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  1. My mother used to do them southern style but when I got her off of animal fat she started using olive oil. It is actually better now, though I don't eat refined oil now either. lol When I used to get a lot of greens (which I just don't have the taste for) I ate a lot of collards from the can. Already prepared and flavored a little and if drained probably half the salt was drained out too. Only thing now is I agree with the above that if I bought some now (or anything that stays close to the ground) it would only be organic. They are dumping E. Coli infected cow, chicken, and human poop on their crops now. No thanks!!
  2. Love it!! I've always thought there was something special between babies and dogs/cats. I love watching videos (youtube, etc) of babies interactions with dogs as long as the parents are teaching the children to respect the animal (aka no hitting, pinching, pulling, etc), and many cats just seem to be especially passive to babies and toddlers, too. My niece as a toddler used to love to pick up and carry everything. When a stray cat found her way under my sister's house to have some kittens my sister adopted them and fed em, so naturally the cat became friendly. That cat let my niece pick it up and carry her anywhere she wanted to go, dragging her legs and tail everywhere. lol Had it wanted to go free as a typical cat you know it simply would have, but it really loved my niece enough to let her do that.
  3. He can't count calories? My point exactly. Animals don't have this problem. But then they eat a natural diet and as much as they please ... WTF?
  4. Well I would think someone who studied obesity for 60 years and knew anything about it, wouldn't want to be and know HOW not to be. But what do I know? I don't have on a white coat to hide my 6 pack ... Enjoy following your chubby gurus.
  5. It's like arguing with a brick wall. Something I stop doing once I realize it. Have fun promoting diet "science" from chubby old doctors with obvious 40" waists.
  6. But where the article is wrong is implying that this "weight control" can be long-lived and successful, esp in the form of calorie restriction. Calorie restriction as a lifestyle is a form of anorexia, and it is taught by almost all the mainstream "experts" out there. What is healthier, counting calories to make sure you don't get too much because you may eat too much of what your body shouldn't be processing to start with, in fear of gaining weight OR counting calories to make sure you are getting enough to do the things you want to do in life and at the same time not worrying about weight gain? Do you see what I'm saying here? What I'm saying is you can't just separate the subject of calories from the subject of health when it comes to a living organism. It just doesn't work that way. Biology isn't physics, as the article most certainly implied that it WAS.
  7. The article implies that because all calories are created equal, you can eat whatever you want, just count calories. If you're eating fat, just eat less of it, etc, etc. This is FALSE. Refined fat isn't NATURAL FOR HUMANS TO EAT. Are diseased, obese animals everywhere stressing over calories and this and that to eat? NO. Why? Because they're eating what is NATURAL, and eating until they're satisfied. No guilt trips. Just living life naturally. This guy and his wife have helped to change my life. Because I REALLY see the big picture now, and I am experiencing this first hand I can be a personal witness to it. I just wish that years, and years and years ago I had known what this guy here is saying. Not trying to start anything with him and others here, as he promotes this forum all the time. But he can speak much better than me about the subject. Again, why are we counting calories? Because of people who write articles like the one above.
  8. What you are saying is like saying a fossil fuel is a fossil fuel. So what? All have energy and I'm sure you could measure out a piece of coal, some gasoline, and some oil which all can be converted to produce the same amount of energy. Does that mean I should go put a piece of coal in my car and expect it to fire right up? Please...
  9. Yea they basically want to own genetics, and in fact (think) they do. Thankfully I use NONE of those brands. I do have to finish off my stocked up cans of Hunt's tomato sauce but plan on going different when that's exhausted. I'm finally off their ketchup for good, thanks to the tomato sauce. Baby steps! As if being "genetic engineers" weren't bad enough, I think the worst thing that did was take advantage of the Haiti crisis after that earthquake. They loaned many of the farmers "their" corn to grow, only to find out that the corn didn't reproduce and if they could get anything out of them they'd be sued by Monsanto for not buying new. They also had to buy the weed killer that is owned by ...*drumroll*...Monsanto. Yea, nice folks.
  10. Why is the Atkins Diet still not so popular? Because it FAILED. Humans one the diet began craving carbs and would FAIL. They'd lose some water weight by depleting the glycogen in their body, taking it into starvation mode, and walking around in ketosis. They also skyrocketed their chances of a myriad of diseases not the least being colon cancer and what Mr Atkins himself died of, heart disease. And if a calorie is a calorie, how come for YEARS I was getting fat on high fat animal based junk food and protein shakes during "bulks", only to have to deplete calories to loose the fat, starving for food, and just sending my metabolism into a stand still and ready to lop the fat back on again? While NOW, after going on 80/10/10 I lost 40 lbs, kept it off on a low calorie diet for a while, have slowly raised the calories up to ABOVE 3,000 (around 3,500 now), and have not gained a POUND of fat but lean muscle gains and strength are better than ever? My blood pressure is awesome (was on meds on the junk food). My blood sugar stays fine (was borderline diabetic). All calories are NOT equal!! Carbs = glycogen = ENERGY Fat = FAT (only energy if STARVING AND DESPERATE or doing cardio) Protein = amino ACIDS (gets bonded with structures in body OR PEED OUT) Physiology plays a HUGE role in what we put into our bodies. All calories are NOT the SAME. Think about that next time you eat something.
  11. Oh yea, and my blood work as my doctor said was some of the best he'd ever seen so yea...nothing wrong with it obviously.
  12. I eat different foods throughout the day, but they are pretty much the same thing everyday. I may change a meal up here and there weekly just to break any potential monotony.
  13. Since I lost a bunch of weight it hasn't been as bad for me either, though I still hate it. When I was younger and being a typical ectomorph (5'9", 120 lbs) I LOVED hot hot summers like these. Now that I'm 165-170 (water goes up and down right now) I can't stand it. I do not step outside if I don't absolutely have to. Our state record was broken a couple weeks ago. We hit 113 F. Fun stuff!!
  14. I see no pets here. I see family!! I've had plenty of many types of pets throughout my life but I would love another dog. It's just a matter of when now I guess. It certainly won't be bought from a breeder that is for sure!
  15. Oh he just got out of prison not too long ago for throwing a fake grenade into a sitting military vehicle. That's on video too. The police know him so well now they toot their horns when they see him on the street. LOL You are right about the ATM. Good way to get shot! As far as the golfers....oh man. I have always loathed the very idea of taking all that beautiful land and wasting it on knocking a little ball around, riding around in a "golf cart". I laughed so hard at the kick into the lake I cried.
  16. If you eat a boat load of fruit, you will get plenty of protein. But now when I say that, I mean literally a boat load. lol That being said I have to add, when you say grains, does this include oatmeal/barley, and corn/grits? PS - I'm southern so grits are common here. They are basically ground up white corn you add water, heat up, and add salt to and enjoy with a side of slices tomatoes. MMMMMMM
  17. Sorry if I was argumentative. As Temple Grandin once said in an interview, there are two types of folks in this world - the idealist and the practical person. She said she was the practical type, as in, not "what would be ideal?" but "what can I do now?". This was her reply when asked why doesn't she just become vegan instead of "just" help end cruelty at holding facilities and slaughterhouses. I'm the Idealist. I do not accept less than what is ideal, and that can get me in trouble sometimes. So sorry if I come across as preachy to others. lol
  18. This pic takes it to a whole new level! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/keyofdavid88/396704_320007551425327_1351888447_n.jpg Order, Eat, Crawl in back and Die!
  19. Well sounds like you are still enjoying the starches (beans/wheat) and drinking plenty of water so whatever makes you (and your body) happy!
  20. Anyone who says it didn't work for them (probably most of them) probably 1) didn't eat enough and 2) didn't drink enough water. That's just my opinion. I go through a gallon of water a day. But that's just me and I don't mind what is required of a more ideal diet for a human being. If you are happy in your 40/30/30 world that's just fine with me. Good luck in the future!
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