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  1. Hey Robert, I emailed you as well but I just ordered some Vega from food fight and wanted to know if the offer was still on? thanks so much!
  2. Thats awsome though! I still wish there was a really good MT place here in Portland, ive been interested in it for so long. Im really liking the BJJ and the MMA though, but going Thailand or moving there and training would crazy! Youd learn sooo much though, those guys train hardcore. Are you checking out the Portland straight blast gym?
  3. sorry for the really late response/question, LizWorld, how long have you been training Muay Thai for??
  4. yeah....my trainer was the one who told me i need at least 120 grams of protien a day..........of course i dont usually trust trainers which is why i came on here
  5. I do want to gain muscle because I feel im pretty small. But i also really dont want to gain body fat. I havent been eating 2200 everyday, i think most days im probably around 2000 or a little less and i eat pretty clean whole foods. I also get a little over 120 grams of protein a day ( i dont really try it just happens). Im ok with what im eating but i dont feel like my bodys going anywhere or doing anything really. I feel like i push myself pretty hard and am up and active alot and it doesnt feel like i really losing body fat or gaining muscle. I certinally dont want to loose muscle weight though....i want to gain strengh, endurance, speed....
  6. Hey everyone, so im just looking for some opionions here. Even though i feel i know a pretty good amount about nutrition and exersice, a few weeks ago i decided to sign up with a trainer at my gym that i know for a few sessions in hopes for a little more guidence. My main thing was at the time i had no idea how much i weighed, what my body fat percentage was, and i didnt know how many calories i needed each day. So with that said, i found out im almost 5'7 weight about 125 and have about 19 percent body fat and am female. I usually have a lot of energy so I end up on a regular basis taking my dog for a fast long walk a couple times a day, I always do some form of cardio to get the energy out and i push it hard, I lift hard at least 3 times a week, I do bikram yoga a couple times a week, and then i started training MMA and BJJ a couple times a week. plus sometimes ill play basketball, softball...whatever. My goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat. When my trainer put this all into his little apex nutrition thing it said with that goal in mind i needed to eat 2200 calories a day. I was just wondering if this sounded just right? too high? too low? sorry for how long this was...i just thought people on here would have better insight then a trainer maybe from thier own experiences. Thank you!
  7. So i went to the straight blast gym in beaverton today to go and check it out and set up a consultation. I met and talked with mike and watched a MMA1 and 3 class. The atmosphere was super comfortable, it didnt feel like there was any ego, Mike was incredibly nice, the facility seemed nice, and it looked like a hell of alot of fun. So thanks everyone for all the info and help! I start thursday, super excited
  8. Thanks for all the info! I think im going to go check out the straight blast gym next week, the one in Beaverton becasue its much closer to where i live. As far as kickboxing (sorry I dont know much about it) is it similar to Muay Thai? Obviously it uses legs, hands as well? And when I go check out the gym should i go during a particular class I want to attend, or do you have any recomendations about what class I should start in being totally inexperienced? I love MMA becasue it has everything in it, but i didnt know if it would be difficult to get into before i had experience in anything else. It seems like most people go from something like kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Ju Jitsu and then into MMA
  9. Hey everyone, I already posted something similar to this in the intro section but thought I would repost here to see if anyone else had some ideas/info. I am a 21 year old female really wanting to start Muay Thai or MMA and I live in the Beaverton/Portland Oregon area. I respect the sport and Im interested in all aspects of it. In other words im not looking into simply for the fitness reasons although thats a great element. Im pretty athletic already and and I want to find someone that is good and where I feel comfortable. Does anyone know of any good Muay Thai or MMA gyms in the Beaverton/ Portland area? I have talked to a couple of the main guys at the straight blast gym in beaverton and they seem really nice. Anyone have experience there? would it be a comfortable place for a female with no fighting experience to go? any help/info/opinions would be great!
  10. Thank you all so much for the welcomes! To anwser an above question, yes Im pretty certain I want to fight and will very much enjoy the physical contact element. The hard training and fitness element is definatly an added bonus and I think right up my ally. I respect the sport and the art and Im very excited and looking forward to learning everything I can and being thrown into that world. Its nice to hear from other people who are into MA as well. So again thanks so much, im happy to have found this board
  11. Hey everyone! My name is Chennin and ive been reading various topics on this form for a while now and decided to join. I love this site and its great theres a place to go to get varying opinions and advice from fellow vegetarians and vegans. Ive been vegetarian since i was 12 and Vegan for a few years now. I work out everyday and enjoy just about any physical activity out there. I was curious though if any one knew of any good Muay Thai (preferably) or MMA gyms in the Beaverton/Portland Oregon area? I have no fighting experience but have been interested in it for looooong time and really want to start. Im just having difficulty either finding gyms or knowing what the qualities of a good gym are. I didnt know if any of you either trained at one around here that you like or had any suggestions. Im a 21 year old female by the way and I know the sport is male dominated so im hoping to find a gym thats comfortable. Thank you so much!
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