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  1. disgusting if only we could vacuum it out of people and shoot it into outer space. Then again, the world would just go to Micky D's and get fat again.
  2. That's fine if you're satisfied with what you're eating. It doesn't change the fact that, as a human being, you're peeing out probably 30% of the 40% protein and forcing your body to spend energy and resources on converting all that fat into sugar so it can use it, excreting it out the skin pores (or clogging them, causing acne), possibly hardening your arteries, and very slowly depositing it into every cell in your body.
  3. I don't see dolphins eating bananas and monkeys eating fish. Why do humans have to be so different from each other? They're not. If you don't like it that's one thing. There's always other sources of carbs such as fruits. However, if your diet isn't carb based and you aren't eating either starches or fruits, you're a yo yo dieter or overloading yourself with protein and/or fats and overworking your body, causing it to focus on something it could be using energy toward more important and fun things. And after being on high protein/fat so long your body is going to eventually win out, and you are going to be overwhelmingly craving some kind of carb in such a way that you're going to eat a lot, and gain weight (initially because you're in starvation mode). Then you're going to feel guilty for "binging" when all you're doing is just being human. I say skip all that and just do 80/10/10 and get it over with. One more problem in life SOLVED.
  4. no, I really LOVE my simple food! I am not forcing myself or crave for other complicated food (though indian food is always welcome, but I thibk of it as taking drugs, like something pleasurable, but unhealthy)... If you eat like this for some time, then the "gourmet" food becomes to strong and sometimes unpleasant... nothing better then simple baked potato with skin, no salt, no spices. Just plane potato, 1,5 kg a meal +1 !!!
  5. I follow Dr. McDougall and my diet is starch based. I used to eat mostly legumes (starches also) but then I got into pasta, rice, and now potatoes. I eat all four at any given day, as long as I'm getting my carbs in through those, the protein and fat come along just perfectly. I also noticed on another post you said you were a ketchup junky. If you used hunt's, it's just tomatoes and sugar. That's not a big deal to me but may be to those with a sugar phobia. I don't see anything wrong with slowly cutting it out. I've actually cut it almost completely out myself. Tomato sauce makes a fantastic addition to most any starch and the possibilities of preparation and spicing are ENDLESS! A couple weekends ago I decided to have a "splurge" weekend (which really wasn't NEEDED, just an idea to do something different) and have some hot dogs. So I got some meatless dogs, vegan hotdog buns, etc, and some fries. I think the fries were the mistake. Got a big ole painful zit on my nose and horrible heartburn which people say they get after they've eaten something oily/fatty after not having it a while. hahah So yea if I'm spreading ketchup on anything in the future it will be just potatoes, period! Just get that concentrated fat out of your diet and you are one huge step ahead! Edit: Forgot to mention corn. I eat SWEET CORN (white/non-GMO) by the POUND!!!
  6. Sorry to hear about the heart thing. I have (at least did when young) aortic stenosis too and when I tried out for track in middle school all the adults involved (mother esp lol) made it an issue and I never did it. :-/ Has not been a problem with weight lifting or treadmill though, and my present physician has told me don't even mind it.
  7. Eating starches such as potatoes will curb your appetite without giving you any permanent weight gain. Since you have recently been on a fast and lost weight your body is probably still in starvation mode so some initial water gain may appear. Be patient it will level out. That has been my experience after I have gone from 191 to 165 in recent months (actually started when I joined this forum). I upped my calories slowly, eating only starches and now that summer is here binging as much as I want on fruits (I am a melon addict!!) and the only gains I got were about 5 lbs of water around my waist that is now gone again. I'm now up to 167 and my muscles are getting fuller and fuller (still with striations) and that is from increased ability to store more glycogen. Anyway that is just my .02.
  8. You look great now! I honestly don't agree with the myth that power lifting makes one "fat" and "bulky" and you can't have an aesthetically pleasing physique being one! You can't build good muscle without good strength!
  9. Do you drink tea? Get enough water? Eat too much spinach? Those are the only questions I can think of.
  10. This is why I believe so strongly in 80/10/10 and cardio. As long as you're eating whole plant-based foods you don't have to count your calories as long as you're getting ENOUGH. Never restrict calories for any reason. It is like taking one battery out of your tv remote that requires two batteries, and expecting to increase its performance.
  11. Wow man that is really fantastic! Bet you did a lot of detoxing in the process too! Welcome to the forum and make yourself at home!
  12. First of all you can eat all the carbs you want and not get fat. Make sure you leave out as much fat content out of the equation as possible. Second, cardio such as walking/running burns fat right off if done correctly and consistently. Find (google) your max heart rate, and walk (treadmill/park/whatever) or exercise at a pace the keeps your heart rate at around 60-65% of your max heart rate. At this rate your body is burning ONLY body fat. Over or under this rate will burn glycogen (carb stores) and/or muscle (protein) for energy in addition to fat which is not what you're wanting.
  13. This is where I'm confused. I've heard this claim for years and used to practice it, but I have one problem with it. Why the "hurry" in recovery time when most people only work out one muscle group per week? You're recovering all the glycogen stores FAST so they can sit there for another week until you use them? Doesn't make sense to me.
  14. Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, oh and CARBS!! From WHOLE foods! Rice, potatoes, oats, FRUIT, fruit mixed with fruit juices in the blender, FRUIT, FRUIT, and FRUIT!!
  15. Breast milk contains 2.5% to 5% protein and this is sufficient for a time when doubling and tripling in weight and size are very crucial. This guy built his muscles (and he WAS pretty scrawny before) on mostly fruit, which contains anywhere from 5-10% protein. Eat whole foods and make sure you get enough calories, from where ever you are getting them. Stop counting protein and fat because it is in everything you will ever eat and you couldn't get away from it if you tried!
  16. Hey Phyto. Well the fruit thing isn't gonna work out like I had thought it maybe would. Lots of change involved and I had forgotten how much those "higher vibe" foods effect my thinking. I'm staying with my current diet, but I am taking out the pea protein supplementation. I'll still be getting upwards of 60g of protein per day, and may be upping my calories so that count will naturally go up more. Right now I know it's probably too early to say but I haven't supplemented any protein for the past week and my chest and legs have gone up both in size and strength. I certainly haven't shrunk anywhere so that's good! lol More to come in time!!
  17. Hey I was just thinking. Do you do well with grains? There is corn, corn flour, pasta, etc and then there are all the wheat products (bread, pasta, and even meat replacement products) that are higher in protein content than fruits and veggies. There's also oatmeal and various others I'm probably not thinking of.
  18. They are low by meat/dairy propaganda standards, yes.
  19. Fruits and veggies contain all the protein you will ever need to build muscle. You don't need anything "high protein" or any protein powders. If baby's breast milk only contains 2.5-5% protein for something doubling in size a rapid rate then the percentage is quite adequate for me to repair what damage I did to some fibers in my shoulders on a given day, or legs, or chest, or whatever. It certainly isn't going to require hundreds of grams of the stuff.
  20. That's because people don't know the whole bible. It takes commitment (sacrifice) to understand it as it is written. It isn't fast food. Edit: and sorry if I came across as harsh or defensive. It's just that people can be quite argumentative, rash, and ugly on the subject.
  21. 1:26 - dominion means "dominant" not "torture to death and eat" 9:3 - man was living to be over 900 yrs until God shortened the (general) generation (at the time) to around 120 yrs. Even in that latter verse you say is contradictory God Himself refers back to Gen 1:29 (even as the green herb I have given you all things) Direct intervention by higher intelligence isn't contradiction, it is a change of the situation for the grand scheme of things. For you, I suggest YOU "check out" Daniel 1:12-16 which is a blatant demonstration of what a vegan diet does over others. Through more and more stem cell research scientists are just now starting to discover the fact that our nerve cells can regenerate spanning centuries. How many centuries? They don't know, but it is many. But for some reason the body (of today) degenerates at a much higher rate of speed and can't keep up. At the same time doctors are coming into agreement that meat causes deGENERATION in the human body. What a coinky, the whole thing. Maybe people should think about what has already been written. I have the verse in my signature not for unbelievers, but for those who already believe and know the truth of God's Word. I didn't post it for someone to find interesting only in a manner with which to verbally bash and debate in threads that have nothing to do with it.
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