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  1. Hi kanya, I'm kinda new here too, so WELCOME .
  2. I wish we had hemp/pea/rice protein here (Portugal). I wonder if Twin Labs - Vege Fuell it's vegan. It's isolated soy protein (highly processed I suppose ). It costs around $40 in Portugal, ahhaaahah. Unfortunately we don't have access to Vega here; I suppose it's only available in Canada and USA (maybe even the UK?). My point is; I don't think we have many options around here (vegan ones anyway) when it comes to powder and bars. I'll have to make intense field research. But then, maybe I should keep natural and don't waste time on this.
  3. Yes. rinse a couple of times.. thoroughly since there is a possibility of fertilizer, pesticide or some kind of insect repellent.. (as per my mom) To rise lentils faster use a pressure cooker I ended up doing that. Thank you for the confirmation.
  4. Thank you for your warm welcome! Indeed there are some Vegan athletes here, not many (that I know of ) but still! better than nothing. Ahah, was that a google translation or you actually knew it ? Again, thank you and, see you around VEGAN POWER!
  5. does one need to rinse the Lentils ? if yes, for how long ?
  6. Hello Hello Vegan bunch As the title says, "cheers from Portugal". I've been using the forum for a while so, I decided to say cheers and let you know that there are some Vegan Portuguese athletes. Keep it up, this is a great resource
  7. Seems good but, why did you chose a: Celiac maybe ? btw, I just made some http://static.flickr.com/54/131344022_f36c69db81.jpg
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