THE KID DOWN OR TAKE EM OUTSIDE MY GOD HOW HARD IS IT TO DO??????????????
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